[January 25 Boston MA] #OpAngel Protest

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by AnonModz, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. AnonModz Member

    It was good to see some ppl @ this event. Here is some content I found on the protest - Googling:

    It was good to see people that really care about what the Justice Department does when it's people abuse their power for unsaid reasons (there is alot more to this than the justice department will tell you about). I know some of us knew Aaron personally and he was really a good person with a good heart and the world will not be the same or at all better without him here. He did so many awesome things and contributed alot to the community of the world as a whole. He will always be missed and thought of always.

    Carmen Ortiz said and I quote at a press conference in regards to Aaron's death -

    "I must, however, make clear that this office’s conduct was appropriate in bringing and handling this case. The career prosecutors handling this matter took on the difficult task of enforcing a law they had taken an oath to uphold, and did so reasonably."

    If that is her stance on Justice, I am positive that the general population will agree that this woman has lost her mind. You had an oath to uphold the law, not to abuse it!!!! Personally, the justice department has not done their job and the people need to do it for them, their oath means shit in this case because clearly he was not charged with anything regarding this particular crime, it seems as though they wanted him for something else (comment witheld) but had no proof, so this was their form of justice. Sorry to inconvenience you Mrs. Ortiz, but clearly your understanding of justice is cloudy at best.

    Carmen Ortiz this is from me to you (if you happen to read this), one day you will receive the same justice in a much slower and more deliberate manner. I can only hope for the time being that you cannot sleep at night and wake up in cold sweats shedding tears that hopefully when you meet your demise you will be forgiven for your misuse of power and the stress you put on a man that bettered this world and the stresses of over-prosecuting him resulting in his untimely death. I will not forgive you for this, knowing he had issues with depression and then throwing the book at him for nothing is NOT reasonable.

    I think I speak for everyone that knew Aaron from a personal standpoint, we will not forgive, we will not forget, expect us for the rest of your life. I can only hope that your family can see through the bs your selling because I feel bad for your children, and siblings for having known you in such a personal manner. I really hope you see the hurt you put on his friends, family, and the world as a whole and maybe do a better job next time, because we will be watching your every move from this point on. Save your fake tears out of fear of repercussion for your wrongdoings to this man and the pain you put on the world.
  2. This is the 1st time I've been on this site. Thanks for what you wrote. Each and every Judge and Prosecutor in this country wields absolute power and no one does or says a thing about it until one of the tragedies they callously cause, is a public tragedy. Even then, it is 'public' part, not the tragedy, that draws any response at all.
    I live in MA and sorry I missed the protest. Where would I find future info?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for this.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Welcome! As far as future protests: twitter#opangel and "your anon news" are great for info.
    Also, I saw this- please know that this site does not condone hacking of any sort-just passing along some press:
    [IMG]Anonymous Press@AnonymousPress
    Hackers claim attack on Justice Department website (for#AaronSwartz) | #Anonymous#OpAngel #Justice | V @fail_md
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  5. WMAnon Member

    There's a facebook group here where most of the events get posted now. We also have a mailing list that should be sorted out soon and we're working on getting the local site back in action.
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  6. AnonModz Member

    Can't wait to see the potential for that site WM :)

    I know you got alot of stuff to do right now so I am not gonna nudge you about it, figured a friendly reminder every 2 weeks should work :p
  7. WMAnon Member

    I've got a meeting with some writers tonight to get content ready, and Gregg was just looking at some new themes yesterday. This is totally gonna happen this time, I swear.
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  8. rof Member

    Well fuck facebook.

    Who are you people?
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  9. AnonModz Member

    Haha sweet WM, cannot wait to see it :) We should be able to reach out alot more to users using this site.
  10. WMAnon Member

    Good thing you're not local and none of this is any of your problem.
  11. rof Member

    You always want to make me a problem.

    I won't put up with your overzealous prosecution.
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  12. There are two great op-ed pieces in the Boston Globe today falling on the side of Anonymous rather than the US DOJ
  13. Anonymous Member

    link plz?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Op angel updates plox.
  15. Anonymous Member

    No, that's the Letters section.
  16. Anonymous Member

    That is what is generally found in the OP Ed section of newspapers, opinions by writers and
    letters stating opinions.
  17. Please, lets continue to pick apart the specifics of where the hell something is in the newspaper rather than what's actually in the article or, sorry, letter.
  18. AnonModz Member

    There was also something else going on (nothing illegal) with regard to computers and hacking (Hackathon Memorial) in memory of Aaron. I have hope that it will make a difference, alot of people were dedicated enough and were close in thought to Aaron to partake in the activity that lasted about a day and a half. With relevance to this thread.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Unbunch your boxers, there are users here from many countries and sometimes we need to clarify things from one culture to another. It is relevant to the discussion.

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