January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Infestation, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Infestation Member

    January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    Raid was decent sized. Signs were almost non-existent after December decimated what we had. Paul Bradford made two appearances and came over to talk once.

    Cops were pleasant this time around. The weather was unexpectedly good.

    After the raid, we got kicked out of the Librarian Convention. We stood across the street and handed out fliers for Nancy Many, who was inside promoting her book while Gregg and an Anon helped her out inside.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    Well done sir.
  3. anon0004 Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

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  6. Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    Hey, this mad scientist guy really makes the rounds.

    In Boston:


    In Chicago:

  7. WMAnon Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    fuck yeah labcoats
  8. Little_Sister Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    Convention Hall info will be uploaded later.
  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

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    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    She blinded me with Science! BLOOP BLOop Bloop....
  11. LarryBren Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    Here's four more pics from inside the convention hall on Friday night before the raid.

    The first two are from Galaxy Press's booth and the next two from Nancy Many's:




  12. Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    Is the Boston forum down for good?
  13. WMAnon Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    the database got nuked due to communication failure with the data center.

    stay tuned for something new (hopefully)
  14. Little_Sister Member

    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    Later=a week. Lawdy.

    Ok, so protest was fun, SCIENCE was declared. We danced, we posed, I made Paul Bradford run whining to the cops over and over because I kept yelling about how he was a virgin-all in all, quite a fun day. Afterwards we made our way to the convention center which was both very interesting and depressingly dull. I met up with Gregg, got my convention pass and we made our way down to the showroom while the rest of the cell was herded around by rent-a-cops (they gave out tons of postcard ad's for Billion Year Contract though). I was punch-a-toddler-in-the-face excited to meet Mrs. Many, and had a copy of her book with me ready for her autograph (compliments of Modern Marvels of DC :3). She didn't sign my dog eared and worn copy, but instead gave me a new one with a personal message written inside. A message almost as nice as the one she had written in another copy meant for Gerard Renna, who Nancy personally indoctrinated into Scientology.
    If the name sounds familiar to you, that's because it should. Currently, he is the Director of the Church in Boston and was formally a huge thorn in Bob Minton's and the LMT's side.
    Al right, the plan was for me to hand Gerard the signed copy while Gregg films his reaction, sounds simple enough. Except it took us a while to find the douche, he wasn't at the Bridge Booth and I'm sure the scilon women were about to spit acid at me with the way they glared with their HateEyes.
    So we grab some over priced food and chill with Nancy at her booth for a bit hoping we run into this cat since the convention was closing within the hour. Suddenly, Gregg spots Gerard and a hambeast trying to shuffle into the curtained off dining area maybe fifty feet away from us. Thankfully Gerard realized defeat was fast approaching and didn't try to scuttle away when we came close enough to them. He then becomes all smiles and asks several times if I'm Gregg's wife, insisted he heard Gregg recently gotten married, and asked if he was sure I wasn't his wife. We make smug small talk with him and his hambeast (who turned out to be the former head of OSA in Boston, when she couldn't get Gregg in jail-they demoted her and shipped her off somewhere), and he took the book without looking at it, and basically gave the impression that he's just going to dump it as soon as we were out of sight.
    It was anti climatic and I was honestly disappointed when we made our goodbyes, until I turned and saw Nancy scampering right toward us. By then Gregg was almost to the table, he was so engrossed in studying the camera he didn't notice Nancy-so only the last half of the next bit is filmed.
    As soon as Nancy gets within ten feet of Gerard-he fucking caves. His shoulders slump and he only takes quick glances at her from staring at the ground. He backs away from her muttering, "I don't know you, Im sorry. I don't know you." With every step back he took, Nancy took one forward, telling him about how she was the reason he started Scientology and all that jazz. He was legitimately scared of her. From what I remember the Hambeast did nothing but just stare at Gerard. It was awesome. I love Nancy Many. Would troll with again.

    That's pretty much the end, he ran off whimpering with his chubbysaur in tow. We girls giggled about his fear while Gregg held the expression of a proud father, camera in hand. Hopefully the footage will make it up here one day.
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    Re: January 16th Boston Raid: For Science!

    Awesome. :)

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