January 15th Montreal post-game

Discussion in 'Canada' started by GuyFox, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. GuyFox Member

    Fabulous raid was fabulous.

    7 Anons braved the cold and trolled the cult's shop yet again. Some awesome new signs were deployed, chikkins were had (and gravy, don't forget the gravy!), and dances were, uh, danced, despite freezing limbs. Sekrit troll tech was tested, proved sufficient to draw Jean 'Larry' Lariviere out to epically fail stealth photo tech once again. looks like he has his EOS Rebel camera back, good for him. Hoping for more lulzy Larry sightings from now on :) The raid lasted a solid 3.5 hours despite increasingly intense snowfall. The response from the public was amazing, we've had a great intensity of honks and support cries and not a single unpleasant incident.









    The store had plastic sheeting installed behind the display window and the front entrance (likely to save heat rather than obstruct view this time)










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  2. GuyFox Member

    Y so SRS?







    The public was creative in expressing support!









    Oh look, it's 'Larry' trying to sneak photos again.

    Snowy fro returns fire XD

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Standing 5 hours in the snow to protest an evil corporation. Epic.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. GeekyAnon Member

    I could've swore I saw a video of some guy pissing on that org...
  6. Anonymous Member

    There is, actually. I think it's from november 2010. For some reason, alot of hobos and people piss on the org. I don't really mind though
  7. GeekyAnon Member

    Got it! Thanks! :)

  8. Sponge Member

    Glorious! Fighting both scientology and snowology at the same time.
  9. Random guy Member

    Good Grief, that looks cold!

    +5 Internets for cool signe though.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Glorious Montreal!!
    Even tho' your cockles must have been freezing...
    These pics and the fact that Anons braved the frigid temps... it warmed the cockles of my heart :)
    Fabulous enturbulation dedication
    My sword to you all
    Hey I like that saying. Enturbulation dedication!
    Love the "toc toc toc" sign too!
  11. ravenanon Member

    awesome signs and use and of wigs!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Nice job you guys! God, you are hearty souls! Looks incredibly cold! Multi-internets to you, mes amis!
  13. That was my first thought too - the girl is still there in tights? Hope none of your equipment got damaged either. Nicely done.
  14. Intelligence Member

    Awesome job Montreal Anons!!!
  15. Anonymous Member

    OHSHI, Obelix sign is awesome. XD
    Great job, you faggots.
  16. Le Revisor Member

    bravo les cousins et cousines! j'espére qu'on aura un jour l'occasion de manger une poutine ensemble.La scientologie est une escroquerie à alibi religieux, qu'on le dise et qu'on le répéte!croches! Vous etes bienvenus à paris quand vous voulez, on peut vous loger.
  17. Anonymous Member

    danm good wrok
    its look cold
  18. Anonymous Member

    Ca serait cool mais y'a toutes les complications comme les passports et l'argent...
  19. Le Revisor Member

    bien sur, mais sait on jamais, en tous cas, continuez, ne lachez pas l'affaire!Un de nos mecs, frantz est en procés contre les scientos, il disent qu'il est le "chef français d'anonymous.Nous avons besoin de votre soutien.Il est accusé de les avoir traité "d'escrocs".(pauvres chous!), de votre coté, si vous avez des informations à faire circuler, n'hésitez pas.Et si vous voulez des idées d'implants rigolos, contactez nous sur notre site.
  20. Ann O'Nymous Member

  21. wolfyrik Member

    THIS is why I love Canada.
  22. Rockyj Member

    So was that guy pissing on Scientology?
  23. Darkduck Member

    yes. yes he was

    he is the original wiki leaks......
  24. GuyFox Member

    Yes, and it was fully deliberate. Once done he cheered us on enthusiastically, too.
  25. Le Revisor Member

    La colére de Xenu les frappe! Par Xenu nous leurs disons(maudits soient ils!), le jour du jugement est proche! On a fait un petit raid trés sympa hier, tous les body thetans sont rentrés indemnes à leurs bases.Images disponibles bientot'zorro, anonvicieux and co). Loué soit xenu!Xenu est grand!On vous embrasse cousins, cousines, a bientot et bravo.Et n'oubliez pas: croches!
  26. i'mglib Member

    Great signs. So colorful.

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