January 15th, 2011 - Boston Follow Up

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by gregg, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. gregg Member

    Thanks to everyone who came out. We had 43 at highest count. We handed out fliers spoke to many people and started planning for another event and some meetings to brainstorm how to do this better.

    Things went really well and a lot of pictures should be going up later tonight or early tomorrow.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Very nice.
    Look forward to pic/vids.
  3. WMAnon Member


    actually no I'm really fucking cold still. I hate January raids.
  4. rackem Member

    Good stuff! Unfortunately I was one of the late arrivals. Never found you guys, but we had a group of about 10 walking around Copley Sq. and the commons. Hope to see the rest of you at the next one!
  5. Xylaphone Member

  6. hushpuppy Member

  7. 3rdMan Member

    Win bostonfags.
  8. lexikon Member

    this was a win. anyone else have pics up yet?
  9. Anonymous Member

    nice amout of people!
    go Boston!
  10. Antipode Member

    Cheers, folks. Not bad considering it was about twenty degrees in the sun.
  11. Shinythings Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    It must have been at least 80 in Los Angeles. It's as if it was making up for 2/3rds of our summer not being very summery.
  13. Little_Sister Member

    Fucking badass, screamed a lot, met oldfags, named newfags, watched people destroy themselves sledding.
  14. WMAnon Member

    Images from the straggler group:




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  15. stoneMonkey Member

    sweet! also cold. dozens of by-standers were radicalized, or maybe just mildly confused.
  16. jokeefe Member

    Thanks for a great event! Looking forward to hearing about the next steps forward.
  17. Zero. Member

    My college is 2 hours away from Boston, you guys planning anything in the next few months?
    Looks awesome.
  18. WMAnon Member

    yeah, we've already got the event set up for next month.

    More pictures!

  19. Big323 Member

    I wish I could have made it but I needed to earn back some money that I had to pay for a minor colission, and nothing worked out I did plan on comming before that , but fate likes to fuck me up the ass when it comes to my plans.
  20. WMAnon Member

    It happens man, hopefully we can see you next month!
  21. WMAnon Member

  22. Damnit I just joined missed the 5th - looking to get out in the street soon - and I'm away from home on the 19th
    oh well I look forward to getting a piece soon
  23. WMAnon Member

    There's an egypt thing of some kind happening this weekend, some of us will be there
  24. lexikon Member

    blue, what's the day and time this weekend?
  25. WMAnon Member

    I don't know, Marihan organizes the egypt stuff, but she's supposed to have it set in stone some time today

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