January 12th - Dublin, Ireland - post game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Nataku, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Nataku Member

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  2. wolfbane Member

    Pedroofcuk is the epitome of awesome!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    also 60 is the epitome of awesome
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  4. SPRTT Member

    That is so funny. I always think of him as Pedro fcuk, as in, what the Scilons say when they see his swagger coming down the street.

    Pedro?! FCUK!!!!!

    (spelling tek not part of study tek)
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  5. pedrofcuk Member

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  6. HOC Member

    Sup, February will be my last month in Ireland for a bit so I'm hoping to attend the next protest. Give me a heads up when you're picking a date please. :)
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  7. rof Member

    Nice raid, fags, nevar quit.

    I always remember pedrofcuk has rof in it.
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  8. amaX Member

    I'm in love with you Dublinfags! Well done on your awesomeness and longevity!
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  9. pedrofcuk Member

    How about the 9th and 10th to coincide with 5 years of Chanology and Lisa's birthday? That way we can cover the whole weekend too :)
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  10. RightOn Member

    Dublin doin' it right
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  11. HOC Member

    Works for me. :)
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  12. pedrofcuk Member

    I have a date with HOC, oo er, oops, better find away to stop him from coming along...
  13. Anonymous Member

    love you dublinanons! Happy memories of protesting with you in the Summer xxxxx
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  14. pedrofcuk Member

    I'm an extard ;)

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