Jan Eastgate Pre-trial Court Mentions

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Sep 13, 2011.

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  2. jensting Member

    Well, at least David Miscavige can be sure that Jan Eastgate won't take the chance and jump ship when she appears in court at last. Just because she got busted all the way down for breaking the number one rule: don't get caught! After all, it's not like she has any knowledge with which to plea bargain, and Australian courts probably don't allow that sort of thing, anyway.

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  3. xenubarb Member

    O gawd. I remember sitting around a campfire drinking beer with a bunch of Aussie hang glider pilots. By the end of that session, we all knew the words to Waltzing Matilda and belted it out so loud we scared the owls.
    Good times!
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  4. It was on one of the Australian TV reports. Bryan Seymour brought it up on ABC I think.

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  5. muldrake Member

    I seriously doubt Jan Brewer will ever appear for trial. I think she'll be kept incommunicado indefinitely.
  6. Quentinanon Member

    I think you mean Jan Eastgate Meyer.
  7. Quentinanon Member

    I did not see any mention of Eastgate's tenure as a patient at Chelmsford. I remember than when I heard about this 25 years ago, knowing Hubbard's "no ex-psych patients on staff" policy, I could not understand how Eastgate could become head of CCHR in Australia. It surprised me some years later when I heard that she had been promoted to head of CCHR International.
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  8. muldrake Member

    Yes, I think so too. Jan Brewer is the governor of Arizona. (I don't think she'll show up for trial either.)
  9. Anonymous Member

    Separated at birth??

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  10. Sponge Member

    Seems there was an event on the 27th March. We already knew there was going to be some sort of pre-committal conference/interlocutory court mention on 24th April so I guess this is just another interlocutory mention. I wonder what was so important that it couldn't be brought up in the later one this month. I hope the actual May 15th-16th committal hearing date, where Janice Eastgate Meyer is compelled to attend, hasn't been pushed further down the calendar.
    Can't really comment about much, unless someone can get the latest listings.

    List No: 25
    Date: 27 Mar
    Time: 09:30
    Listing type: Mention (Police)
    Juristiction: Criminal
    Court: Local
    Presiding Officer: Local Court Magistrate Gilmour
    Location: Downing Centre
    Court Room: Crt 5.2 Downing Ctr
    Case Title: R v JANICE MEYER
    Case Number: 201100178789
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  11. Thank you for the news and update, Sponge!
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  12. Sponge Member

    List No: --
    Date: 24 Apr
    Time: 09:30
    Listing type: Mention (Police)
    Juristiction: Criminal
    Court: Local
    Presiding Officer: Unassigned
    Location: Downing Centre
    Court Room: Crt 5.2 Downing Ctr
    Case Title: R v JANICE MEYER
    Case Number: 201100178789

    As has been pointed out before, the presence of Janice Meyer aka Jan Eastgate is not required at this pre-committal mention on 24th April.
    The actual committal hearing, which she absolutely must attend, is scheduled to be held on 15th and 16th May.
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    I wonder if she will show up or the court will have to have extradition hearings. Guardian World Wide Jane Kember and AG for Intelligence Mo Budlong went through an extradition process to delay the their trials in the U.S. The scientology crime syndicate is notorious for drawing out unfavourable legal proceedings.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but it's going to be tough on her to successfully fight extradition. I mean exceptions to extradition are normally as follows:

    1. The crime for which Jan is charged in the country requesting extradition (Australia) does not exist in the US;
    2. The indictment in Australia is politically motivated (Scientology's best chance);
    3. The death penalty exception - obviously not the case here. Australia does not have death penalty.
  15. Sponge Member

    That would certainly wake up U.S. newsmedia to the case.
    Considering the sensitive subject matter and the embarrassing irony of Jan Eastgate's position as president of their own front group which is supposed to be championing "human rights" according to the bullshit brochure, I'll wager that DM would not want to support an extradition fight and end up attracting even more attention of the wrong kind.

    Also remember, she is an Australian citizen.
  16. Anonymous Member

    She should try running for Australian Senate like that other criminal in the media.
  17. Quentinanon Member

    Mo Budlong was a U.S. citizen.
  18. Herro Member

    So can someone explain to me why the US government would want to refuse extradition of an Australian citizen accused of interfering with the proper investigation of a rape of a child on Australian soil? What part of "protecting some broad accused of getting in the way of the investigation of child rape" do you think the State Department wants?
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  19. Anonymous Member

    So the latest update is:
    Jan Eastgate formerly Janice Meyer, the head of CCHR (Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, front group for the 'Church' of Scientology) is not required to appear in court on 24th April.
    She is required to appear in court for the committal hearing, which is scheduled to be held on 15th and 16th May 2012.
    She is charged with 2 counts of perverting the course of justice in Australia in a case where an 11-year old child was coached to lie to police about sexual abuse. The perpetrator of the abuse has since confessed.
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  20. Random guy Member

    No, the US should have no reason to refuse extradition, unless the cult somehow manages to hoodwink someone in the administration to run their dirty errands for them. Considering the extremely embarrassing letters written to German officials signed by actors and US congressmen, it’s not outside the realm of the possible, though I don’t find it likely. We should keep close tab on the situation however.
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  21. BLiP Member

    Really? International President of the Scientology front group Citizens Commission of Human Rights, Jan Eastgate (AKA Janice Meyer) has been arrested and charged with two counts of perverting the course of justice in relation to her coaching the child victim of sex abuse to lie to police? And she's due to appear in an Australian on 15 May 2012, you say? Good heavens.
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  22. Sponge Member

    and was convicted just under a year after the others were.
    The kind of extradition battles I'm thinking of are the ones go on for years but I don't see that happening.
    About a year is probably just how long the standard procedural red tape and exhausting of all conceivable motions can take even when one hasn't got a leg to stand on. They'd just be putting off the inevitable and attracting wider attention to the matter when, so far, the US media hasn't taken much notice (and the public tends not to be sympathetic towards a suspect involving crimes against a child). In otherwords, all eyes are on them and it would be very bad PR to attempt to keep one of their own from being brought to justice.

    But, of course, this is scientology . So you never know and one doesn't discount anything, no matter how unlikely .... including the possibility that when it comes to the crunch there just might not even be a high enough standard of evidence for a completely safe conviction beyond reasonable doubt.

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Any news from today's court mention?
  24. Sponge Member

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