Jan Eastgate: Charges Dropped

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Apr 23, 2012.

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    PROSECUTORS this morning dropped charges of perverting the course of justice against one of the leading members of the Church of Scientology, Jan Eastgate.
    Downing Centre Local Court was given no reasons for the decision behind the withdrawal of the charges that alleged Ms Eastgate had intimidated a then 11-year-old young girl and her mother who wanted to report sexual abuse allegations within the church back in 1985.
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  7. the anti Member

    i want to know what happened. this is entirely messed up.
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  9. TinyDancer Member

    Sorry guys. More info to come within the next 8 hours. ABC Lateline are running a story about it.

    I'll just add: this is not Carmen's fault.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    This is absolute bullshit. Any bets the prosecution was coerced into dropping the charges?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Could it be that she was innocent, and the prosecution itself was a miscarriage of justice?

  12. Herro Member

    Ahahahahahaha. Win after win after win!

    In all seriousness, this is why we have a justice system instead of just convicting people because they're a part of groups we don't like.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    The story for a good journalist now is how the scientology cult got the charges dropped against Jan Eastgate head of CCHR in a case where there were 2 witnesses on record, police records and a perpetrator of child abuse who confessed after being protected by the 'church' of scientology.
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  14. TinyDancer Member

    This is true. But wait before crowing too loudly until you hear the reasons why the charges were withdrawn.
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  15. jensting Member

    ... waiting! ....
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  16. Anonymous Member

    This thread needs a poll.

    1. It was all just a dream
    2. The kid was dressing up sassy and basically begging for it what a dirty little whore
    3. Whatever
  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So it's true! OT powers do work!
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  18. grebe Member

    Hey I'm all for evidence, due process, and letting the nine guilty go free before wrongly convicting one innocent person. However...

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  19. RolandRB Member

    We lost this one but this war is fought on many fronts.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Jan Eastgate and the 'church of scientology are known to have been associated with a child abuse case. It's also widely known that the cult intimidates people into silence.
  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Google her name and see how she is going to be viewed for years to come. She might have won a case but the PR has got to hurt.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous took down one of the biggest narconon scams in Canada last week. That hurt the cult, bad, really bad. But can't win them all, all of the time.
    Yeah. Pretty big stain on the reputation. Even dismissed, the PR damage is done. So be it.
  23. RolandRB Member

    Good, well time to move on. Plenty of work to be done. Plenty of battles to be fought. No time to waste!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    In all seriousness, I think Herro is a pedophile.
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  25. This. We will win some and lose some. But the graph is trending downward for the cult everywhere except Miscavige's events.

    A tiny setback.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Her name is now very dirty.
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  28. Sam Urai Member

    Oh you!!

    For Eastgate, the good news is the charges were dropped. The bad news is that she is to immediately report to the RPF's RPF.

    Seriously, this still casts a pall over her, the Church and CCHR. Especially considering that everyone knows the history the Church has in intimidating judges and prosecutors. And especially considering how widespread these sorts of situations are within the organization.

    No doubt Miscagive and CO (probably including top-notch outside lawyers and others who are "well-connected") decided they couldn't afford a loss in the Eastgate case and pulled out all the stops to make this happen.

    They're just putting their fingers in the dyke on this one. The dam's still leaking.
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  29. BigBeard Member

    Waiting to hear WTF HAPPENED?!?!?!?

    Then decide if major 'pooning is required.

  30. Sponge Member

    Charges Dropped Against Scientology Executive Jan Eastgate
    by Tony Ortega, Village Voice. 24th April 2012
    statement from Anna Cooper, media liaison of the New South Wales Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions...
  31. Of course not. God forbid anyone should be accountable to the public.
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  32. Sponge Member

    "no reasonable prospect of conviction" does not automatically equal "innocent" and the cult lawyers know this.

    If she really wants to "maintain her innocence" then she'd sue but the likelyhood of that is probably zero, as would be the likelyhood of the cult celebrating loudly with press releases stating things like: "CCHR International President Jan Eastgate is innocent of charges of perverting the course of justice for telling a 11 year old girl and her mother not to go to the police to report ongoing sexual abuse".
    The cult will want this whole episode to be swept under the carpet fast.
    So, what happens to the long term prospects of Jan Eastgate now? As far as Miscavige is concerned she has pulled in much bad PR on scientology.

    It will be interesting to read some of the ronbot responses in news article comments (or whether there is a suspicious lack of them).
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  33. Trev6 Member

    Dropped because somebody fucked up the paperwork. In other words, the facts of the case and the alleged events had no bearing on the dropping of charges.
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    That seems like an awfully basic mistake to make. Wouldn't that be part of drawing up the charges in the first place: citing the offense, the act of parliament that made it an offense and year of the act? And it only gets noticed now?
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  35. Trev6 Member

    It's baffling that it'd take 11 months to notice this. inb4conspiracy. If this is some dumbass fucking up basic procedure, they'd better shit can the bastard for this.
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  36. RightOn Member

    morning all yawn....

    Well this is a sad thing to wake up to.
    So the whole fucking thing is dropped?

    Wow just because someone goofed the floof does not make her innocent of what she did to an 11 year old girl by a long shot.
    An obstructor of justice concerning a child's welfare is off the hook because of a technicality. A BIG technicality at that, that ended up causing a dismissal. And why are they not pursuing this again? Just forget about it? huh?
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  37. Trev6 Member

    This confuses me too. ianal, but it seems like they're saying "we'd be able to prosecute this case if we'd filled the paperwork out right, but somebody made a mistake so the whole case is null, alleged victim be damned". Why not seek a correct charge (if it exists) and start again? Nothing has changed the allegations and evidence. Seems illogical.
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  38. RightOn Member

    "she was given the impression that the authorities have no plans to find the ‘right’ charge for the alleged offences, and that they plan to simply drop the whole matter and ‘forget about it’.

    not one ounce of compassion for Carmen or Phoebe or the fact that a crime was committed against a child?
    "just forget about it?"
    sorry, something smells very rotten here.
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  39. RightOn Member

    although I fear that someone's or a few people's bank accounts have changed :(
    I don't care if this sounds tin foily or not.
    I am totally discusted with the outcome of this case.
  40. RightOn Member

    Funny how COS drags cases out for EVER.
    but this very criminal case which involved a felony charge goes away in less than a year!
    It's Scientology magic!

    Final thought by Brian Seymore:
    "The fact remains that the allegations have not been tested in court. This is not an outcome -- it is not a court decision -- it is a complete withdrawal from the case by the DPP.
    As it stands we now have Jan Eastgate's word against the word of Carmen Rainer, her mother Phoebe, and former Scientologist Carmel Underwood, who claimed to have witnessed Eastgate coaching Carmen to lie to the police.

    After following this story for eighteen months, along with Lateline reporter Steve Canane at the ABC, (who broke this story), I am curious to know why this has happened."
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