[Jan 29, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Irving, TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by An0nym0usFemal3, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Anonymous vs. Scientology raid for the 25th anniversary of L. Wrong Hubbard's death (Jan. 24, 1986.)
  2. welder Member

    Having a chant is a plus... draws attention.
  3. Christian Member

    what should our chant be?? x)
  4. Charlieray Member

    We need to bring portal cake
    so we can have a picnic outside of the CO$
    >;3 They arent allowed
  5. welder Member

    The wikileaks issue affects everyone and was an awesome protest, but I have a hard time trying to help people who fall for L. Wrong Hubbard's scams...

    Anyone want to carpool?
  6. Christian Member

    lol, um, we need something that rhymes with science and then oligy but that is forbidden with them. >:D(muahahahaha!)
  7. This will be my first protest! Im so excited!!
  8. Charlieray Member

    Welcome aboard!
    Try to recruit friends if you can,
    I want to get a goal of at least 30 RSVP'd if we can :3
  9. Charlieray Member

    Also, sitting here at 5am, a beautiful idea came to my mind.

    Someone should fax "Expect us. 12911" to the church:3
  10. 1st Impression: Perfectly lulzy. Do it nao.

    2nd Impression: This is the Church of Scientology we're talking about here. It's really not impossible that they would misconstrue any such contact as "threatening" and use it to keep us from protesting outside their property.

    Maybe I'm just being too paranoid, though.
  11. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    We're having a party!!! We need caek...and with this weather, maybe some ice cream too ;-)

    Welcome to the team! I hope you're not a scilon.
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  12. I assure you, I am not....
  13. Anybody got an extra Guy Fawkes mask?
    It's too late to scavenge one from ebay, so I think I will utilize one of my gas masks instead. That's okay, right?
  14. Im bringing one friend, and her mother wants to join as well, I believe
  15. Zak McKracken Member

    Yay, awesome!
    Anon moms are the best <3

    GF mask are an optional accessory
    covering your face (with scarf, paper bag or oversized sunglasses) is great,
    as it makes it much harder for CoS or their hired junk to ID you.

    Local anons can probably recommend a nearby place that sells them,
    otherwise Amazon does,
    otherwise improvise or

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  16. Zak McKracken Member

    Ooops, sorry.
    Gas masks are TOTALLY OKAY! :)
    I'll leave the previous post up for reference or if you have more persons than gas masks.

    You may also want to Google Images for "anonymous gas mask girl"
    And might also cover your chest, to avoid some of those "complications".

  17. aw yeah I totally forgot about gas mask girl!!
  18. While I am in complete agreement that any face-covering is appropriate (definitely including gas masks and paper masks) if you had your heart set on a real Guy Fawkes mask, I do have one extra.

    Just let me know in advance so I know whether to bring it.

    As far as buying them in the Dallas area, it's hard to find them outside of Halloween season, but I would try Costume World (near the Galleria) - even if they don't have any in stock I'm sure they'd be willing to order one for you, so you'd still be buying local.
  19. Charlieray Member

    Anyone looking for the best (Highest Quality mask)
    This is the vendor:
  20. welder Member

    Dangit, I have to work that day :(
  21. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Where's the easiest place to get a guy fawkes mask? Party city and spencers say that only have them around halloween time.
  22. melby0z Member

    NorthDallasFag here, down to carpool. Anyone?
  23. Wish I could but I come from the south myself.... Nice to meet you in the middle though. lol

    At any rate.... to the newfags that have been lurking and what not..... make sure you are up to snuff on:
    1. protecting your identity
    2. being aware of fair game possibility (hasn't happened yet but you never know)
    3. transportation Car pool? public transit? Your own car?
    4. things to say at the protest. (unless you are really good at picking up stuff. Then again the best way to learn is just do it in my opinion)
    5. Informational packets? (member, the org is densly hidden, so the only people coming and going who might talk are either public getting hoodwinked, or scilons not far enough up the bridge.)
    6. know how to get there right? ( 451 Decker Ave Irving TX .... in your favorite map generating site)
    7. CAek!! Remeber we are Scelibrating Scilons death day..... 25 wog years L. Ron has been burning in Hell.
    by the way.... if you didn't understand something I said above... I'll save you the effort of lurking more and I'll just reply to a question.

    /stimulation of thread
  24. I'm North-ish. PM me, maybe we can set something up.
  25. Making signs now. :)
  26. Awesome!!! Got everything figured out for your first protest?
  27. I think so. xDD I got my gas mask all prepared and I'm so excited!
  28. WereBoyScout Member

    1: First raid here too. Got off work to go.
    2: Got a friend to come with me she's got a GF mask but I don't so do you still have that one you offered earlier available? If not I'll don the Ninja gear. Or some Carnivale mask...
    3: My car is VERY distinct. (Like there's pictures of my car specifically everywhere) So is there anyone who can offer an alternative? I'm definitely northDal.
    4: Fewd. Cake. Who's providing? (This is sounding more like a celebration and less like a raid. :D )
  29. It's always a celebration!!

    Unfortunately I have to recant my earlier idea of bringing a pinata..... Some people I talked to (Who will remain Anonymous) Have mentioned that it could be legally construed as threatening, "to bring an effigy of LRH and beat him (well not to death because he already is). In any case.... LRH Pinata tech is a bust..... but if we ever have a private party NOT on the doorsteps of scilon base.... I'd love to make one.

    Oh and btw I'll bring a cake. I'll frost it black and make THAT an effigy. Effigy caek!! for LRH's Death day. Anyone want to bring soda? (and some straws please)
  30. WereBoyScout Member

    Sure I'll bring some. Anyone have a preference or will off brand coke hit the spot?
    And an LRH Effigy cake? Are we going to light it on fire?
  31. dude whatever you got on soda is good.

    Flaming LRH caek?!?! sounds lulzy... but no. This caek is for eating!
  32. We are having gas mask malfunctions! bring extra Guy Fawkes masks please...We will make cake.
  33. Charlieray Member

    Shit is going down tomorrow

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  34. I only have one extra GF mask, but I'll bring it tomorrow, and probably some bandannas just in case. I'll also have fliers and extra signs if needed.

    Caek has been planned many times by the Dallas cell, but I have yet to see it delivered IRL. Will this finally be the day?!

    Since the cake is already covered, if anyone wants/has suggestions for other snacks post them and I'll bring what I can. :D
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  35. BTW people... IF you are still looking for a carpool... Advice is to PM the people offering. Thread might not be the best way.
  36. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Good morning my beautiful, faceless, nameless anons!

    It's a lovely day for protesting today. The weather today is mostly sunny with a high of 74 and a low of 57. There is also a 10% chance of precipitation. It appears to be the perfect day to get out there and spread the word of Chanology. Godspeed my fellow anons. Godspeed.
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  37. datasync Member

    Where is the best place to park if you are driving?
  38. datasync Member

    Where is everyone?
  39. We're in front of the Org on Decker.

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