Jan 26th 2013: Paris idle mOrgue re-opening ceremony

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jensting, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. jensting Member

    This is an invite we did not intend to ignore! All of France is in Paris!

    Riiight. The place was out of Paris (in Montreuil) - it was on "rue de Paris" so there was some link to Paris, I guess. (Seriously: this was in an "inner" suburb of Paris, two stops outside Paris proper but still reachable in Metro.) The best thing I can say about Montreuil is that one of the specialists who has parts for my old car is in the same street :)

    We walked past on the opposite side of the street, the clams eventually recognised us (no masks, but I was wearing an "Markab style" fedora), we greeted them in a friendly fashion (really!), we took some pictures then went on our merry way. The clams had been going since early in the day and other anons had kept track of them.

    On the way to the metro, a funny thing happened. Two clams (one had been on the outside when I arrived across the street) strolled along to the metro. The first metro entrance happened to be on the side the clams had started on (which we had not reached yet), so the clams got there first. One of them turned and looked right at us, before they nonchalantly went in. We gave them a Number One friendly smile, watched them enter the metro station, then went somewhere else for well deserved bite to eat.

    Pics to follow.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Oh dear xenu the WordArt, it burns.
  3. jensting Member

  4. benjaltf4_ Member

    I have work to centralize their activities, Pleased to meet you jensting, à la prochaine !

  5. quand il ne boxe pas dans la rue pour "proteger ses filles " et "poursuivre physiquement" ses opposants
    il passe l'aspiraeur le soir tres tard avec la jolie et belle gaelle hummmmmmmmmmmmmm

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