[Jan 22, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by wilfordshire, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. wilfordshire Member

    We are legion.
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  2. AnonyMs. Member

    Who else is going
  3. wilfordshire Member

    Unknown as of yet. Spread the word. United we stand.
  4. AnonyMr Member

    I'll show. Is this an actual registered rally?
  5. AnonyMs. Member

    spread the word on twitter, etc.
  6. Atypical Member

    Hopefully there'll be more than just us...
  7. Madz Member

    any one plan on bringing flyers to hand out?? signs?
  8. Illegiitz Member

    Im coming but i dont have any signs or flyers... how the fuck is 5 people gonna look, RALLY TEH TRUUUUPZ!
  9. Madz Member

    5 people would look sad.. Im trying to get some more people to come. You can only rsvp if you have an account so hopefully more will show but just didnt feel like signing up.
    how are no flyers and no signs going to look? even more sad. Im printing off some flyers but other people should bring things too!
  10. AnonyMs. Member

    this thread has gotten a 100 views more since the last post so I hope people show
  11. Madz Member

    hope so! (where does it say the views?)
  12. mrbr0wn Member

    this will probably just piss you guys off even more but i just joined WWP, wanted to pass on a good luck message i guess.. just think, you could be in ottawa instead like me haha
  13. Deliverance Member

    Hi, my name is Zeke Baker. I am a 28 year old male I live in Toronto. My company, Phaistoscommunications, produces phones for anonymous calling. In future I hope to run for Pirate Party of Canada in a federal election.
    I won't know many people at this event (and you'll be anonymous!) but please come over and take a business card and tell me your concerns and support my candidacy!

    I fear you won't buy an anonymous phone if you don't consult with me. - The Phaistos Disc explains government reaction to open communication.

    Hope to see you all there!
  14. Anonymous Member

    ok I sincerely hope more than 5, 10, 20 people come out otherwise this is pointless. we need more TIME to organize such a big global event and make an impact
  15. AnonyMs. Member

  16. Torianne Member

    I'm going to be there.

    How will we find each other?
  17. Torianne Member

    I'm going to be there.

    How will we find each other?
  18. wilfordshire Member


    The event has been postponed by a week to allow more time for people to be informed of this event and sign up. I apologize for the short notice, and although we will not be gathering for a full protest on the 15th, you are welcome to go and distribute flyers of your choice.

    Thank you all for joining. Spread the word by any means possible.

    It would be a shame for the biggest city in Canada to have a turnout of under 100 people.
  19. AnonyMs. Member

    Thank you. well I may be in the area anyway if anyone happens to show up.
    hopefully in a week we can have enough time to prepare flyers/posters, & with over 5 million people living in the GTA, we can get a good turnout
    how do we get the event registered or listed on some of the campaign listings out there?
  20. Madz Member

    Im kind of disappointed by the decision to postpone considering its TODAY that everyone around the world is doing the same thing. In addition all the views we have already received is because wikileaks posted the link for all the events happening on the 15th. They probably wont be posting the same link twice just because one of the groups decided to postpone. All those 600 and something views aren't going to check again because they will think this event has already happened. I think the decision to postpone till next week will end in a worse turn out.
  21. Madz Member

    correction over** 800 views
  22. Anonymous Member

    I work Saturdays but would attend on any Sunday.
  23. AnonymusHuman Member

    >wikileaks posted the link for all the events
    So did ThePirateBay hence my hereness. Expect many more rsvps or at the very least a greater anonymous presence.
  24. takanuva0123 Member

    I want to go, but first I need a good excuse for my parents and a place to get the mask. Long live Piratbeay!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Anonymous Member

    I couldn't end up going! was there a good turnout??
  26. Illegiitz Member

    Mask = Candy's Costume Shop - 511 Mount Pleasant Rd. - Phone: 416 487 5794 || they had like 7 masks on the rack BUT they said they have more downstairs...

    Directions to the store: go to ST. Clair East Station -> 74 bus -> get off at Belsize Dr. -> walk 1/2 block south, There is like outfits in the windows...
  27. AnonyMs. Member

    my basement flooded this morning and I couldnt end up going
    did people show?
  28. AnonyMs. Member

    was there a turnout? I was thinking that the snow and cold weather alert today might have driven people away. there are lots of other cities holding the rallies next week and in February as well.
  29. Madz Member

    I live outside Toronto so I was going to come in for the day but since it was postponed I didnt.. I'll still attend next week if I can but still a bit disappointed about today. I altered and made plans around it. Ah well. The weather is horrific today anyways.
  30. Anonymous Member

    should we make some posters for next week and stick em all over the city
  31. takanuva0123 Member

    Hell fucking yeah! We should post some in the highschools, because perosnally I know some people who would love this sort of thing.
  32. takanuva0123 Member

    Are they the actual Vendetta masks? Because I checked the site and they didn't have any. Oh and what usually happens at a protest? This will be my first one.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. HellRazor Member

  35. wilfordshire Member

    Of those 600 viewers, I'm sure that many of them saw how few confirmed attendees there were at the time (i.e. ~ 7) and decided not to go. I agree that it is unfortunate that this rally was not able to be held on the 15th along with many other major cities.

    However, many cities have postponed their rallies to the 22nd as well, and this gives us much time to get more confirmed attendees, which in turn will make any person who views this page more likely to attend.
  36. Madz Member

    fair enough.. someone should post some flyers around the city. I would, but dont live in town.
  37. Anonymous Member

    is anyone good at making graphics/flyers?
    I go to one of the major Uni's here so I could post them all over the place there.
  38. Anonymous Member

    I sent the link to WLCentral hopefully they'll list it on their page
  39. Madz Member

  40. wilfordshire Member

    I will make a poster for the event, give me a few hours (got lots of schoolwork in the way).

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