[Jan 17, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Allen Park, MI)

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    At the end of December 2010 I was called down to Kandahar Airbase to
    talk to an U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) agent. I meet with
    CID Agent who told me someone called the DOD hotline and accused me
    of War Crimes and Aggravated assault. The person falsely accused me of
    saying "I interrogated and cut peoples fingers off while in Iraq.” I
    told the Agent I never interrogated or cut peoples fingers off while in
    Iraq or ever done anything of this nature. The Agent was a very kind
    and respectable..

    I asked him if he knew who called the DOD hotline. He claimed he had no
    information who called the DOD hotline. I asked him if he is lying to
    me; he said he wasn't lying to me. He really didn't know who called.
    Then was asking about my ex-in-laws; which made me suspect it was my
    ex-in-laws who I haven't seen or talked to in over 4 years. Also made
    me suspect the Agent lied to me about having knowledge of who called
    the DOD hotline. There is someone out there who is abusing the DOD
    hotline. He lied to me when I was honest.

    A CID agent called from Ft. Knox asking my ex-wife if he can come up and
    talk to her about the accusation of war crimes and aggravated assault.
    At this time she didn't know she didn't have to talk to him and told him
    she will talk to him. While on the phone he told her most likely that I
    told people I tortured and interrogated Iraqi people. Also that he was
    building a case for me to become unfit to be employed. I thought this
    was a case about "War Crimes"? How does CID
    create another case based off of issues in my civilian life after the
    military? Can they investigate my non-military life "Civilian"? Since
    they know they have no base of the war crimes so they trying to make
    another case? Isn't this an attack on my name? Isn't this called
    "slander?" I didn't know the military can investigate issues that didn't
    happen while I was in the service? I didn't know we lived in society
    where the government attacks their people.

    So my ex-wife was out shopping and the CID agent with an Allen Park
    Police officer showed up at her house. Since she wasn't they showed up
    later. Note: My ex-wife has warrants for traffic violations. When they
    showed up when she was home they asked her if she would talk to them.
    She told them "No", because she really doesn't know anything about what
    I do or done while overseas. She also told them they couldn't talk to
    the children. They told her she is "I forgot the term" can be charged
    with disrupting an investigation. The police officer and the CID agent
    told her she has warrants for the traffic violations and they will take
    her in for those if she doesn't talk to them. They basically threatened
    her. They threatened a woman who is raising five children on her own in
    there hard times in the USA.

    She told them she doesn't know anything and she doesn't want to talk to
    them. They told her she can come down Monday at 8 am 17JAN2011 to the
    Allen Park Police station to talk to them and they won't arrest her for
    her traffic violations. My ex-wife stated to me this is an act of
    "Terrorism" on their behalf with the threats. She is feeling violated
    by our Government.

    My ex-wife will be using my lawyer as soon as I come back at the end of
    the month in January 2011. She told me she still isn't
    going to talk later either, because she especially has nothing to say
    after the threat was made to her.

    My ex-mother in-law "Joanne Crowley" tried to gain custody of my
    children from my ex-wife a while back claiming her to be an unfit
    mother. Then she told Child Protective services I was abusive person and
    violent person.

    My ex-wife's mother after finding out she was raped eight years by her
    step father told my ex-wife she was committing adultery even though she
    was raped and abused. She also threatened my ex-wife as a child with a
    knife not to press charges against her step father for raping her as a
    child for eight years so she can receive child support. One time when my
    ex-wife was young she broke her arm and got a cast. When her mother came
    home from work she beat my ex-wife with the cast that was on her arm.
    This is the type of person I am dealing with. I believe child
    protective services even denied Joanne the right to have custody of the
    children. I don't know how Child Protective services would consider
    option anyhow because I am the father of my children. I pay my child
    support. I am their father. Don't have civil rights and rights for my
    children? Am I just a sperm donor?

    To tell you the truth I have never even fired my weapon at anyone while
    being deployed as a Military Policeman a soldier in the U.S. Army
    Reserves in Afghanistan and Iraq. I never even bought a gun until about
    Sept 2009 because of the way the US is changing. Because of the low
    economy / employment levels I am worried of criminals and acts people
    may commit out desperation I had to buy a gun for self defense use
    only. For the fear of the safety of my family.

    As a US Veteran don't I have civil rights? I feel we are being abused by
    a system that is supposed to be used for good of our great nation. I
    am not a left wing or right wing person. Just a man who wishes to live
    his life in peace.
    I don’t ask for any help for me, but the innocents of my ex-wife and
    the five children in the household. I ask for people to stand up
    against this form of harassment and threats made towards innocent

    Stand up and spread the word to be at 16850 Southfield Road Allen
    Park, MI Monday at 8 am 17JAN2011 to stop the violation of innocent

    Delete this after the protest.
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