Jan 15. Melbourne Protest

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    Jan 15. Melbourne Protest

    /// ABOUT ///

    How many families were without their loved ones this Christmas and New Years because of Scientology's Disconnection policy?

    How many women have been forced to have abortions last year by Scientology because it's 'easier' for the CoS to make them do that than train another SeaOrg member?

    How many people have been abused? How many rapes and sexual abuses have been covered up last year because the rapist was a Scientologist?

    So once more, on January 15th, Melbourne Anonymous is meeting again to protest against the crimes of the Church of Scientology.

    // DETAILS //

    - MEET AT: 1.00pm at Flinders Street Station Steps. (look for the guys in V masks)
    - 1.30 - Move to Bourke Street Mall
    - 3.00 - Move to Church of Scientology
    - 7.00 - End protest / Post-Raid drinks.

    // WHAT TO BRING //

    1. "Guy Fawkes" mask (can be purchased at Bernard's Magic Shop on Elizabeth Street, two doors down from Dungeon Crawl. (Cnr. Elizabeth and Bourke Street)
    2. Water.
    3. Signs (some will be provided however it is good to have your own too)
    4. Friends - always need more people.

    // HOW TO HELP //
    We can't do this without your help, and without word of mouth advertising about the protests. So please, tell all your friends.
    INVITE Everyone you know.

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  2. Re: Jan 15. Melbourne Protest

    LOL, /face palm @ copypasta from FB

    But then again it is my bad for not posting the announcement sooner. All of the Details are correct here is the link to the planning thread
    MelbAnon Forums - January Raid - Main Raid : 15/1/2011.
    Everything seems to be in order. There is nothing more to be said.

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