[Jan 15, 2012] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, USA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. skeptic2girl Member

    wahhhhhht?? brb
  2. Anonymous Member

    I'm wearing boots so I don't get slushy socks!
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  3. In Soviet Russia, boots like you.
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Guys, I might not be able to make it. :c A) It's going to be a bit too chilly for my taste. B) My bank account looks pathetic, and transportation costs money.

  6. Anonymous Member

    Make it go right.
  7. Darth Xander Member

    But the cookies...
  8. eughhhm thanks, weather channel, for spelling it out.

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  9. Ethernals Member

    Tell that to the sinologist that had to blow her senior in the sea org and jerk off pedifiles and then was told that if she went to the police it would be unethical for the executive done so many good things. And it would be a great loss to the organization if he got prosecuted instead we will have him do condition formulas. How about the contract where your right is taken away for any legal action against the organization. How would you like to go into surgery and the sergeant would hand you a piece of paper that releases the doctor from any wrong doing. The point that they would use is that they need to protect the hospitals for its a vital institution to serve the community. This is the posture of your fucken org. The orgs around the world need to be eradicated. If you don't sine the paper no service also if you don't pay no service. Usually church has an aid where they serve food for bums and provide shelter. If a bum goes into the church of scientology they tell him to get the fuck out of there or they call the police. This is your community serving church. Well here is my message to scientology churches get the fuck out of my community.
  10. Ethernals Member

    Is it true of scientology priests too that they are only allowed to have relations with little boys like the catholic priests? Its that the story that smile is about that I punished your kid? He will have the balls to tell you when you are on your death bed. Or his?
  11. Ethernals Member

    Are you also going to report your shit head secretary coming out to kick our back pack with camera lenses and equipment into the street and dumping water on it? That happen in december we have you on video! We can identify you on video so you can repair my $3000 lens. Your organization should pay for it. We will sue your ass.
  12. Ethernals Member

    So your religion gives you the freedom to labor kids in your concentration camp in cali? Does it give you the freedom to get them up in the morning a 5 force them to clean up their space and work them till 6 at night? Is that what your family does at home? We in this society clean up after children and not the other way around. And yes i am talking about children. At 6 or 9 or even 11 you are just a child not a work horse! Get a clue. The sea org is a slave organization for children. Look at some of the videos of all the slaves that run around in Clear water area florida. And none of that water has any clarity. Its the dirtiest town in the us. You know why. Cuz your dirty org is down there. The corrupt and dirt spirit of your kind. Scientology get the fuck out of my neighborhood.
  13. Ethernals Member

    Oh so you take photo of us to have something to mastrubate with or jerk your self to sleep with. The mask gets you off ha?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Ethernals is this abuse your idea of a good way to win friends and influence people? Cause if so it ain't workin.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Ethernals created this account 18 months ago, but never used it before today?
    And their frist psot was responding to a Scitroll from may 08?

    o k
  16. Anonymous Member

    I see you are new here.
    Welcome to WhyWeProtest activism forums!

    To get better acquainted, please read the threads in this subforum:

    If you have questions, this is a good place to ask:

    Feel free to introduce yourself if you'd like:

    Or find a relevant thread to dig into.

    Trolling Scientologists is neat and fun, and isn't generally discouraged,
    but necrotrolling (that is, insulting people months or years after they have posted their piece and then vanished) won't endear you to many.

    and sexual propositions are really better meant to be offered here:

    If you need any help finding your way downstairs, please check in with Miranda.

    and have a nice day!
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  17. M13 Member

    Hey guys sorry I couldnt make it unexpected family stuff :(
    ill be sure to go next time tho no way im missing another event

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