[Jan 15, 2012] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, USA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Bring on the snow


    Welcome! This is the place to be for organizing the demonstration against Scientology baloney in Chicago. Please use this thread for anything related to the event: planning, questions, shooting the breeze, whatever.

    Bring along: a cool head, weather-appropriate gear, and comfortable footwear. Masks and other disguises are legal, so feel free to wear one if you want to roll that way. Extra stuff like cameras or munchies are always welcome too. We have plenty of signs and fliers we can lend you, or you can feel free to bring your own.

    Stuff to avoid: accidentally clogging the sidewalk, playing amplified sound at louder than conversational volume, and going on Scientology property (including the little walkways from the doorway exits). Be sure to wave if the cult wants to photograph or videorecord you at some point.

    Note on location: the Scientology building is actually at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., not 3017. I just had to punch in the latter so that the push-pin spot on the map would show up the correct spot. The front door position is marked by the alien icon:


    Have fun!
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  2. Note on the date: some people pitched the idea of having this one on the Sunday of our usual weekend rather than the 2nd Saturday. It would be cool if we can come to some sort of group consensus about whether we wanna try that. Only thing is, let's please fight it out and figure it out sooner rather than later, cuz I want to avoid having any confusion left with like 3 days to go or something. Also, the earlier we can nail it down, the easier it is for people to plan for it.

    I'm cool with trying the monthly on a Sunday instead of a Saturday (although I'm doable with either), but if any of you readers out there plan to attend and have preferences one way or the other, please chime in.
  3. sunday is preferred o'er here.
  4. Paladin Member

    A Sunday protest is fine with me. However, I will be attending a family get-together in January. I'm not sure which day it will be at this time. So I will RSVP as a 'maybe' for now.
  5. Dra Member

    I can't make it, but I'm sure you'll rock it without me :)
  6. SkunkSkirt Member

    Sunday should be okay. Though I have no idea what's going on that day, So I put maybe.
    I always miss all the cool stuff. When I go It's cold as frak and when I don't you guise are shufflin. I'm mad bro. XD
  7. telomere Member

    My only thought:
    isn't Sunday the day normal churches have their "religious service"?

    Yeah, we know Scientology holds theirs 24/7/365,
    but protesting on a day when normal godfearing parishoners are attending service,
    doesn't really hurt CoS assertion that you're interfering with their spiritual activity.

    (they'll try to get the most mileage out of it that they can.
    Expect staged shenanigans, dog+pony, etc)


    If you're going to do this, be on your toes,
    and very, very sharp.
  8. Sunday or Saturday, I don't care. I'm laid off and out of school, so I have nothing better to do.
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  9. YOU'D THINK. but check out the post game thread for 12/18. That was a Sunday and it looks like the scilons just stayed inside, scared. no cop reports. etc etc etc.
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  10. Uh, not to further confuse the issue, but we can always go to Millennium Park too, just for a change of pace. I know Honk Sign Lady always has a hankerin' to go back there. I think that if we're gonna go to the park, though, we may as well go on a Saturday just so there's as much action as possible.

    If our diehard pro-org contingent is going to be busy anyway (Xander? Paladin?), then we can sneak in a park run and everyone's happy. Or they can happily skip a month which is gonna be cold as balls anyway. Meanwhile, the park is easier for some people to get to. What say you guys?

    But we can't do the Time Warp without you! vzwydi.gif
    (OK, we'll treat it as a practice month - but you have to rejoin us as the Time Warp leader in the future.)
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  11. Paladin Member

    OK, I was thinking about taking a one month break anyway. If you guys want to go to the park then I'll change my RSVP to "no" and see you all at the org in February. :)
  12. give up your attacks, why do you continually choose a path of hate? thousands of people get helped every day by our programs. the way to happiness creating strong communities, narconon helping people free from drugs, applied scholastics improving the education and providing a strong learning foundation. and so many more.

    your protests do nothing, every time you protest our church is filled with people at peace reaching for true freedom. i hope you know you are a laughing stock and nobody here likes you or even pays any attention to you. learn to treat people with respect.

    why not come into the church to see for yourself how we can help. choose actual truth not lies and misinformation from the internet. it isnt too late to stop destroying and start creating.
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  13. [IMG]
  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Darth Xander Member

    Saturday or Sunday works for me. Prefer the org (with mandatory hot chocolate warm-up break at Starbucks).
  16. Dra Member

    I won't be able to make a Sunday, but could make a Saturday :)
  17. Darth Xander Member

  18. Let's just punch the reset button, then. We can do the 2nd Saturday at the org like usual just so we can get the max number of people out there. Then we can keep Millennium Park and/or a Sunday on the shelf for a miniraid idea. Can everyone live with that?

    I changed the event date to Saturday for now, but can still adjust it later if needed.

    Happy holidays, by the way!
  19. SkunkSkirt Member


    I can't do saturday, I just canceled all my sunday stuff and made it for saturday. D:
  20. sign me up for mini raid... saturdays are too hectic 'round here.
  21. Sorry... when I pitched the Saturday idea again, I was hoping everyone would be able to make it. It looks like we have some people who can only do one way or the other, so I don't think there's gonna be a perfect solution here.

    Could we compromise by having this one on the Sunday and the next one on a Saturday? Could everyone live with that? And I offer miniraids with anyone who misses out on the main monthly but still wants to get out there. Your choice of time and location, just give me enough time to plan for it.

    Is that agreeable to everyone? Please chime in with your 2 cents if you see this and have an opinion, cuz someone told me they really need to know ASAP so they can arrange their real-life stuff in time.
  22. Dra Member

    That's fine with me. I won't be able to make it, but I'll try to send cookies. :)
  23. Darth Xander Member

    Can we trade SS for Dra and cookies? I know, I know. QFT.
  24. Dra Member

    Exactly... QFT!
  25. SkunkSkirt Member

    I'm really sorry, But the only Day I'm sure I can make it is sunday.
  26. After like 500 deviations, I think the train is back on the tracks for Sunday at the org. You hear that, vulture? 2ymukab.gif

    I wish. Her cookie-fu is quite strong.

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  27. M13 Member

    Hey I'm new to this... Ive never actually gone to a protest before and I have a few friends that would want to come with me so what should I expect?

    btw do i have to be 18?? 0.o
  28. Pique Member

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  29. M13 Member

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  30. telomere Member

    I'll let Chicagoanons respond to the bulk of this, but generally bring:
    * weather-appropriate, comfortable attire. If it's cold, wear warm stuff.
    * water
    * something to conceal your face/identity. It doesn't need to be a mask.

    * standing, walking for a while. Holding signs, music, dancing, cookies, dra, moar cookies

    No, but you should ask your parents' permission.
    If they aren't really sure... the best thing is to invite them!
    Or at least, invite them to come watch and see how Anons do it.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    repost from another thread:

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  32. M13 Member

    1)My parents would be fine with me hanging with wierdos because they think im the biggest wierdo on the planet ...which I am 8I
    2)ZOMGGG that looks exactly like me
    3)Damn right they dont know the memes!

    I used to think scientology was no big deal...until i took an arrow to the knee...and googled them
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  33. SkunkSkirt Member

    Taking arrows to the knee is so mainstream-- I take bows to the knee.

    ....Yeah, I'm not funny. :I
  34. M13 Member

    meh and now i play the waiting game............
  35. Darth Xander Member

    Well, I think everyone pretty much covered it. Only thing I would add is its typically windy in front of the Org with no sun, so dress warmer than usual.
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  36. M13 Member

    Kk will do
  37. How very hipster of you.

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  38. Quentinanon Member

    Look at that "fixed, dedicated glare". He truly has the spirit of Xenu.
  39. Quentinanon Member

    Here is an instructional video:
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  40. Dra Member

    It's just a jump to the left...
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