[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Third Saturdays)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by n0pants, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. compadre Member

    count my fiance and i in dudes :)
    im new to the site, but very familiar to these people and what they are doing/protests.
  2. TheTimeIsNow Member

    Well since next saturday the 21st is the 3rd sat, i say we all pull something together :D i dont have a lot of cash, but do drive so anywhere in oc or la is fine? lets try to decide a location fast so we can post it. thanku all! i thought no anons roamed these parts there for a min ;)
  3. Nightman Member

    I'm looking for a tustin/santa ana group... We can walk down the street and rally =P I'm also wanting to know when are we going to raid la for freedom of information... i have a a small group of people already with me.
  4. GOA Member

    This plan is good. Gentlemen. Anyone in Pennsylvania still active?
  5. Anyone in Indiana or surrounding areas? :)
  6. TheTimeIsNow Member

    I live in garden grove and have at least 1 with me. Im down to travel to tustin or santa ana. we just need to figure out a place and date. I am ready and able whenever is good. we need to get out and show support in oc/la! any particular date stand out thats sooner then the next 3rd sat? Im a tad anxious, ;) been trying to pull socal anons together for this for to long. Get back to me :) i try to check this every day.
  7. Lazydude61 Member

    I'm in ocala, fl. Any anons in my neck of the woods?
  8. Wongstah Member

    And Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?
  9. mikko Member

    i'm willing to help organize rallies in KY and IN, but so far I haven't been fortunate enough to find anybody being active >.< anybody know anyone who would be????
  10. MosesExtra Member

  11. sh4d0w_w4lk3r Member

    Tis a great idea
  12. jasonX Member

    Are there any active Anons in North County? I could help organize anything but I can't participate.
  13. sh4d0w_w4lk3r Member

    Anybody in Houston? Would love to get something started.

    "Ab abusu ad usum non valet consequentia"-N1T3ST4LK3R
  14. AnonymousBlue Member

    Wish something would happen in florida. Even with operation:eek:rlando i havnt seen any activity in my area. Any advice on how to get a good raid going?
  15. sh4d0w_w4lk3r Member

    Give out waffles.
  16. Lazydude61 Member

  17. sh4d0w_w4lk3r Member

  18. Lazydude61 Member

    I though you would like that. ;)
  19. Keviestro Member

    im gonna sound like a total noob but how old must i be to protest?
  20. Lazydude61 Member

    If you are a minor, it would be best if you had a consenting adult with you. But I don't think that there is a law prohibiting it. Check your local laws just to be safe.
  21. prosco Member

    anyone in miami?
  22. nishant Member

    whts dis fkr thrill doing?
  23. sh4d0w_w4lk3r Member

    Just wondering, anybody here on hackforums?
  24. nishant Member

    i am on www.
  25. Assastst Member

    Is there anyone in Scottsdale Arizona, I hate Scottsdale with a passion. Should I start a rally or is there already one going?
  26. hey everyone, im new to this site and really want to get involved. I see a map at the top is this page with all the dots in my area of places. are these all the places that theres protests on the third Saturday of every month? I live in los angeles area if anyone can tell me where one will be held and when I would greatly appreciate it and will be there to help
  27. Hey brother, I live in LA area. and am looking to myself. lets get something together and spread some truth. we can talk and find a place to have a rally and get some others involved. Lets talk borther.

  28. Anonymous Member

    Fuck you. I'm a member of the National Wrestling Organization. Quick trying to take us off topic newfag and read about Anonymous before assuming what our goals are. Hint hint, Freedom of Information...aka...unregulated internet and sharing of data.
  29. Hey thanks for the help fellow human. I see your really doing your part to spread peace and love for a new world.

    such a jerk off
  30. Lightup Member

    Anyone troll happy in Boston?
    I would love a crowd.
  31. freedells Member

    Anything going down in the AR area? We've been left relatively untouched by Scientology, but it wouldn't hurt to have people behind Anon would it?
  32. J.. Member

    south Florida, anyone?
  33. Anony-C Member

    Are there any Anons hanging about in Maryland? D.C. is too far for me to travel, and I haven't really heard of any Anon contacts in my state. I'm thrilled by the idea of a Freedom of Information Rally, perhaps at a MD courthouse.
  34. If i could get a ride to there that would be amazing but i live in virgina -.- and i has no car which makes me sadzors
  35. psycho1968 Member

    australia ... love to do something ... anyone close by me (I'm in Sydney.. but call me if you are in Perth) lets talk and see what we can do!!
  36. BailOrgasm Member

    What is the scene like in Chicago? I know there is a rally today (in like ten hours) which I am attending. Are there any "third Saturday" events still going down? And has anyone heard of I want to get more involved.
  37. Omghahabob Member

    Need some people in oahu, hawaii. Not sure if there is much going on? If is tell me.
  38. UsualSuspect Member

    my friend is almost amillionaire and claims it was because of scientology. lol I told him it wasnt, it
    was everything you leanred from the streets brotha. I want to start a rally in vancouver BC.

    We have a church here and it needs to be demolished and is in the heart of our city. I think the
    Unified Church needs to GO DOWN TOO! dam moonies.
  39. zenima Member

    Who is in Montreal?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Who is around DC?

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