[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Tampa, Florida,)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Jacob K. Kal, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Jacob K. Kal Member

    This is a statement of our strength, a call to arms, a rally for truth. And as such, we should make our stand in the Tampa area at one of the most common establishments of the very tyranny and acts of censorship that plague or nation. At the university.

    And what better place to make our stand than at the University of South Florida? An establishment rife with the tyranny and wickedness of selfish and evil man. They are a clear and present representation of the corruption of the government and the over spending and debt spending that our government has instituted as a norm and that plagues our great nation. Not to mention what better place to open the ears and eyes of those around us, than the establishment of "higher learning" let those who would call themselves enlightened be truly enlightened by us to how the state of the world truly stands, and what must be done to stop it.

    Stand together, Stand United, Stand Anonymous!

    We will be meeting at the Marshal Center and making our way from there marching across the campus. If a different local is felt to be better. State as such in the forums and we will see what can be done.
  2. THI Member

    "An establishment rife with the tyranny and wickedness of selfish and evil man."

    Really? I'd like to know how, it just sounds like you have some sort of personal vendetta with them. USF is definently NOT the best place to be. Centro Ybor. Downtown Tampa. Tons of much better places to be. USF just grabs in stupid college kids that don't understand the true cause.

    I'd say Centro Ybor. Right next to facilites. Food. etc.
  3. Jacob K. Kal Member

    Central Ybor may work, but there's one problem with that location. And that's that Central Ybor is used to having weirdos roaming it's streets, and if we use it, people will dismiss us and our message as just weirdos once again prowling the streets of Ybor.

    But, if we do it at USF, we have a chance of picking up people as we go along, and getting a following. That way, we pick up steam as we go.

    As for the "An establishment rife with the tyranny and wickedness of selfish and evil man." I argue that USF has regularly cheated students out of more money, and taken more money from helpless students than what should ever be remotely considered acceptable. And mean while, do they refurbish and restore buildings that need it? No, they create new shallowly purposed buildings that actually COST MORE than what it would to restore the buildings that need it, and they SPEND MORE on these new useless buildings than what they have, effectively putting USF further and further into a state of debt.

    Mean while, USF consistently looks for ways to reduce the amount of its student intake, and the amount of its student body, yet seeks constant ways to charge their current student body more money. They make up fees just for the sake of them. It's ridiculous and preposterous as well as being poorly planned and just plain stupid.

    That's why I say what I say, because perhaps they may not be evil, but they are most certainly not doing things right.
  4. mat_wwp Member

    Yeah, I was thinking about turning out a crew for this event, but it's pretty clear that the OP does not have the same thought process as I do. Phrases like "The corruption of government and the over spending and debt spending" indicate that you're a free-market libertarian that has a grudge against higher education. I look forward to the day that Wikileaks releases their documents they've obtained from the banking industry so that you might think twice about what you're advocating. Also, I hope that some day you get over your juvenile notion that this is a "great nation".
  5. THI Member

    Actually, this guy is funny. All hes thinking about is the money, and what he probably saw the same news story I did. Yes Tuition costs are higher than usual. But That campus has been there for YEARS. You have to take in account the older buildings not being in proper code, and all the people on campus they have to pay to teach. It's not as simple as you think it is, you only factored in your understanding. Rather, you need to be unbaias and factor in EVERY factor.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Obviously the OP does not understand the legal concept of private property which the USF campus is. Enjoy being thrown off campus or in the worst case v&.
  7. THI Member

  8. anonymous612 Member

    But I wanted to see you get escorted off the property. D:

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