[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (San Francisco, CA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Martin MacKerel, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. A Media Intervention for Wikileaks

    We call upon mainstream media to correct, apologize for, and prevent repeating the "Big Lie": that Wikileaks supposedly "indiscriminately dumped 250,000 cables on the web".

    We will have a table with art materials and printed out cables for you to decorate for the
  2. Mark Cabian Member

    Please post videos. Come over to the SoBay earlier in the day, and protest at the San Jose/Los Gatos location.
  3. o0crazyone0o Member

    can you post the san jose location please, or just email me. thanks
  4. STWProject Member

    I just registered. I'm curious if I will be the only one attending. If so, that's kind of foolish.
  5. Anonymous Member

    We (Moog and I) will be raiding Los Gatos from 11 till 3 then drive to the city and be there by 4 unless traffic.
  6. gerardange Member

    Has anyone done a site survey at this location? Is there a good safe place to park ~ I have gear?
    Also, is there a stage setup at this location? and if so, Is there a list of people who will be speaking?

  7. Anonymous Member

    I park far away and walk in when we raid the cult so I can't give any info there. Also I have only anti scientology signs. And no flyers. Sorry I jus today decided to attend. Anyone got flyers covered?
  8. Not a lot of parking nearby, although it is the weekend, so easier (it's in the Financial District). No stage, just a bullhorn and we can stand on newspaper boxes.

    We'll have some materials for making signs.
  9. gerardange Member

    Thanks, For the note... The the rest of the planet has had enormous response to the call in the streets ~ I'm sure it will be a strong showing here as well! See Ya There ~

    * anonymous-names-saturday-global-day-protest-defend-free-speech>>>

    * Protestors March on Tunis -

    * Secrecy is the Real Problem, Not Leakers - Support Free Speech /Free Press & Wikileaks- >>>

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