[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Saint Paul, MN)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Shadowflare, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. chibits Member

    I'd be willing to speak. Just be sure you have a sheet of paper with what you want me to say on it.
  2. Shadowflare Member

    VERY IMPORTANT: Does anyone have a boombox or something similar we could hook an mp3 player up to in order to generate some tunes? A revolution without dancing isn't a revolution worth having.

    We are allowed to use this so long as the noise doesn't exceed 85 decibels. It can also make a cold day more fun.
  3. chibits Member

    I have a stereo that can easily be hooked up to an MP3 player. I'd be willing to bring it if no one else can bring one.

    Edit: We'lll need a place to plug it in as it can't run on batteries.
  4. Req Member

    I won't speak (you'll thank me. I'm a terrible public speaker).
  5. Shadowflare Member

    We are a go for the capitol steps. I have the permit and will print out extra copies. Let's see how this works out. :D
  6. Req Member

    I'll see you guys tomorrow then.
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  7. LilDebbie Member

    speak for yourself. i'm rallying against the lack of delicious pie.
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  8. Shadowflare Member

    YES. Please bring it if you can! We can find a place to plug it in. :)

    People with mp3 players can bring them.
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  9. rof Member

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  10. hash browns Member

    I have an iPod with meme songs... I don't have much "popular" music on there, but if you want meme songs, it'll do just fine.
  11. Kalashed Member

    Same here. I've got the first three volumes of the "Lulz: A Corruption of LOL" soundtrack on my iPod.
  12. hash browns Member

    I just have the more famous ones: Rick roll, Fresh Prince, You are a Pirate, Still Alive, etc.
    PS, I also have Dan Bull's song about the ACTA, kinda fitting.
    PSS, my iPod has a camera, make sure we have lots of cameras.
  13. Req Member

    I'm bringing my ipod as well, but I'm gonna be late.
  14. Yoshisniper Member

    Successful Protest was Successful
  15. Shadowflare Member

    Small quiet protest. We took to the streets in Saint Paul when it seemed that nobody else was showing up. We emptied our 200 flyer stock, had lunch, talked about future plans and called it a day.
  16. hash browns Member


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