[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Saint Paul, MN)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Shadowflare, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Shadowflare Member

    And sing? And have a party? Maybe? If we can't swing this date, then when? More importantly, where?

    We can go for the state capital or near the University grounds.

    Discuss plannage for a free speech and anti-censorship rally.
  2. Zak McKracken Member


    I'm still hatin on the monkeys
    but maybe the new site aint all bad?
  3. Shadowflare Member

    FYI, current map location is tentative. It won't let me post without an address. :/
  4. Req Member

    I vote the capital, but since it's in St. Paul we'll have to work a lot out. So I guess my next vote goes to the easiest location.
  5. hash browns Member

    We shall fucking dance. I would prefer the U of M, maybe outside Coffman union. But the cold... oh, the cold.
  6. Yoshisniper Member

    I'll totally try to come!
  7. LilDebbie Member

    t jeff the org is closed. one of these days you'll have to accept it or you'll end up like poor sparrow:

    i'm gonna have to recommend either the capitol or the northrop mall.
  8. haklaf Member

  9. Shadowflare Member

    Yes, please do! :)

    Noooo! I must dance on its Target-owned grave!

    I miss it. :(

    What does it take to protest on Northrop? We can promote the hell out of this on campus the weekend before classes start again.

    Northrop - Good target demographic for flyers and promotional opportunities, and the MNDaily is onsite and I've promised them a story on this if we can make it happen.
    Capitol - Symbolic, high profile, but I'm not certain about permits.
    Nicollet Mall - We already get free permits for this, has foot traffic, people know Anon there, and no scilons are around to call the cops on us.

    Other ideas?
  10. LilDebbie Member

    i think you just have to inform the university. they're older than the state so they have jurisdiction.

    as for the capitol, since when did you need a permit to protest on property you paid for?
  11. Req Member

    Since the world stopped making sense.
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  12. Shadowflare Member

  13. Req Member

    Sound permit ($165) may keep us from having music, but (from what I have read) I think we're fine as long as we don't do anything stupid.

    It might be a good idea to call someone at St. Paul city hall and ask. I may have over looked something.

    Edit 2: We can make and bring signs. As long as they don't have any length of wood or metel more then 1/4 inches thick and 2 inches wide. Maybe some of our less specific Chanology signs would work.
  14. Fernando Poo Member

    Date looks like the best it can be. There will be fucking dancing. Fuck the U of M (went there, loved it, but it's a cliche and ineffectual place to protest unless you just want to preach to a choir mixed with a couple crisTrolls). Capitol or Downtown Mpls. No permit needed for assembly @ the cap, regardless of how big it gets - permit IS needed for stages, bullhorns, etc. we had this issue @ RNC.

    Req is right about the signs.

    Edit to add: Cold? What cold?
  15. Shadowflare Member

    Location changed to capitol. Inquiries sent to city authorities to verify that we're good. We should be.

    What cold indeed? Until you've protested in -40F, you haven't lived.

    The paperwork I'm looking at, and I'll verify this, says that amplified sound below 85 decibels is allowed without a permit.
  16. Req Member

    Oops, that's right. My bad.
  17. If you can hold off on the date, I'll come with several other people. I plan on bringing at least four others. If not, then we'll simply wait for the next time.
  18. Shadowflare Member

    What I'm thinking is a simple flyering for this first raid. We can plan something bigger and more grand for next month.
  19. Fernando Poo Member

    My RSVP is for five so far, maybe more. St. Peezy has a lot of comrades who never make it out to Mpls.

    +1 for the flyers.
  20. hash browns Member

    No masks, I assume?
  21. Zak McKracken Member

    For reason of not being desired, or not being allowed?
  22. hash browns Member

    Both. I think St. Paul bans them. Plus, we might freak some people out.
  23. Yoshisniper Member

    So what is the current address that is 100% set up to be our meeting site? I can come, I just need to know when an where ASAP
  24. chibits Member

    I would also like this information.
  25. hash browns Member

  26. Req Member

    I think it's at the capitol as it says at the top of the map.
  27. Shadowflare Member

    Our start time is 11AM outside the Capitol on Saturday January 15. I have a permit request in to allow us onto the Capitol steps but that is pending. At the very least we can be in the area without a permit.

    Can anyone pledge to print some flyers?
  28. chibits Member

    I can't pledge to print out multiple copies of flyers but I'm going to bring a copy of each in case someone can make some copies there.
  29. goodygood Member

    I can make some copies if someone has flyers created already. I'm simply too inept and the worst to do it myself.
  30. Shadowflare Member

    Epic, that works!

    We apparently need a 2 week notice to reserve the capitol steps. We can however picket and hand out flyers around the area of the capitol building without a permit.

    As for masks, those have gotten us in trouble in Saint Paul a lot. EFG masks can be brought, but I'll personally be wearing mine on my arm.

    Scarves and other coverings for the sake of not freezing our fucking faces off are of course allowed.

    BTW, who is up for getting together after the protest to discuss plans for future protests and other information spreading operations? Maybe get some foods somewhere warm when we're done?
  31. Req Member

    I'm up for meeting afterwords and whatnot, but rides may be an issue.
  32. Yoshisniper Member

    Ill be up for that if my dads okay with it (high school senior here, somewhat limited in transportation but my dad said he wants me to be apart of this for the experience and for what I believe in.)
    BUT anyway, is there a Cafe or a bowling place near by perhaps? I would LOVE to discuss new plans and whatever else comes to mind with people who share the same beliefs as I :D
  33. Shadowflare Member

    Nevermind the flyer request u guise. I have it covered.

    But anyone who wants to bring some flyers or different ones that say different things, go for it.

    For those who need a ride to places afer, I have a car and can drop people off if they're cool with that. Otherwise we'll try to stay in the general area of the capitol. there are plenty of places to eat and maybe even bowl around there. :D
  34. hash browns Member

    As usual, Minn delivers winful plans. This is gonna be interesting.
  35. Yoshisniper Member

    ^ Liking that.
    Also, are we meeting around the state capitol building? need to know ASAP where our estimated location will be. I am willing to give someone my cell phone number to text me or call me when we know 100% were we are meeting (within the State Capitol area)
  36. DAFTUSER Member


    So yeah I would love to support this, although it sounds like maybe not the best place to do it.
    I guess you guys already decided on the capitol :( But I might come anyway
  37. DAFTUSER Member

    But I'm stoked and I might be bringing at least one other person. What are we planning on doing aside from dancing in front of edifices? are there any ppl to hand out flyers to?
  38. Req Member

    If the capitol doesn't work out the first time than we'll look into other sites.
  39. MyLittleAnon Member

    nooby question, what are we protesting for / against?
  40. Shadowflare Member

    Alright, they are making some awesome allowances for us to use the Capitol steps. If everything goes through, we'll be able to use them for our rally.

    Can anyone say a few prepared words in a little speech? I can say some things. Also, can I get a volunteer to use my HD FLiP camera to record the rally and speeches and whatnot?

    We are rallying in favor of Wikileaks and against internet censorship.

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