[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (portland oregon 97024 pioneer square)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by knightwolf420, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. GentlemanX Member

    Will possibly be attending but if I find a loose collection of uninformed morons, beware. You are just as much the enemy as those who try to oppress us.
  2. knightwolf420 Member

    hey if they uninformed inform them you cant attack everyone because they dont undstand or dont believe what you do the only way this works if we unite and stand as one we need people to rally to us and that doesnt happen if we are just a bunch of jackass spewing a bunch of hate at random people for being uniformed i mean people dont know where to go anymore to really know whats going on you ever tried watching the news its crap thats why we need to inform the public and everyone of whats going on
  3. PanamaK Member

    I got my digital camera that I will be recording footage with as well as taking photos, I contacted some of the media, and we should talk to the local law enforcement to find out more about their policies which i guess i probably should have done sooner... Let me know if anyone has any idea on the portland laws as far as protests and rallys. I also have a few peeps that i have convinced to come...
  4. knightwolf420 Member

    well if it stays small enough i dont think they will care but if this grows we may have to move it down to the water front but we can jump that hurdle if and when we come to that
  5. PanamaK Member

    Any particular area we want to congregate in when we get there? maybe say the stairs under the starbucks?
  6. PanamaK Member

    So I am bringing about 200 mini-flyers, possibly more... I'll see ya'll out there! - K
  7. PanamaK Member

    I am officially mobile until the rally... but should be checking the forum frequently until its time to organize...
  8. knightwolf420 Member

    I am down there mask on
  9. knightwolf420 Member

    hey anyone have some place i can upload the video from today
  10. anon8306 Member

    Didn't make it today but already preparing for the next one. Maybe we should try to plan for the next in about a month? How was the turn out today?
  11. anon8306 Member

    What are you looking for? Just a video hosting site like youtube or vimeo? Or a file hosting site like mediafire?
  12. knightwolf420 Member

    I think we had 8 people soaked to the bone out there some of public support
  13. knightwolf420 Member

    well now have the issue that sony sucks and i cant get the driver to put the video on my computer but i dont know just where ever people want me to post it
  14. Zak McKracken Member

    Try mediafire,
    someone else should be able to download and edit and turn it into something youtubable.
  15. PanamaK Member

    I can do a bit of video editing for ya if need be... But it will take me a bit since I have alot of other videos to edit already, just let me know and I can add it to my list... anywho.. I did create a forum, but I am still learning the software but hopefully it will be useful... Here is the web address but as I said, i just created it and am still learning it, if anyone in here is good with this stuff let me know so I can make you an administrator :)
  16. ateva Member

    I'm going to say right now that PDXanon is not dead. Not yet. DTB and the ning are down for the count because peeps didn't want to pay the bill and didn't realize there were others who would pay it for them. Our neighbors to the north have graciously offered us a place on their ning to congregate and plan. It's just a matter of getting people to use it. For those inquiring souls:

    I repeat.

    Keep it that way.
  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Aye. PDXAnon here too, though I don't live there. I've been at many of the anti-Scientology protests over the past couple years and will be at future ones as we're able to muster troops for them (I don't do solo protests). Might also turn out for FoI rallies/demos/protests too, but that remains to be seen.
  18. knightwolf420 Member

    yeah i dont think there is anything going to happen here in oregon again anytime soon seems like everyone is done with it oh well fun while it lasted but i will still be here waiting for the day
  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    We'll be back. :) At least, the Scientology protesters will be. (I hope the FoI efforts revive too.)

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