[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (portland oregon 97024 pioneer square)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by knightwolf420, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. knightwolf420 Member

    The 15th is the day to stand up and let them know how you really feel about them taking your freedoms this isnt just for us but for our childern we need to move forward not back.
    this event will be held at pioneer square and everyone through downtown remember we look for change through peace if they wont listen then civil disobedience might just be the next step. White, black, muslim, jewish it doesnt matter we are all brothers and sister and we need to stand together from now on we are greater then the men in the ivory towers.

    People should not fear their goverment but their goverments should fear the people
    We are the many!!! stand and be heard now
  2. knightwolf420 Member

    The best way to get to downtown to pioneer square is taking a bus or max go to to figure out how to get down there or if you need help ask
  3. knightwolf420 Member

    here is the address google gives 701, Portland, OR 97204 (Pioneer Square)
  4. B0t-nus Member

  5. mbsill Member

    As I'm unable to attend but yet still interested, can you give any more details? Like, is there a website containing more information or something I could read regarding the doctrine being promoted? I am quite interested in protecting our right to share information; However, I'm also quite enamored with earning my salary which is why I'll be at work. Thanks for any detail you have to share about the event, etc.
  6. miz redavni Member

    i am also unable to join but very much want to. is there a forum that shows all events? i want to plan on going to the next thing.
  7. PanamaK Member

    I will be there... Is anyone bringing flyers to pass out? anyone prepping some posters? Lets talk ideas... I've started rounding the troops... I'm hoping for a good turnout
  8. knightwolf420 Member

    Ok i dont have much info except what i know about the world and i believe they need to know freedom of infomation, speech, and press are all being taken away this whole thing is about them trying to shift the real issues to wikileaks being some sort of terrorist organization when what they really are doing is being a the real news because i dont know about all of you but i dont give a fuck what fucking celeb is wearing or doing what i mean how many of you can honestly tell me about how many people died in rwanda or all the people who have died or been arrested and never seen again in burma or iraq pick one look into instead we get fucking crazy ass fox news i mean come on what the fuck its sicking this used to be a country i was proud to call home now its just another police state i mean do you know how the dea works they are like gestapo put the fear in me or how far down your street do you have to walk before you see a camera

    all i want is people unite to be free from fear from tyranny from hunger every human being deserves these things whether your black, indian, white, muslim, or jewish i mean fuck its 2011 should we not be looking toward the future not dwelling on stupid shit like fucking gay marriage who give a fuck who marries who the real problems are people dying without health care or bank fucking all of us over i mean just bending us over and going to town and why do we let it happen? i say no more i will be heard i will not be silenced we cannot be denied

    "There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all." Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964
    Mario Savio
  9. knightwolf420 Member

    General Guidelines for All Protests

    Following a few basic common-sense guidelines at raids will help you to protest effectively, to avoid problems and to enjoy yourself.


    •Don’t protest alone.
    •Before planning a raid, always check local laws regarding public gatherings, and get a permit if one is required.
    •If this is your first raid, contact your local cell and arrange to meet beforehand. Stay together.
    •Organize in squads of ten to fifteen people, with no more than one megaphone per squad.
    •Prepare signs and flyers before protesting. Make sure they are simple, readable and pertinent to the protest.


    •Consider protecting your name, face and identity for safety's sake. In general, WWP encourages protesters to avoid sharing personal information even with other Anons.
    •Film the raid so you can share a post-game video, and particularly if you expect any trouble or problems.
    •Avoid behavior that can be considered aggressive or annoying. Be polite at all times, and stay cool in the face of opposition.
    •No violence, weapons, graffiti or vandalism.
    •No alcohol before or during protests.


    •Stay across the street from the object of your protest. If there's no street, look for another natural boundary.
    •Stay off of private property.

    Working With Police

    •Be especially polite, low-key, and cooperative when talking with police. (This includes providing identification if requested.) Thank them for their involvement, even if decisions don’t go your way.
    •Do not ask for badge numbers unless police are behaving very abusively.
    •Contact the police immediately if anyone in the group is harassed.
    •If police are unavailable, film any suspicious behavior and leave.

    What to Bring

    Consult your local cell for advice about what to bring (and not bring) to a raid. A few things are essential, though:

    •Cash for transportation and food
    •Identification in case you’re stopped by police
    •Comfortable shoes
    •Seasonal clothing
    •A sign or pamphlets

    Face Coverings

    Guy Fawkes masks are often worn, though not required. Before buying a mask to protest in, check your local ordinance and consult your local cell—in some locations masks are not permitted. If you prefer, you can cover your face with surgical, dust or theatrical masks; facepaint; or veils. To find a Guy Fawkes mask, ask your local cell or check out online vendors:
    •Forbidden Planet
    •Buy masks from a critic
    •Vendetta Mask - Masks - Costume Accessories - Halloween Costumes - Party City
    •Or, make your own: Kimpix » Guy Fawkes Papercraft Mask

    Enjoy yourself, be safe and be sure to post an account or video of your protest.!
  10. PanamaK Member

    How do we find out if we have a local cell here in Portland OR, I am new to the area but would like to find out who we can talk to about creating something a little more organized that will create a lasting impression on the public...
  11. knightwolf420 Member

    i dont think we have one so we have to be it and start now and if there is only 12 people this time next time it will be double we need to start with this protest and work from there we will let people know with our voices and standing as one people we will gather people from off the street it is downtown portland people will join

    "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes"
  12. PanamaK Member

    I can start contacting media outlets if we think that we are going to have a decent turnout...
  13. knightwolf420 Member

    here is something for anyone who thinks this will be a waste of time

    Why Protest Events Are Not a Waste of Time
    By Tom Head, Guide.

    Let's admit it: Picking up a picket sign and spending hours marching out in the 105-degree heat or the -15 degree frost, screaming your lungs out, does not seem like a particularly natural thing to do. In fact, when people do this sort of thing outside of the context of a protest event, it's usually a cry for help. So why do we protest?
    1. Protest events increase the visibility of the cause.
    Policy debates can be abstract, and even seem irrelevant to the people who are not most directly affected by them. Protest events put warm bodies and heavy feet out there representing an issue, taking up real space and real time, attaching the cause to real faces and real voices who care enough about the cause to go out there, if only for a short time, and be ambassadors for it.

    So the media notices when a protest event happens. Bystanders notice when a protest event happens. Politicians notice when a protest event happens. And if the protest is staged well, it will invariably make somebody look at the cause with new eyes. Protest events are not persuasive in and of themselves, but they invite persuasion. They invite change.
    2. Protest events demonstrate power.
    The date was May 1st, 2006. The U.S. House of Representatives had just passed H.R. 4437, a bill that essentially called for the deportation of 12 million undocumented immigrants and the imprisonment of anyone who might help them. A massive group of activists, predominantly but not exclusively Latino, planned a series of rallies in response.

    More than 500,000 people marched in Los Angeles, 300,000 in Chicago, and millions more throughout the country--even several hundred here in my home town of Jackson, Mississippi.

    The death of H.R. 4437 in committee was pretty much a given at that point. When large numbers of people take to the streets in protest, politicians and other key decision-makers notice. They don't always act, but they notice.
    3. Protest events promote a sense of solidarity.
    You may or may not feel like part of the movement even if you happen to agree with it. It is one thing to support same-sex marriage in the comfort of your own home and another thing entirely to pick up a picket sign and support it in public, to let the issue define you for the duration of the protest, to stand together with others to represent a movement. Protests make the cause feel more real to participants.

    This gung ho spirit can actually be dangerous. "The crowd," in the words of Soren Kierkegaard, "is untruth"; or to quote the great philosopher Sting, "people go crazy in congregations / they only get better one by one." When you become emotionally engaged in an issue, remaining intellectually honest about it can be a challenge.
    4. Protest events build activist relationships.
    Solo activism isn't usually very effective. It also gets dull really quick. Protest events give activists a chance to meet, network, swap ideas, and build community. Most activist organizations, in fact, got their start with protest events that united and networked their like-minded founders.
    5. Protest events energize participants.
    Ask almost anyone who attended the March on Washington in August 1963, and to this day they'll be able to tell you exactly what it felt like. Good protest events have an almost religious effect on people, charging their batteries and inspiring them to get up and fight again another day. That is of course very, very helpful to the protesters--and by creating new committed activists, and giving veteran activists a second wind, it's just as helpful to the cause.
  14. knightwolf420 Member

    I believe we can we just have to try hard enough and keep trying this wont end in just one day but if we make enough noise more people will join our voice just need to be heard and they will we must demand it
  15. PanamaK Member

    I'll take that as a 'go ahead and contact the media' I'll try to make it to a few campuses today to rally some college students too...
  16. knightwolf420 Member

    right on i have been trying to get a lot of people to come
  17. PanamaK Member

    Totally... Sounds like you've done this more than once, last time I was involved in a protest was in Panama about 4 years ago, but this will be my first "american" protest... So, let me know if you can think of anything else I can do to pump up the volume on this!
  18. knightwolf420 Member

    dude this is the first time i have ever done anything like this but i can no longer sit back and watch as the country i once loved falls apart we used to stand for something now i am ashamed to be an america well i dont wont to be ashamed anymore i want to be proud to be an american although i do see myself more of a citizen of the world not just one country where ever there is oppression my heart will be heavy for they are oppressing my brothers and sisters freedom must be for everyone
  19. PanamaK Member

    I hear ya bro! I will print up the flyers I have made and start popping them around town to raise awareness.. I would suggest doing the same if you can so we can get a big a crowd as we can... then after that, I guess Portland has a cell!
  20. knightwolf420 Member

    right on i am trying to spread the word through the web right now and through contact i guess you could say i have friends in low places who are just as pissed as i am
  21. PanamaK Member

    This is a cool flyer that someone made from one of the texas groups
  22. knightwolf420 Member

  23. PanamaK Member

    If you get the chance print some up, i am printing them 4 to a piece of paper so I can cut them up and hand them out... The website gives a good idea of what we are protesting and what Anonymous stands for over all
  24. miz redavni Member

    we should findout how we go about making an actual portland, or cell
  25. PanamaK Member

  26. Zak McKracken Member

    miz redavni, panamak, knightwolf, bot-nus and mbsill,
    By the powers vested in me by the holy martyr Lafayette Ronald Hubbard
    I do hereby pronounce you PORTLAND CELL
    congratulations. Now get to work, faggots!
  27. PanamaK Member

  28. knightwolf420 Member

    well we should get together and make plans this protest is one of those starting point to create a cell or whatever we want i was also planning on starting a pirate radio station
    the thing is we must stay commited to the cause which in my eyes is freedom and not just for us in america but everyone around the world\

    We are anonymous.
    We are the angry avatar of free speech.
    we are the immune system of democracy.
    We do not forgive censorship.
    We do not forget free speech.
    Expect us - always.
  29. PanamaK Member

    Heh, looks like the only active website is dead... I'll start working on writing a new one...
  30. miz redavni Member

    edited due to noobish stupidity on my part
  31. miz redavni Member

    im on skype quite often... if you want my skype msg me and ill give it to you so we can make plans
  32. knightwolf420 Member

    i dont know about the whole anti-scientology everyone has the right to believe what they want unless they over step their bounds which i know they have before its not a time for hate but a time for peace freedom and unity

  33. Zak McKracken Member

    Its helpful to have your own separate email address and forum-
    so that you can work independently from WWP (or other "hub" organization sites)
    but its not necessary as long as you have some way to contact eachother anonymously and plan effectively.

    Some people use IRC, or skype, many use "planning forums" in WWP.

    Things to plan together:
    Its important to: find out the legal rules on protesting in your area.
    If you're just standing on a random street corner promoting free expression
    you're less likely to be in trouble than you'd be standing in front of a UFO cult headquarters.
    Things to plan individually: how to get to the protest site, and how to leave.
    A good idea not to park nearby. A good idea to wear a mask (if allowed under local laws)
    and a good idea to change your dress enough as to not easily be recognizable before/after protesting.

    Decide how you want to address eachother in person. Some people actually exchange phone numbers and real names :) This is considered dumb, and defeats the point of Anonymity. Deciding what you want to call yourself, and what info you're willing to exchange with your fellow anons when you meet in person- is better done in advance, than on the spot.

    If you have interest in protesting often, or in attracting a larger group, or fighting against the abuses and criminal activities of evil ufo cultists- it is strongly recommended to make contact with the local police. Let them know you're going to be out there, and that you'd like to work *with* and not against them. Its a friendly gesture and cops are usually very grateful to know that they aren't going to have to bash heads.

    There's no official way to "have a cell" or to "be a cell".
    Just decide how/what part you each want to do,
    and be prepared for all of the unexpected
    (particularly other people not showing up or not doing what they said they'd do).
  34. Zak McKracken Member

    Just to be clear, its not the local PDX cell people who are demanding money,
    its the NING site that's demanding money from anyone who wants a forum there.
    So any existing Portland peeps stopped using it awhile ago...
  35. miz redavni Member

    or all the fucking beyond crazy people portland has.

    you guys can call me miz
  36. miz redavni Member

    yea i know, i miss read and edited my post
  37. BittenOne Member

    Damn wish I would have found out about this sooner, I could have taken off work and junk...
    Portland is a ways away for me but wouldn't of been out of the question, plan on going to the next event whenever that may be :)
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  38. Zak McKracken Member

    Yes, indeed.
    That's the very problem.

    Not the beliefs, but the actions they do (and continue to do) that harm people.
    Not metaphorically, but physically.

    Your local cellmates can tell you more (I've pinged a few scattered through the aether).

    YOU decide when the next event may be. If you don't nobody else will.
  39. knightwolf420 Member

    It will be soon we cant stop with one protest this needs to be like a monthly thing let them know we will not be silenced we will not back down we have all the power as the many we are the people and our voices will be heard
  40. knightwolf420 Member

    So is anyone bringing a camcorder i do have someone will be down there filming but i was wondering if anyone else was for back up because you never know

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