[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Dallas, TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by An0nym0usFemal3, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I'm sure we will; a lot of people are recruiting IRL.
  2. Charlieray Member

    No problem, I already mentioned that in the first e-mail I sent them.
  3. Charlieray Member

  4. cloby Member

  5. Charlieray Member

    Ha, go for it.
  6. Charlieray Member

    We're going to need video cameras as well.
    Ive got a DSLR be bringing, Ive got the pictures covered.
    Unfortunately it doesn't shoot video.
  7. I'll be bringing at least one digital camera, maybe two, that can take video.
  8. I've got a camera too....SHould be fun. Also don't for get to bring some water and stuff. Imma try to be there for the long haul
  9. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    I'll recruit some people at school. I'm proud of all the support we're getting here. I just wish we could see some more of these faces (...or lack thereof, as it were...) at the scilon protests.
  10. I haven't been able to get a piece of cloth long enough for the banner I was originally going to do, but I will have a 5x5 cloth banner that says "Hands Off WikiLeaks" and two smaller posters that say "Free the Press" and "Knowledge is Power." If anyone liked "The Feds Work For Us And We Have The Right To Know What Our Employees Are Doing" or some variation thereof, feel free to use it if you want; I won't be able to bring it on a sign tomorrow.
  11. Charlieray Member

    Ive only made one so far that just says "WHYWEPROTEST.NET"

    My Permanent marker ran out of ink. D:
  12. Charlieray Member

    Give me a time and place for those and, I'll definitely show up.
  13. Charlieray Member

  14. They happen monthly, sometimes bimonthly. There is one coming up on the 22nd and another on the 29th. There is a regular planning thread in the main forum where you can discuss and find more details. I also plan to make an RSVP-able event page for the 22nd as soon as this protest is finished.

    EDIT: LoLz DarkSpecter got there first.
  15. datasync Member

    Is it suppose to rain?
  16. Charlieray Member

    I'm definitely going to be more active in Dallas's anon cell.
  17. Charlieray Member

    There are going to be small showers, nothing too bad
    Much warmer too, 40-50 degrees.
  18. There is a 30% chance of rain, but according to the Weather Channel, even that only applies to about a one-hour period mid-day. Bring an umbrella if you're really worried.
  19. Excellent. :D
  20. Charlieray Member

    It might be too late for this.
    We should organize something afterwards,
    A post-petition party :p
  21. Time to imply Jazz-Tech. We'll IMPROVISE! lol
  22. It's never too late to plan a party.
  23. Charlieray Member

    Then what do you guys suggest :eek:?
  24. WereBoyScout Member

    First time accessing the site, sorry for my complete lack of knowledge on everything. I may be there tomorrow.
  25. ImAnon Member

    Hell ya. Caught it just on the last day. I took the liberty of posting to Craigslist (under politics) also... thought it might help out.
  26. Charlieray Member

    Welcome aboard :p
  27. I don't know the area but I would say somewhere close enough to get there on public transportation if anyone needs it, but far enough that we aren't still in the immediate protest area. Not so helpful, but I'm sure we can figure it out there, especially when we have a better handle on the number of people party-icipating.

    Good idea.
  28. ImAnon Member

    Depending on how long you want to stay, I would recommend using public transportation. If you plan to stay the full day, 11-4, that's 5 hours parking cost, which will cost more than parking for free at the train station and paying 2 or 3 bucks to ride the train a few blocks. Those of us who choose to drive there and park on the street, bring plenty of quarters.

    Also, there is a McDonalds right there on the corner of Commerce and Griffin. I'll be there a few minutes before 11.

    This is in front of a federal building and they have a tendency to throw a fit about that. But you are not required by law to carry ID. Keep in mind that law enforcement of any kind, can not compel you to identify yourself without reasonable suspicion to believe you're involved in criminal activity. So leave it behind. What good can it possibly do you?

    A question police don't like to hear: "Are you detaining me?"
  29. Charlieray Member

    I'm cool with some Micky D's :p
    Also, its best if we meet across the street from the federal building.
  30. ImAnon Member

    I agree. That's why McDonalds is perfect because it is literally across the street. Don't jay walk! :T
  31. It's good to be alert.... but remember.... The Cops are just doing their job checking up on things. THe fact that it's a group of protestor's with their faces covered doesn't exactly reinforce the idea of us being friendly. Coupled with the fact that Dallas Probably hasn't been exposed to Anony Raids very much... they might be on edge. Whatever you do take the moral high ground... and be as respectful as possible...... Asking them if you are detaining me should only be used as a last resort if we are getting picked on.

    tl;dr Cops might be intimidated at first cause they've never seen Anony protests. Cops are concerned about their safety too.... so don't antagonise them..... even if they are irritable. The idea is to stay loose and not react to bull baiting or Cop trolling whatev.

    This has been a public service announcement from DSA.
    That is all... Carry on.....
  32. ImAnon Member

    First of all, wearing masks does not imply someone is not friendly. That's just ridiculous. Plus, it's not like they haven't heard about Anonymous before.

    Second of all, I never said to antagonize them. In fact, I never said anything about being disrespectful. But it is NEVER a good idea to talk to a police officer. If he stops you for any reason, immediately force him to cough up a legal reason to be questioning you, else he has no right and he is violating your rights. The kind of information you just gave was rotten to the core and very misinformed.

    Police are not your friend and the "they're just doing their job" cliche is so overly abused. They're walking a fine line and they count on you being complacent and ignorant. That's how they're able to do their job. Never give them any advantage by opening your mouth, aside from asking "are you detaining me and if so, what for?"
  33. ^ This.

    I have absolutely no stake in causing trouble for trouble's sake, but cops are not buddies and it's best to remember that.

    Also, your rights are more important than their feelings.
  34. surge Member

    We both know that 11 is definitely not the record. When Dallasfags belonged to Anon64, Mattheas, ProBo, and I, we turned out huge numbers. It can be done. You just have to be able to rally the troops. IRC was our outlet. As you can see from all of the photos, we did very well. Once we passed the torch though, it seems that people don't care anymore. It's sad ;__;
  35. WereBoyScout Member

    Conditions have made me unable to attend.
    Go for it everyone! I'll be a-rootin' for ya.

    EDIT: Quick question, I understand we aren't required to carry ID, but are we allowed to wear mask? I'm not too certain on the rules of Dallas.
    (I know Masks are typicall for Chanology raids but I'm not sure if you still wear them for FOI rallies)
  36. Masks are strongly encouraged, though as always the decision is yours.
  37. 2006YamahaR6 Member

    well then shoot... does anyone have an extra mask? Cause i dont and its clearly too late to go hunt one down somewhere now

    and last call for any one going down from Plano/Richardson area ill be headed down 75 so if anyone wants to tag along you're more than welcome
  38. Charlieray Member


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