[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Dallas, TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by An0nym0usFemal3, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. The time and location aren't concrete, just what seemed most convenient based on the protest focus. Suggestions for a better location or time are definitely welcome if these aren't ideal.

    Though this protest has a broader scope, and is related to the recent Wikileaks situation, Anti-Scientology signs are more than welcome, but ideally they should probably apply - at least tangentially - to the freedom of information theme.

    EDIT: Here's the post-game thread if you have photos, videos, or recaps to share. Great turn-out, thanks to everyone who came.
  2. I'll still bring my WWP sign for sure.... Maybe I'll stop and get some Posterboard to draft a few new ones... I've never protested for Julian Assange before... but something along the lines of: This isn't Sparta, We don't kill the messenger? Leave Julian Assange Alone.

    FAil poster teh is fail... Any suggestions would again be welcome.
  3. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Guy Fawkes will be there.
  4. As far as signs, I'm going to try to make a big one that says, "You Work For Us And We Have The Right To Know What Our Employees Are Doing. Hands Off WikiLeaks."

    Hope you make it out DarkSpecter, and really glad you'll be coming, GuyFawkes. I'm bringing a friend and we're going to flier our local area tonight.
  5. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    It would be really cool if you made that into a huge banner. I think I'm gonna work on a sign either today or tomorrow.
  6. I'll try to come and print out some flyers and such... Anyone got any good info for flyers?
  7. I've got a few promo flier templates. I'll either upload them as-is, or adapt them for handing out the day of and upload the new version. It'll have to be later tonight - I'm actually on my way out the door to do some more promo right now.
  8. Really more flyering? thats cool. ANy template would be awesome. I've been too busy lately to research stuff on Wikileaks. I know the gist.... but I haven't done stuff like flyers and signs or chants whatever.
  9. Seriously, though, has anyone contacted the media? I'm on it now, but only if we're serious. Also, does anyone live in the Allen area? I may need a ride over there.
  10. Charlieray Member

    Fuck yeah, I'm down. Ill be bringing a few friends.
  11. I'm coming
    And I may be there...
  12. Depends on how serious YOU Are... lol I've seen Female and GuyFawkes at Scilon Raids... I don't know about you peeps.

    so you are coming and you may be there??? Que?
  13. I'm COMING
    and I may also go to the rally...
  14. Also, i sure as hell hope we have more than SEVEN people...
    because that
    THAT would be gay.
  15. Charlieray Member

    I'm recruiting a ton of my friends, dont worry.
  16. datasync Member

    I will try to be there. I may be able to bring a friend but I don't have many friends that do stuff like protesting. I will try my best. Hopefully my Guy Fawk Mask will be here tomorrow.
  17. Charlieray Member

    Sounds good,
    Do your best to show and bring as many as possible.

    If you don't have a mask. Anything to cover your face will do :p
  18. cloby Member

    Im located in Fort Worth and wouldn't mind bringing some friends to help. BTW is there anything wrong with getting drunk for a protest? Just not sure how long we're gonna be out there in this freezing cold :)
  19. Charlieray Member

    I don't see a problem with it, as long as you don't get stupid and give the police any reason to give us shit.

    Also, are we meeting on Commerce street right in front of the court house?

    I think it would be a better idea to meet by the Dealy Park Plaza, but its a bit late for that now.
    Don't want people getting lost. We should do some walking though. It'll keep us warm and we'll get more exposure.

    Someone should also make some flyers, I might be able to design them if someone is willing to print?
  20. Well, first of all it's supposed to be quite a bit warmer on Saturday - in the mid 50s. But either way, I wouldn't advise protesting drunk. Not only do you risk undermining our efforts if you act out too much, it could also be dangerous for you or us if, like Charlieray said, you give the cops an excuse to mess with us.
  21. 2 reasons I reccomend against it.:
    1. Dilating your arteries and blood veins flushes your body... but on the whole... you lose heat faster that way. i.e. to stay warm the whole time.... try not to have alcohol in the system.
    2. AS strong as your personal ability to control yourself while intoxicated may be.... It is still a possibility that something stressful may happen which could cause more trouble..... Better to er on the side of safety
    3. If we drum up some discussion and you start talking to someone and they can smell Alcohol on your breath.... This may negatively affect the person you are talking too, jumping to the conclusion that the group is made up of raging alcoholics. "Give them an inch..." and all that.
    4. It's 11:00 am in the morning? You've been drinking that early?

    call me a killjoy or whatever... I Reccommend STRONGLY against it. I do plan on bring delicious cake for our protest though.
  22. Yes, near the main entrance of the Cabell building.

    As for moving the location, I agree that it's too late to move the official location without risking major confusion, but it may be possible to move around a bit once we're somewhat assembled. We definitely need to give people time to arrive at the original location, especially since the official location has now been listed elsewhere online by WikiLeaks Central.

    Edit: Updated after seeing post on WLC.
  23. Apologies for the seeming double team about drinking... Totally unintentional
  24. Charlieray Member

  25. Your points were excellent, though.
  26. I like it, but the resolution isn't high enough to print 8.5x11. Do you mind if I redo it full res? I'll keep your overall design intact.
  27. Charlieray Member

    I could redo the resolution no problem.
    What size (pixels) do you need it at?
  28. Minimum 300/in, but 400/in would ensure max clarity.
  29. Charlieray Member

  30. Could you make it just a little bigger? 2550x3300? Also government is spelled wrong.
  31. Charlieray Member

  32. Great. Also, in the interest of my pennies and dimez, how would you feel about each flier being half a page? I'm totally down to print full pages, and will if it's what you want, just thought I'd run the idea by you.
  33. Charlieray Member

    Sounds good to me, thats more fliers
    I'm all for it.
  34. Charlieray Member

    For the record, I just contanted numerous News stations 4,5, and 8
    Hoping we can get some public exposure.

    I also e-mailed a few radio stations to gain more protesters.
  35. Excellent. Just a suggestion, if you contact them again or if they contact you back, it might be most effective to stress that this is an international protest in which Dallas is participating, and also that the event is being organized by Anonymous - both factors that will probably pique media interest more, especially since Anonymous has been in the news so much lately.
  36. 2006YamahaR6 Member

    hey i dont know if you're still looking for a ride or not, but i'm going to be going down there from Plano - i'm in the George Bush and Renner area - if anyone would like a ride down i'd be more than happy to take ya'll
  37. 2006YamahaR6 Member

    i REALLY hope we have more than 11 people there

    In addition to radio stations, I know its difficult and probably not going to happen, but if we could get Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert to mention us, our numbers would go through the roof, all over the US
  38. Hey as far as I can tell... this is a record high for Dallas Anons anyway. So 11 is better than none

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