[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Chicago, Illinois)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by drfernandocheese, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Lets find a place in NWI or Chicago todo this, if not chicago i was thinking maybe downtown Valporaso @ there City Hall, got any inputs msg on here or on the stream page.
  2. maceo parker Member

    what happened chicago? is everybody so blind here that there's no reply for this protest. let's get with it! i saw the 2010 gathering on youtube... 5 people!!! an embaressment!!
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  3. dude i fuckin know it is a major embaressment, and the reason i dont pick chicago is cuz i live by gary indiana and most ppl here are down but to fuckin lazy/broke to get out to chicago...i just wanna find us a spot around here and make it better than it was in 2010 cuz seriously that was very pathetic..
  4. three days left guys, lets find a fuckin spot. if not everyone just scatter into small groups and go to random spots, cuz i plan if not one spot with alot of ppl then me and a group move from lk town to town going to city halls n buildings like that.
  5. n0pants Member

    I'm not there any more, but why not Daley Plaza by the Picasso statue? Lots of space, lots of people. Easy to get to on El & Metra. Close to Millenium park if you want to march over there...

    Chicago I miss you, don't disappoint me!
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  6. those were the spots i was thinkin n0pants, cuz Millenium gets soo many ppl no matter what the weather is,but yea come on everyone we needa plan this we dont have that long till saturday.
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  7. You guys look like you could use some help, and with the lack of time, it seems there's a real danger of this thing ending up a belly-flop. So maybe I can be of assistance. I don't even necessarily support your viewpoints (because it's not like I even know what they are, and there are lots of different ones anyway), but I do support free speech.


    If you want to do Daley Plaza and you have a significant number of people, that may well require a permit if anyone feels like calling you out on it, and the permit process takes some number of weeks. I'm not saying you can't try to do something there, just that there's no guarantees things will go smoothly.


    The way things are shaping up, I would suggest Millennium Park. The Scientology-protesting anons have had good success there. They don't give a crap about permits as long as everyone is behaving and your group is smallish. Not entirely sure how they define "small", but I don't think it's like you'll end up having hundreds of people. (Right?) Here's what you need to do to help set things up...

    The director of security of Millennium Park, and the person you want to talk to, is Mr. Moreau of M.B. real estate. He can be reached at 847-293-0391 unless the number's changed, or there is an e-mail contact at I would suggest explaining what the situation is - that there has been an outpouring of emotion over the WikiLeaks / Freedom of Information thing, and you're sorry for the short notice, but you're trying to organize a protest (rally, whatever) on short notice at Millennium Park. Take it from there. Be sure to make the distinction clear between the anonymous Scientology protests and your own anonymous event, because yours is a completely separate deal, and the the Scientology protesters won't want to deal with any fallout if you guys end up failing at life and pissing the park people off.

    One of you needs to step forward and do this. It will not be me, because I won't be there, and I don't even necessarily have any interest in this anyway. Whoever contacts him needs to make note of it here, so that he doesn't start getting unnecessarily bombed with lots of separate requests from the same group, and then follow through with good communication by reporting the details here. If they give you the green light, you will have to build up a trust level with them.

    Just take a shot and do it or else all you guys are is a bunch of hot air on a message board that means diddley squat. Succeed, and some people may cheer you; fail, and you will be laughed at (and you'll have a funny story to tell in the future).
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  8. I BELIEVE CHICAGO IS A CENTRAL POINT FOR 1 IT HAS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION COMING FROM EVERY WHICH WAY. 2NDLY ALOTTA PEOPLE DON'T HAVE A CAR 3 AND LASTLY CAUSE I WANTA GO LIKE A BABY LEARNING HOW TO WHINE FOR WHAT IT WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!H!!!!!!!!!!A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!N!!!!!!!!!!!!!G!!!!!!!!!!E
  10. Tonfry Member

    There must be more people in Chicago that would want to meet... I'd love to meet downtown somewhere and let those of you who can't get out here have your own protests. I think having one in Chicago proper is important. I'll be there, but we need to decide on a time and place. Any ideas? Are we too late due to the time it takes to be granted a request to protest?
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  11. I think Millennium Park is our best option; I will have about four other people there with me. So, if you would like to participate please meet me there. Once everyone is there we can have further negotiations, and decide whether to spread out or not; sound good?
  12. i can bring a portable boom box, what songs do you guys want?
  13. pat78 Member

    So Millennium Park it is. I'd say around noon or 1pm, so everyone has time to get there but it isn't too late.

    Where in millenium park should we do this though?
  14. maceo parker Member

    Arrrgghh!!! Sorry people i have to deal w family this wkend, so i wont be able to make any rallies. Good luck though.
  15. anon8177 Member

    millenium park sounds good to me, or grant park. keep in mind grant park is where obama's "i won, change has come" speech, and unfortunatly none of that change was good change.
  16. Something I should probably point out...

    Millennium Park might be okay with a group protesting there if it's a small group that they're familiar with and trust. That is their choice with some groups. However, this does not mean that it's a good idea to just crash the place, show up out of nowhere, and expect everything to be rosy, or to expect the same treatment. You don't even know if they're OK with you being there yet. And if they give you the green light, then at the very least, they still want to be contacted ahead of time with the nature of the event so they can set up their ground rules. That would also help iron out some of the important details that you guys need to be figuring out (e.g. specific protest spot within the park).

    Don't get me wrong, you guys may be able to get away with not contacting them and just totally winging it, and it may turn out fine, depending on how relaxed the security is that day and how nervous they might be about you causing a ruckus. But you run the risk of them trying to tell anons to GTFO, or people not knowing where to meet up or where they should be, or whatever else.

    So call 847-293-0391 for the director of Millennium Park security and explain stuff. You guys have wasted so much time already that you'd better hope he works on Fridays -- see how what you're risking here? Or if that phone number doesn't work, find the general Millennium Park number and take it from there.

    If you guys really feel so strongly about this, have ONE person pick up the phone for FIVE MINUTES and prove it. 2ymukab.gif
  17. yay or nay for Millennium will start at 12:00noone cuz thats what most places are doing if thats not a good time talk about it, got lka day left. If i cant get out to chicago imma be doin shit in NWI so if ur in NWI and cant make it out there also talk about were u wanna meet n we can make a different page but we gatta kinda hurry up since the lack of time and all.
  18. Just Emailed them, it was the right email and phone number because i called and the person told me to email that adress...lets see what happens
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  19. pat78 Member

    Ok, so NOON at the bean (millennium park)?
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  20. if they say yes, then yea there. Im waiting for them to email me back. So we will know tomorrow.
  21. 9376 Member

    Okay, so here is how it will work best: set up on madison and michigan. For those coming by train, from ogilvie you walk out, turn left, keep going. For union, go north until you hit madison, turn right. There is a large walkway there, the bean is upstairs and crown fountain is half a block away. We will be positioned on a main street with heavy traffic (foot and car) in plain sight. Meeting at the bean means limiting exposure to a niche, Removing exposure to the streets, and we will get 90% of the people going to the bean anyway.
    NO amplified sound. Leave your boom boxes at home, but bring a megaphone until you are told to turn it off. I will bring fliers and data dvds with the leaks. If you would like one, tell me here what leaks you want so I can accommodate you. Mostly I will be handing out cables to people. Fliers are a maybe but hopefully.
    IF YOU MAKE SIGNS: it is encouraged that you do not have your sign on a post. No vulgar content. Try to keep meme use to a bare minimum. The point is not to inform everyone you are from the internet, it is to spread information. Don't fuck it up.

    now, I know you basement dwelling neckbeards probably lack irl contact, but bringing friend(s) is a good option. I will have no problem talking to anyone who stops, so if you are socially inept, send people to the one with flowing locks of golden blonde hair, a red bandana, and a toews jersey.

    That is all for now. tips and tricks later today.

    Ps I will be going by "bebop" at this event.
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  22. 9376 Member

    I don't own a camera, but one of you do. I can edit video if you can shoot it. It is encouraged you get pictures and video for maximum exposure. I will also have information on a Wikileaks discussion event held in Chicago on the 22nd if anyone is interested. Again, look for sexy hair and sexy clothes. Just ask.

    Also, wiki is up,_IL
  23. How do i know who is who in comparision with a Normal downtown that is packed..................................................
  24. 9376 Member

    We will be the assholes in masks who don't look like normal people at all.
  25. The 22nd? So your not talking about the 15th like us...
    Yet, you do appear more immersed into the stategy of how those like us should go about it.
    Our plan is/was? for tommorrow and i'm starting to lose faith for these sporatic view and different collection of ideas of how/where is not consoladated as 1. I'm starting to think/believe that my tolerance is waining. I'm starting to believe that there shoulda of been a prior meetup spot of where WE (those attending, wanting to be seen&anomonously) can rack our brain (brainstorm) on how to approach, Where to Encroach, if and is it a good/bad idea to pare up like other activist and etc. I'm fairly new to this (site) but TRUTH ATTRACTS and LIES need to be heard in order to be dissected, hence freedom of speech though there are ignorant people not being able to discern or differentriate IT! So my CONCERN is now redirected to you on how you reached the 22nd and if all this i stated afore is worth some consideration?!... JUST IMAGINE US GETTING DOWNTOWN WITH IDEAS AND THE TRAFFIC (PEOPLE) AROUND OUR SUPPONSELY SPOT; HENCE WE/I AM OF A DIFFERENT SHADE AS WELL AS I'M SURE THE REST IS TOO; THE CULTURE DIFFERENCES OF US ALL IN COMPARASION WITH DOWNTOWN WILL BE HUM..ACKWARD IS THE 1ST WORD THAT COMES TO MIND. SO AM I AND OTHERS JUST TO ASK EVERYONE AROUND THERE INDIVUALLY WHO STANDS WITH US (IF SO I CAN DO THAT TOO, BUT WILL {THEY}?) FOR I DON'T HAVE THAT SWEET LOOKING VENDATTA MASK THAT THE VIDEO SHOWN ME AND OTHER'S PROBALY DON'T EITHER! TOMMORROW IS WHEN IT IS SCHEDULED AND I'M SCRAMMBLED WITH ALL THIS IDEA'S/NOTIONS!

  26. ok, first thanks alot doosh for maken a fuckin page about it on Madison and Michigan, even tho EVERYONE HERE wants it at Mellenium and ive already contacted them and im waiting for their email, if i dont get it by 5pm then if u all agree we will do the Madison and Michigan thing, but i also think thats a good idea. We could start at the bean and work our way there we dont have to stand in one spot. I intend on everytime some ass wholes "kicks us out" imma go somewhere eles.....oh yea dude the whole sexy hair/cloths thing i will be looking for so u better look damn good HAHAHAHA.......and yes ill be going by drfernandocheese cant miss me the name drfernandocheese is tatted on my arm and i got the jackass logo on my hand and ill be in a black "biker" jacket.....ill drop a msg on here later around 5 to let you all know whats up.
  27. nlang91 Member

    wow guys, really upsetting that this is what is here for the rally. I dont think this is because people dont care, people dont know. I found this rally on and if i didnt look at it, i would have never found it. The media is blocking this and the only way to get it out is to go out there on the streets and start talking to people. one day is not enough. we need to preach this to people, get them on this website, and then we can protest. NONE of my friends have heard about this until today and we try to follow pretty closely. were in the NW burbs and this information on got to me about 30 minutes ago.

    i wont be able to atend the rally, but i will try to watch more closely for this info.
    if anyone can add me my email is and keep me informed i would really appreciate it.

    love and light
  28. tch1 Member

    What kind of masks are allowed in Chi?
  29. 9376 Member

    MADISON/MICHIGAN IS MILLENNIUM PARK kthx. It's just a specific part of the park with MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. If you faggots want to fuck it up by sitting at the bean (1/2 block away, 1/4 the traffic) then go right ahead. I'll be where everyone's attention will actually be grabbed, tyvm.

    It is also encouraged you do NOT print up your own guy fawkes mask if you have not/cannot obtain one, as they look terrible. Get a bandana or a scarf if you lack other things. (newanonymous.jpg, etc)

    It's also worth noting that you are all gigantic faggots and if you want to get shit done you would benefit greatly from listening to people who have done / continue to do this on a very regular basis. (See: Me, StrongStrength)

    <3 for real, though. As for turnout, again, invite your friends. First rally may not have mindblowing numbers, but the point isn't to show LOL LEEJIN IS HEER, but to inform. Numbers will grow assuming we do our job correctly. OH AND IF YOU'RE A DICK IRL THEN BE PREPARED NOT TO BE ALLOWED BACK TO MP AS IT IS PRIVATE PROPERTY AND IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO GATHER THERE. It is also the most accessible, highest traffic area and therefore the best for NWI/Chicagoland anons. Arguing that this area is not ideal is moot, as you can see from any one of the postgames posted on this very site.

    Srsly bring cameras and shit, too.

    Edit: Also, it's worth reading what you quote. I will have information on another event on the 22nd, if you want it. Derp.
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  30. 9376, we wont have to go threw all these emails n phone calls to departments n shit if its there, cuz after i wrote that i looked at ur map and yea imma dumbass lol its right fuckin there ur spot is better. Thing is tho is there anything we have to go threw cuz im talking to the department for millennium. But it sounds lk theres no reason to if were ganna be lk on the side of a road on a busy ass street. I unno sounds better to me, just let me know the lil info lk what we need todo/if we need permition, also drop what u kno about the event on the 22nd because im down for it, and im sure everyone eles will be too because this even was told in a week advance, and i didnt make this till lk 4 days ago because i noticed no1 made anything for this area.
  31. 9376 Member

    it is part of MP, so yes they still have to be informed. The sidewalk technically is not theirs, but it's directly in front of their establishment and it is a courtesy bit that should be taken care of.
    TOMORROW IS STILL HAPPENING, the 22nd is a completely different event but the information can be found here:
  32. fkn Member

    Good luck on the rally tomorrow.
  33. Chrisz84 Member

    love the idea, this is the first i've heard of it though. can't make it to chicago tomorrow, but i am planning on putting signs up letting people know whats going on. i can't believe i haven't heard about this. you guys need to make some effort to inform people other than yourselves about this thing..
  34. Chrisz84 Member

    i for one think we should reschedule this thing in about a month, that way we can actually get some momentum going
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  35. Chrisz84 Member

    also in the winter i'd recommend michigan ave (by the stores, closer to grand lux cafe) over mill. park. the parks are pretty dead when it's 15 degrees out. just a heads up
  36. Thank you for the heads up. I do not see any conflicts with this date. Just a quick reminder about Park Regulations;

    Ø No amplified sound may be used while in the Park, (speakers, megaphones, etc.)

    Ø No setting up any stands or tables

    Ø Any signs must be carried, they cannot be hung, freestanding or placed about.

    If possible please let me know the approximate time frame of the demonstration and the expected number of people. In the past Anonymous has demonstrated on Michigan Ave, at Madison St. If you wish to use a different space we would recommend you use the Wrigley Square in the northwest corner of the Park. If you have any additional concerns please let me know. Thank you.

    Peter Moreau

    Director of Security

    MB Real Estate / Millennium Park

    there we go guys
  37. Meatwad Member

    Here's how this is gonna work (because this is how it ALWAYS works)...
    1. No memes EVER. If I hear a meme shouted, I'm pushing you in front of a bus.
    2. No extreme moralfaggotry. This includes FREE HUGS, sympathizing with the other point of view, and general tree-huggery.
    3. NO HIPSTERS. If I see even ONE hipster, you're getting punched in the face.
    4. MASKS ON AT ALL TIMES. If you get dox'd or face-fagged, you compromise us all.
    5. STAY TOGETHER. Recon will be discussed when we all arrive.

    I'm not leaderfagging. I'm oldfagging.

    And learn to spell, you Mexicans. This shit is retarded.
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