[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Boston, MA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by gregg, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. gregg Member

    On Saturday January 15th we will be meeting in Copley Square in downtown Boston. We will be flyering, holding signs, a couple flags, and generally trying to raise some public awareness.

    Depending on the number of people who show up we might go off marching and flyering around town. Spreading the word and recruiting more people for next month.

    Everyone is invited to attend. You can wear a mask or not, up to you.

    We will have flyers up in the thread shortly for people to print out.

    This protest is in support of Wikileaks, Freeing Julian Assange, Freeing Bradley Manning, Free Speech and Free Press. It covers a bunch of topics, but they are all very related to each other.
  2. WMAnon Member

    I'll be there
  3. haklaf Member

  4. WMAnon Member

    yes please!
  5. Little_Sister Member

    Will Moots kitty be there? I wanna boop that nosie.
  6. MacGuffin Member

    Count me in.
  7. Yew Member

    i really wanna go, ill try but im a bit of a shut in.
  8. Sta Smarf Member

    I am there
  9. WMAnon Member

  10. LucidMA Member

    I might be going to this.
  11. Milk22 Member

    Hey all I just found you guys. I will be there and I have invited some friends. I am not sure what the strategy is but I look forward to helping out.

    As I am new to the dealings of anonymous please feel free to email or tweet me @milk22 and conor @ sherman . org

    See you all Saturday
  12. WMAnon Member

    I think we're gonna have more new people than old, so you should fit right in!

    If anyone wants to discuss plans for tomorrow, the boston anons are on #bostonraid. We still don't have the letters to Kerry/Brown/the Representatives written up yet, so we could use a little help!
  13. I got stuck in providence and didn't make it back up in time. How did this go? Are there videos/pictures?
  14. WMAnon Member

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