[Jan 15, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology (Dublin, Ireland)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Cheshirecat, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Cheshirecat Member

    On the 15th of this month, Irish Anons will be having a protest outside the Dublin Mission to highlight the abuses perpetrated by the Church of Scientology. At this protest some of us will also be answering questions on Wikileaks and the the defense of freedom of information online if need be. Feel free to bring masks, signs etc. All are welcome to attend/ generally check out what's going on. More information for our planning of this raid can be found at
  2. AnonTheAnon Member

    Should we not also be having a dedicated Freedom of Speech rally in Dublin too for the Wikileaks campaign?
  3. Oh if you can't make the Dublin protest theres a belfast one too
  4. Cheshirecat Member

    So far, the wikileaks campaign has yet to gain traction amongst our Irish users here who use WWP and our local Irish forum: Hopefully if some of us bring signs supporting Freedom of Information online, that particular cause will also gain an increase in attention. Have to start off small and build our way up I suppose.
  5. scathach Member

    hey folks, noob here. Unfortunately don't have the money to travel to tomorrows protest but will make next. I think if there was a dedicated freedom of speech rally organised (perhaps in the west and south of the country as well) and the word was spread beyond the local forum and wwp there could be a really good turnout, I think theres many who want to support the wikileaks campaign but alot of people just don't know their anonymous yet :) Good luck with tomorrow and if theres anything i do help anonireland just say the word!
  6. sue Administrator

    spread the word and plan the next rally.
  7. AnonTheAnon Member

    Guy fawkes masks or not BTW?
  8. scathach Member

    I'll do my best
  9. HOC Member

    Entirely up to you. It's usually mixed on who wears masks and who doesnt.
  10. Cheshirecat Member

    Btw a journalist from the irish mail on sunday may be at the protest 2moro. If anyone wants to step forward and add any further information to what I will be giving him, feel free.
  11. Cheshirecat Member

    With any luck, yes we can help quicken the spread our causes gets both in real life and online. The best way as sue said, is to inform as many people around you as possible and build on what we have. :)

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