James V. Crosby v. Florida, US Supreme Court No. 13-9943

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Florida Scandal, May 24, 2014.


Should law enforcement use bait and switch tactics on adult hookup sites, setting up random men?

Yes 8 vote(s) 66.7%
No 4 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I would like to add that attempts to insert porn or other NSFW images to dome this thread won't work.The mod staff will move those images to the dome.

    OP, trolls are part of the process here. We won't clean up the trolls, only derails and porn. Put your thick skin on and prepare for the debate.
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  2. Thanks so much for getting it back up here guys! I will be back a little bit later.
  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    The stupidity of some men who have impulse control issues, bad judgement, can't keep their dicks in their pants, or whatever, aside, what I'd like the OP to address is what alternatives there are for catching/ID'ing those who prey on the young and vulnerable before they ruin lives? Stings have been around for a long time, and have been very effective in catching many pedo's/predators over the years, and though I'm sure there are a few that have gone over the line and roped in 'innocent' (guilty of intent?) blah-blah, how would you tackle such a massive social problem in the first place? What are your answers to this? So far all I've seen is a tonne of inane blather that makes you sound like one of the shit-heads that got caught in one of the ops.
    As for the 'At war with de gubbament wot is at war and conspiring against society at large rant-rant-etc.....' just comes off as more naive conspiracy nutter crap and is dime-a-dozen all over the interwebs.
    Now, back to kicking the cult of LRon Hubbard in the ball-sack.... *punt*
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  4. laughingsock Member

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  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I concur ^^^ .
  6. Anonymous Member

    I've culled a small number of your numerous statements that I find extremely offensive. These statements amount to you giving WWP members orders.

    Orders? We don't need no stinking orders!
    In closing, I'll repeat what has already been stated ITT and others you've posted here - WWP Anonymous is not the Anonymous you are looking for, (or assume to exist) - you have failed to learn how-to-Internet - WWP Anonymous is Not Your Personal Army.

    Your faggotry means little here, very little.

    Try the EFF:

    Try -
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  7. PROFESSIONAL debate at 6:30! Please invite others and be courteous. I.e. Take turns please. The first issues to be addressed are issues recently posted that I not been answered. Remember, I respect you all and we do agree.
  8. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I understand your desire for courteous discourse but be aware that you may not get what you ask for here.
  9. Marking in my schedule nao!
    Joking aside, I am disapoint that this is upstairs again. However, my thoughts are immaterial in this case.

    And settle down Florida Pedo Line. I won't rustle your jimmies... much. I promise!
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  10. Sorry guys, I was in a meeting that ran over

  11. Oh don't worry, I plan on it. lol
  12. Ok first response goes out to "Night Owl". I did not want to respond because it was such a long post. Anyway, first it must be mentioned that you are taking those statements out of context making them mean what you want them to mean. The reason why it appeared as though I was barking orders is because I was trying to have a discussion with all of you and was giving you proof of my claims yet all you guys wanted to do was insult me.

  13. This article has very little to do with this thread. However, the topics are related by tactics. The tactics used in prostitution stings and child sex stings are the same. That's why they are able to arrest 100 people instead of just 30.

  14. There is no need for me to think of a way that child sex stings should be performed because they are already mandated by federal law and the DOJ. The FBI still perform legal and unquestionable child sex stings that catch real child predators. Real child predators meaning people that sit behind a computer actually seeking out a minor because they are fantasizing about them.
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  15. So, who do we have here?
  16. Oh, nobody? Oh ok, I see what you guys are doing. However, maybe it's because I'm late but then why would you not make comments stating something to that effect?
  17. I have no problem with sitting here typing. Therefore, I will just type what this thread is all about.

    We should be able to all agree that there is a difference between someone who actually wants something and someone who just takes something because it is freely given. Having stated this is why the child solicitation stings are illegal. There are people that actually have the forethought and "motivation" to seek out an innocent child and there are people that have never thought about it.

    Stings were created to catch people that are criminals who are looking for their next "pay day". Stings were not meant to catch people that have no idea what is going on and have never thought about or could care less about the "opportunity presented to them". This is what is known as an unsuspecting innocent person.
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  18. Let's start by comparing different stings and see how they compare to the tactics that are used during child internet sex stings.

    Hmmm. Ok I got it! Let's talk about car theft stings. A car theft sting is nothing more than a car sitting in a parking lot (or some other random place) with the keys in the ignition and the door unlocked. It should stand to reason that the only people that would get in and drive off with the car is a car thief.
  19. Compared to "child sex stings" the car is not sitting in the parking lot telling you to get in and drive away.
  20. Ok, this is ridiculous! Where is everyone at?
  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Good lord, do you even engage your brain when you spew crap like this? You are now on my douche-bag list, and I'm a late comer who thought you might make sense eventually.
    Your arguments are inane and immature, reek of troll, are targeted to an audience I hope not only eats your heart, but mocks you for ages for being the apparent uneducated fool you have presented yourself as.
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  22. Alright, you want srs bsz, you get srs bsz!

    Florida, you seem to not understand, acknowledge, or admit anything about what your law will have to face to become a reality (which has 0 chance to begin with despite your extensive postings that it is) and what the long term concequences will be.

    Lets put aside the fact that your idea is fail and will never happen. Lets talk about a Law. The Law of Unintended Concequences. I am no Weak-Sauce-Pedia fan, but this will give you a general idea of what I am talking about.

    Lets say you beat the impossible odds, Hell freezes over and Satan begs God to light the pilot light for Hell on FAUX NEWS, and get cops off all "Adult only" webpages. Do you realize or even comprehend you will have created an extremely dangerous legal precident? A fully legal and usable precident. One that will spread out to other areas beyond your intended goal. Deny it all you like, but bet good money it will. All it will take is some scum ball to bawww and use your law to get off on being busted on a legit site and your intended target has now spread to unintended areas.

    So now, thjs law will begin creating what amounts to a safe harbor for not just pedos, but any sexual deviant and illegal minded people. You can bet if you build such a safe harbor, they will come. Why? Because now they will know that the risk they originally tried to avoid is now gone. No threats to a cop being on the other end will cause criminals and pervs to come out in flocks.

    Basically, the very law you try to create to get them out will now be used on all sites, Adult or not, and become harbors for all sorts of criminal activity.

    You can spout all the walls of words you like. Bottom line: The law is fail and will create a dangerous situation that you obviously had no intent on happening. Your Word Salads won't change the reality of what will happen.

    Now, I am tired of trying to convince you that your idea is fail. It is clear to me that you want this law but completely obivious to the concequenses. That is why I troll you. Because you are vigorously defending a fail idea and are ignorant to why it is. I know the law and know sociology. I know that what I am saying isn't a guess. It is a fact. Your word salads don't and won't change that. Ever.

    Now: Why the supah mods moved this back from the Dome is beyond me and probably not my place to question. I don't care but I am disapointed because this thread is just rediculous and pointless especially since you can't handle debate or concrete, immutable facts that fly contrary to your idea, FS.

    You also have a very... unususal?... view of Anons here. WWP is not the same Anons you heard about on TV that hacked or did shit. WWP is about Freedom of Speech. WWP is about kicking a cult in the balls and laugh as they fall apart. WWP is about helping sexual assult victims and bringing to light shit like what happened in Stupidville.

    WWP is not some group you can come to and snap your finger and get help. Your whole idea was fail and that is why nobody seems interested and have mocked you relentlessly.

    Sorry for the wall of words.
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  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Thank you AnonCR, I am distracted a bit atm, would have been more to the point, but was hoping someone would be more succinct. Dunno who or what yer is, but I thinking I likes ya :)
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  24. Damn it! What do I have to say or do to get you guys to realize that the government is setting people up to be something that they are not?
  25. There is a big difference between someone that contemplates something and someone that is thrown into something.
  26. Ogsonofgroo Member

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  27. Not only thrown but manipulated and encouraged to go back in.
  28. when they try to leave that is
  29. System Member

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  30. Yes, the guys arrested need help but that is the only thing that we can agree on because it CANNOT be proven that they are IN FACT internet child predators.
  31. Ok, this is where I will stop you guys right now! I intended this to be performed in a DECENT and RESPECTABLE manner. I.e. I am willing to listen to you so please be willing to listen to me.
  32. anon8109 Member

    That's not how this works. You can't impose a timetable. People who want to reply will do so when it's convenient for them, not according to your schedule.

    By the way, 6:30 is not a time. You need to specify am or pm, and a time zone.
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  33. System Member

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  34. This is not a clever ruse! Wouldn't you agree that this would not be something that someone would choose to use to try to trick people?

  35. Well shit I thought that people had enough common sense to know that I mean 6:30 pm EST since I posted the message at 4:30 pm and I am on the Eastern Seaboard!
  36. Do you guys know that being anonymous is your biggest weakness?
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  37. I am the shit! I do not take on trivial tasks and pretend to be important. I take on tasks that people will wonder how in the hell I pulled it off.
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  38. Come on now, tell me! Tell me what I don't know already! Please tell me!

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