James V. Crosby v. Florida, US Supreme Court No. 13-9943

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Should law enforcement use bait and switch tactics on adult hookup sites, setting up random men?

Yes 8 vote(s) 66.7%
No 4 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. incog712 Member

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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    No shit eh!
    This one got my latest WTF??? moment~

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  3. nightfire Member

    I just have a few things to say...

    1. OP clearly doesn't anonymous
    2. Men are not slaves to their sex drives, they are not animals!! Anyone suggesting that a man is not able to control himself, or his sexual expression is adding to rape culture, and demeaning men.
    3. If you as a man are having problems controlling your sexual expression, and keeping it safe and legal... you have a problem, and there is therapy for that!!!!
    4. I love that the OP yelled at everyone here calling us all names because we wouldn't just do what they told us to, it made me laugh!
    5. I want to know who this "We" is that OP keeps talking about! Does OP have a mouse in his pocket?

    that is all
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  4. Those two threads are not on the same thing. I was trying to find out what happened to this one. In fact I was trying to find a way to delete the other one once I found this one. I found out that a very nice person intentionally put porn on here knowing it would get sent here.
  5. @nightfire, you know you guys sure as hell don't pay attention! Pretty much everything you wrote is a repetition of what I already said, particularly #3.
  6. Oh, sorry about not being here all day. I had some important shit to take care of that prevented me from getting the cops here.
  7. Well not like it really mattered since you lovely people domed this.
  8. @Random guy, you are exactly right about this being a fruitless battle. However, it's not because I don't know about anonymous being anti-pedo and anti-rape. In fact I thought that because you guys knew so much about real pedophilia that you would recognize a setup when you saw one. So why has this been a fruitless battle, because you guys don't care to read. You think you know every damn thing but the only thing you know about stings are what the government has lied to you about. That's why I wanted to get some cops and maybe lawyers in here that know why the stings are illegal so maybe you would believe them. I'm not so sure about that though because you guys probably don't know how to act professional. Hence, that's why the thread is down here now.
  9. Oh, and you guys can't scare me off or piss me off enough to leave. In fact I am not mad at anyone because I fucking hate pedophiles and rapists too. It's been such an ordeal because it's a tough job undoing several years of bad programming by the gov about the stings.
  10. Great, I finally get to be here to lulz with you guys and you are not here! Oh yeah, and I am an anon and have been for a long time. I just didn't realize what I was until recently.
  11. nightfire Member

    Act professional???? Professional what? Pranksters? Fags? InternetGods? You are going to have to be much more specific about what profession we are not acting like.

    Also, it was you who outright said that men can be "entrapped" by women with sex...which is just bullshit.

    As for your "not guilty" men... the moment anything about there being someone underage comes up, the man should RUN the other way, Because that is what a NORMAL, Healthy, not messed up dude would do. The moment a girl says she is not of age... shut it down! I don't care how old the pic she sent looks.

    and finally, telling me how I haven't read everything you have posted is just retarded. I have, and have responded to the parts I find the most silly and stupid. I still want to know who this "we" it is that you are talking about... you keep saying "We are working on this". I want pics of the mouse in your pocket!
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  12. @nightfire, first sorry I can't post your comment here to but something is wrong with my browser right now. Anyway, yes I did say outright that men can be entrapped outright by women with sex because it's true. It is not only true, but it is the law. Law enforcement cannot use sex as a lure to get someone to commit a crime. The simplest example that I can think of is a case (don't remember the name) where an undercover promised to have sex with a guy if he got her weed. Well, he got her the weed but didn't get any sex, he just got arrested. The conviction was thrown out on appeal due to egregious government conduct, i.e. using sex to induce the commission of a crime.

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you who "we" is. We includes all the people that have helped collect these facts and information, including attorneys. I do not work on this stuff myself so it would not be right to say "I" if 1) it is not strictly my personal opinion and 2) if other people helped get the evidence or proof.

    Oh, and I forgot about the "run the other way comment". Why the hell would you run if you knew that you were not doing anything wrong? Saying things like that sounds like you are a morally conflicted anon or something that does not practice what you preach. You claim that you have the right to freedom of expression and speech, yet you say you should run just because some "girl" says she wants to suck you cock?

    See that's the thing, "she" is the one wanting to talk about it with the target. The target has the right to be curious to see what else she is going to say not KNOWING who the hell it really is because he sees the picture of an adult woman and the age of an adult on the ad. Another thing that makes him curious. So why all the curiosity, because he is there for a sex and he has already been tempted with it. Keep in mind that originally the sex was legal with an adult and was later changed to that of a "minor".

    As justice Frankfurter once observed, human nature is weak enough and sufficiently beset by temptations that the government is forbidden from adding to them, and generating crime. I.e. The only predators in stings, are the cops.
  13. @nightfire, yes professionalism. Anonymous has a unified goal, but how are you supposed to be unified if you don't act serious and get the damn work once in awhile? You can't, so don't try to make me believe that you guys can't be professional.
    Florida Scandal
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  14. nightfire Member

    So you believe that men are slaves to their sex drives... interesting. Your right LEO can't promise men sex to get them to do illegal things and then have a case against them that will stand up in court. But that isn't what these cases are about. They are about sex with someone of questionable age, where the man has been told that the woman is too young but ignores that bit of information and relies on a picture instead (stupid). and this is some kind of defense? Sounds more like not taking responsibility for their sexual expressions and being too willing to have sex with anyone who will have it with them, no matter the consequences or legality of it. Which is indicative of unhealthy boundaries and mental health issues.

    You sound like an asshat when you say "we" all the time. If you really wanted more credibility you would get some more of your "we" on here in a thread talking about what the next steps are and using this place to coordinate strategy. Coming in here by yourself, talking about "we", and then telling anons what they should do... not a good idea (unless you want to be trolled) For the thread so far I can tell you, you are HIGHLY unlikely to get any anons on board with this. Though some (like me) will come play in the train wreck and have a few laughs while we are at it. and maybe give you a little good advice if we are feeling charitable in that moment (which I am)

    You clearly have no idea what anonymous is about, and we are NOT your personal army. We are a bunch of random people on the internet that sometimes get something done (but rarely) When we do get something done it is because it interests us, or for some unknown reason we seem to give a crap that day. Don't mistake your giving a crap one day for us giving a crap in general... because we don't. Also, you are very easily excited-upset... which makes you troll food... and there are A LOT of trolls on this forum (myself included). The more calm you can stay, the more rational... the less you will invite the trolls to come feast and play.

    Damn ambien makes me too nice.
  15. nightfire Member

    Anonymous doesn't have a unified goal... that is where you show your almost complete ignorance of what anonymous is and how it works.
    We get stuff done when it suits us, usually when we are bored-looking for something to do. If enough of us get bored and find something fun-interesting to work on then you see amazing pretty professional things happen... but outside of that... meh why bother? You keep acting like this is a place where you can just tell us what to do and we have to do it. that is NOT how this works. You must inspire us to want to do something either because it will be fun, or because we have some kind of connection to it, or both. You have failed to do that. enjoy your trolling
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  16. RavenEyes Member

    Dox showing where it's a law where men are to be entrapped outright by women with sex.
  17. @nightfire, ok I never said you were my personal army. As far as you mentioning a picture being a good defense, well actually yes it is. The case of People v. Aguirre was an overturned conviction on appeal because the picture used was of a really hot adult woman. The court also opined that it is perhaps inevitable that an operation such as these will ensnare law abiding citizens with conduct that is immoral, illegal, taboo, or all three. So yes, I am right that the way they perform the stings is illegal. Also, you keep forgetting that the men think they are going to be corresponding with a woman who wants to have sex with them when they answer the ad that has the age of an adult. This is called a "bait and switch" and is a good legal defense too.

    Thanks for the tip about the "we" think. It never occurred to me that you guys were thinking that "we" meant all of you too. That is why everyone kept saying that "personal army" crap. Now "I" got it so I will stop saying "we".

    I know exactly what anonymous is about, and yes, you guys are a lazy. Don't you think that if we could get everyone more motivated that we could make more of a difference and accomplish our goal to stop government oppression?

    Oh, and about the book of revelation thing, I'm not a religious freak. I just believe that anything is a possibility. Which is why I started digging into these stings and uncovered the biggest conspiracy in American history. However, the guys arrested in these things are stupid. No really they are! You all have seen the pictures of these guys! That's why they are on the internet looking for sex, because they got mental problems. I for one think that is not something to exploit just to make an arrest and rip off the American people. You put their asses in treatment and make them pay for it, not put them in jail and make us pay for it.
  18. nightfire Member

    Ummm the MOMENT the other person identifies as underage... if you say anything but bye, you are doing something wrong! If I were ever talking with someone on the net who wanted to get sexual (stop laughing anons who know me) and they said even once that they were underage. FULL STOP end convo... because I'm a healthy person with good boundaries who respects that children are children and not sex objects. That is the part you are missing (I think on purpose) No normal man would keep that shit up if there was indication of underage B&. Sick fucks would keep going, stupid people will keep going, but not a man with brain one in his head and who has control over his sexual expression. Human nature is NOT that weak... there are just some sick people out there that need to man up and take responsibility for their sexual expression and how they act on it. Yes the government can tempt people into crime... which is why there are laws against it. This is not that. This is a culture of rape and blaming everyone else but self for a lack of self control over sexual expression. Most men can make rational decisions about how they express themselves sexually. Men who can't need to get caught and provided with treatment so they can recover from the problems they are having.

    I will never ever be on board with giving men excuses for why they shouldn't be in full control of themselves offline or online. Man up, stop playing like they are victims when it is their own actions that lead them down the dark path... they asked for it. I mean just look at how they were dressed, and acted. (couldn't help the rape culture references)
  19. @nightfire, Why bother? BECAUSE WE ARE A FUCKING WAR WITH OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! This is unacceptable! Why things have gotten so bad is because we don't give a shit as long is doesn't directly affect us. But guess what, IT DOES AFFECT US! People in government get paid big bucks to sit around ALL DAY and think of ways to fuck us.

    As far as the dox, just Google it. I don't have the case that I was talking about because it was common sense to me. Sorry that I didn't save it. However, there are other docs from on the "Florida Scandal" case law links page. Why do you guys keep asking for dox when they are right there for you guys to go get? I have posted the links here.

    Oh an about what I know about Anonymous: I know there are two groups of Anons. One group of anons is this group, the ones that only act when they feel the need or get interested enough to be bothered. The other group are the guys that are looking for darknet, trying to uncover conspiracies and government coverups, etc and they are doing it LITERALLY ALL THE TIME! The two groups allegedly have names: this group is called the rejects and the other group is called the elites. Now let me clarify that I am not saying that, it is just what I heard.
  20. @nightwing, yes you are right about the "full stop, end of convo" statement. However, what I have been trying to tell you guys the entire time is that MOST GUYS DO STOP THE CONVERSATIONS! Yet, the police still come after them and keep coming and keep coming. Or, they change the scenario to something innocent that the guy thinks is legal and he will not get in trouble for it. I told you that you have not completely read what I have been posting.
  21. nightfire Member

    LOL you are doing it again... our goal is not to stop government oppression. Never was. That is YOUR goal, and a stupid one to bring here. Again you fail to Anonymous, every time you talk about, "make more of a difference" you show exactly how much you just don't get where you are. We don't care about making a difference (right now) This is not something we are interested in so... we don't give a damn. Your goal is NOT our goals, and if you keep up that kind of talk it never will be. (I highly doubt it ever will be) You go tilt at windmills all you like... I'm going to go watch "Hell's Kitchen" or "Royal Pains" then eat some food, and maybe work on a project or two.

    I just don't see you fitting in here with talk like that

    also the walrus says, "hi"
  22. @RavenEyes, this was actually meant for you:

    As far as the dox, just Google it. I don't have the case that I was talking about because it was common sense to me. Sorry that I didn't save it. However, there are other docs from on the "Florida Scandal" case law links page. Why do you guys keep asking for dox when they are right there for you guys to go get? I have posted the links here.
  23. @nightfire, yes I said we because it pertained to all of us here. If I'm here and you're here, doesn't that make this our time? Also, if Anonymous did not want to make a difference they would not EVER do ANYTHING. No rallies, no hacks, no nothing! GOD DAMN IT, where are the elites? The nerds like me that give a shit?
  24. nightfire Member

    Oh dear... I don't know where you get your information from... but it is clearly WRONG. which makes all the other information that you've brought here more suspect. You talk like a conspiracy nut, not a sane, rational person. I again urge you to find a local mental health provider who can help you sort through your thoughts, before you hurt yourself or anyone else.
  25. nightfire Member

    Well I'm here... that is clear. You being here... is less clear. Anonymous sometimes give a shit... but in this case we clearly don't. LOL "elites" you wouldn't know an elite from your elbow... assuming that there was such a thing. Go home, get a good night of sleep, call a irl friend and go out to lunch tomorrow. Maybe look up a therapist to talk to about this. Or if you MUST, write up an OP idea for this. Something that anons could DO to support your cause. and if you say "hacking" I will troll you from here to next month till you rage quit.
  26. @nightfire, yes I worded that rather poorly about the government sitting and thinking of ways to fuck us. As far as conspiracies, yes the government is loaded with them. It's not the entire government of course, just a few people. You guys are just intentionally being difficult aren't you. Everything I say is wrong… yada yada yada is all you guys hear isn't it.

    Well I don't really see the point in you guys even having a name then. Why be called something if you don't do anything? Oh yeah, it's because you do! You do give a shit! You do want to make a difference! Why do I still contradict you? Because if it were not true you would never see anything on tv about anonymous. You would never see a rally or anything.
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Oh dear.
    I will say you have staying power. Usually when people are attacked by meanies they shut up and leave. You must believe what you post, and I feel your disappointment that Anonymous is not your personal army
    But we aren't.
    I suggest you spend some time here
    in particular here
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  28. Random guy Member

    Good Grief, you can't be serious! If a 'girl' (and I assume we're talking about an under-age girl here) says she want to blow you, you as an adult have the responsibility of setting her straight, or at least don't follow up on that. You are the adult, she isn't. Whether she's a real girl or it's a set-up is beside the point. If she has told you she's a minor, you as an adult have the bloody duty to assume she's right. Remember, your freedom stops where you start hurting others, and while girls certainly differ, the legally set legal age means you are assumed to hurt her by sexualizing her before she's of age.

    You do not have the right to do that, no matter what the US constitution has to say about freedom of expression.

    In the cases you have cited, the men did not stop at ''being curious''. They took their cars and drove there. To meet a girl who either told then they would blow them (or whatever they said) or to a woman pimping out her under-age daughter. To me that sounds like seriously overdeveloped taste for young flesh combined with badly underdeveloped impulse control. I am perfectly happy with these guys having been taken out of circulation.
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  29. Random guy Member

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  30. Random guy Member

    To quote you do the following:

    1) Hit the 'reply' button to the post you wish to quote. It should bring up the whole post between two (quote) (/quote) markers (the brackets are square brackets, I have substituted them with normal brackets so to not bug up the formating of this post). Prune out the bits you do not address.

    2) If that fails, copy the text you want to quote into the text window, mark it and hit the small ''-icon on the lower line of editing symbols above the text window. This will put the marked text between (quote) and (/quote) markers (again with square brackets).

    3) If that fails too, copy the text you want to reply to and write in the (quote)(/quote) markers before and after the text yourself. It really is quite simple:

    (quote) Blah, blah, blah & c. (/quote)

    Again, remember to substitute my normal brackets with square brackets.
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  31. nightfire Member

    We are intentionally difficult for people who talk like moonbats, yes! If you presented your case without the hyperbole and nuttiness you MIGHT have a shot... but still probably not. And yes all we hear is noise when you are being so obtuse and refusing to listen or respond to perfectly understandable (if difficult) questions about this. You get upset when we don't just do what you ask. When we point out errors in your thinking or logic you also get upset. Instead of thanking us for helping you build a stronger case, and stronger approaches that are less full of fail. (still very fail.. but not as much as before you came here) You should be taking notes from our criticisms and using them to build a stronger appeal... but instead you just want to keep tooting your crazy horn and sounds like a nutter.

    Anonymous is NOT a name (why are you so stupid?) It is the absence of a name, it is a meme. It is a bunch of retards on the internet doing stuff just because. We do stuff, just not what you tell us to because what you want is stupid. Ok, your right we do give a shit, but not about you, or your goals, or your agenda. Also, never ever believe what you see on the TV. They have yet to get it right when it comes to anonymous, although their fail has lead to much laughter on our part... much like your fail.
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  32. Everyone, nightwing is right so thanks for you guys helping and I am here to learn. I guess the reason for the "confusion" is because I believe numbers don't lie. Also, I'm not talking about logic as much as I am law. It does not matter how we feel about these guys, they are not child predators. These stings are illegal not just because of that fact but because the tactics violate the procedures in federal law. Essentially, we are both correct. Sure these guys are fucked up but that does not make the sting tactics any more legal because tons of case law says they are not. It is difficult to understand because just one case does not paint the whole picture, not even Aguirre.
  33. nightfire Member

    This is another reason you sound crazy
    Who is nightwing?
    Are you really so messed up you can't keep track of who you are talking to?
    Seriously GO GET HELP! The internet is not for you!
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  34. Random guy Member

    If so, it should be a fairly straight procedure to charge the state/agency/whatever with breaking the law. This is not a matter for anonymous. We are not the courts.
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  35. Ersatz Global Moderator


    I can't believe I have to post this twice in one week.
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  36. Damn it! I accidently typed somone else's name from one of my sites. Lol! Sorry nightFIRE! Man you guys are great with insults! I love it! Yet somehow I see that's where the communication starts to break down. Look, I said it was a conspiracy and yes that means a lot of people are involved in it. Also, I'm the most real person you will ever know so when I mention I read something, I read it. Yes yall suck and are great and the same time. I.e. You typed my name wrong you dumb shit but yeah if that's the case, you're right but I'm still going to screw wth you about it and try to run you off.
  37. RavenEyes Member

    We're not even elite anonymous. <sigh> :(
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  38. broomstick Global Moderator

    I cleaned this thread, if somewhat imperfectly.

    Despite OP presenting an unpopular point of view, I think that OP and many other contributors to this thread have invested time to make interesting and articulate arguments that deserve to be upstairs.
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  39. System Member

    son of a bitch i always miss the funny shit
  40. System Member

    meh i skimmed good 70% of it, it was more of argument of rage tbh

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