James V. Crosby v. Florida, US Supreme Court No. 13-9943

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Florida Scandal, May 24, 2014.


Should law enforcement use bait and switch tactics on adult hookup sites, setting up random men?

Yes 8 vote(s) 66.7%
No 4 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Another option is to seek out the local swinger's club (they are everywhere, believe me) and hook up through there.

    Or join a historical recreation society. Girls dig big shirts and as they say, 'if you can't get laid in the SCA, you can't get laid at all'. I once went to a scottish fair and we had a dogpile of medieval celts mixed with fusiliers and highlanders in one tent, spanning ten centuries of scary white flesh and elaborate costuming. I'm sure one could find a niche somewhere.
  2. I understand. That's why getting out and role-playing in real life might be a bit beneficial.
  3. You missed the comment stating that we are there, as well as some attorneys, during just about EVERY STING. WE KNOW that these are the usual tactics and that is why LE refuse to turn over evidence of men that did not take the bait. I think they don't have the evidence because it's incriminating. WE KNOW that the modis operandi of police is to test the virtue of men by posing as promiscuous teens and even steer the conversation towards sex (if it's not already there) by using sexual inuendos like "cum" instead of "come". We are also trying to set up a counter-sting where the illegal tactics are caught on film while explaining what exactly the undercover is doing that is illegal by referencing the procedures.

    As far as looking for support, yes we want some shit stirred up but as far as I'm concerned I am a member too and I am going to do it. I have been stirring up shit. It would just be nice to have more people to make a bigger impact and nip the shit in the bud. As far as bitching, I already said that I was sorry but you guys are a little rude. Your constitutions are so strong you haven't even read the comments that I have already posted that have already answered most of your questions or addressed your concerns.

    I know there is no centralized leadership but there is a centralized goal. Having said that, there is leadership in this outfit but it is more like a flat hierarchical system where different members take interest and/or control in things important to them and others join in. If there was no leadership at all then things would never get done.
  4. Well yes, but the men arrested don't know that! The men arrested in stings don't need to go to jail and not just because the tactics are illegal but also because what they really need is a therapist. A therapist would probably say the exact same thing you just did.
  5. meep meep Member

    Florida Scandal you are a faggot because if we are not here arguing with you you post shit on and on and make pages of work product for your employer ShitBagAiken.
    I vote we dome this shit and post pron everywhere we can to dilute faggotry.
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  6. lol be careful what you ask for
  7. Oh and I forgot to tell you all, not only do they perform mass stings that are performed in 3-5 days and catch a couple of dozen people but they also have onging stings. We are tracking profiles on adult dating websites right now that are suspected to be fake and used by police to try to entrap a man. Now we are talking about profiles that state they are over 18 (most of them state 18 but some say older) and the profiles specifically state that they are interested in an intimate encounter. We have learned that there are two usual possibilities when an adult profile says "intimate encounter": 1) it is a fake profile for a spammer trying to get the men to visit a cam site or other porn site or 2) it is a cop waiting for someone to take the bait to entrap them. Also, we are not talking about "plain Jane" young women either. We are talking about porn star material that any man would try to talk to.

    Something else I forgot to mention that it would sure be nice to get a copy of is the Federal Training manual on child solicitation internet stings. We were informed by a CIA agent that in the manual it states that they are not allowed to use adult dating websites. However, the agent would not give it up for fear of losing his job. Therefore, as someone mentioned before the good guys are very reluctant to turn on "their own" because they have families to feed and they know that their colleques have a lot of connections to keep them out of trouble anyway.
  8. A request was put into the LEOaffairs guys to come chat with us. Maybe we will get lucky.
  9. I am not trying to be a faggot. I am trying to give everyone what they are asking for: clarification. I am trying to respond as completely as possible so everyone has a fair opportunity to come to an educated decision about what is really going on.

    Jesus Christ! I don't say enough, then I say too much!
  10. Random guy Member

    Living in an neighbourhood with a lot of quite nice kids (some of whom are starting to sprout boobs and whatnot) I actually want there to be an active paedo patrol out to reel in the potential bogeymen.
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  11. I'm not sure how to take you now. You were quite helpful and now you are back to being a dick. However, I'm not really sure now if you are being a dick or not because pedo patrols should exist but I think that wouldn't that be the same thing as a neighborhood watch?
  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We didn't .
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  13. Random guy Member

    Me being a dick or not is irrelevant. I'm not an Amerifag, I'm neither protected by nor bound to your Constitution, nor do I share your constitutional worries. I can not vote to affect US or state law.

    From where I stand, the question you are raising can be summed up in whether you want a paedo sting that produces a few false positives or non at all. In my situation, I'm willing to accept a few false positives to have an active sting going. If what you say is true, the courts should quite easily be able to weed out the false results by lack of objective evidence.
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  14. Yeah, but you will. ;)
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  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Not a chance
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  16. It is not the courts duty to do "weed out" the false positives and you know damn good and well that the prosecutors do not give a damn about false positives. They just want the convictions. Secondly, if the courts did take the time to "weed out" the false positives this would essentially replace the legislative branch with the judicial branch. Thirdly, the people that are false positives are having their lives ruined and their families lives ruined simply because they were a false positive and it is a violation of due process to even assume they are a false positive and put them through that hell. Thirdly, we are not talking about some misdemeanor bs that the people can walk away from but serious life altering shit. Finally, we are not talking about just a few "false positives" we are talking about 98% of the arrestees having no criminal history at all or any evidence proving they have a history of being sexually interested in minors.

    We need stings because sometimes that is the only way to catch criminals, as with the case at hand. However, this should include following procedures, upholding the constitution, and actually working your asses off to make damn sure you got the right fucking guy! Not coming up with some clever way to get as many arrests as possible just to sell t-shirts.

    We were informed by a CIA agent that the federal training manual on child solicitation stings states that they are not allowed to use adult websites in their undercover, online investigations. Sure would like to confirm the info but the agent did not want to give over the manual for fear of losing his job. However, judging by what we have seen it must be true because when some FBI agents conduct stings up north it takes them 9 monts to catch 6 guys but wouldn't you know that all 6 of those guys have a sexually deviant arrest history and/or child porn.

    It is too wreckless and irresponsible to assume that destroying the lives of so many innocent men is protecting anyone, particularly when we already agreed that it is not common practice for teens to try to score sex from random, older men.
  17. Thats us baby. We're a Discovery and Monitoring Event Description Working Group. And we're really fucking good at it.
  18. Random guy Member

    Isn't it? I thought the police fed the prosecutor whatever evidence they have, the prosecutor determines if the case have any chance and the court decide if the burden of proof the prosecutor put forth is met and dispense justice accordingly. That sounds to me like weeding out the false positives.

    That the rest of the US legal system leaves something to be desired (as a Channologist I've seen a few judges and processes that would not pass muster where I live) is another matter that I would hope you USAans would deal with for your own sake.
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  19. Well you are forgetting about the notorious plea deal and the scare tactics prosecutors use to induce men to plea. 95% of these cases are never heard by the judge because the men plea.
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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Florida Scandal, if you made a thread about prosecutorial overreach you may gain some traction here.
    You've been here many times and the first time you asked us to commit crimes by hacking. First we don't hack, second please bring your LE friends here so we can show them those posts. You claim these poor house-bound men inadvertently find teens who want to meet them for sex and they go to meet them. Because they are lonely and horny and men should not be expected to think when they are horny. This is an insult to men.
    Real men do not go meet teens for sex. They don't.
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  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You only listed one, you are acting as his advocate and advertising his services.
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  22. Again you ignored the post about the numerous men that don't go meet teens for sex.
  23. I am not advertising his services. I only mentioned him because he was interviewed in the news segment you were supposed to watch. You want some more names? Bill Ponall, Roger Futerman, Gary Scwartz, Elizabeth Fryer. There I think that should be enough to prove that I am not advertising for anyone. You guys simply cannot be trusted. You take everything and twist it to what you want it to mean and you don't pay attention to everything just to try to keep the turmoil going. Furthermore, you are trying to act like I am doing something wrong simply to find an excuse to try to get rid of me. Again, thanks for the support and understanding.
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    . ….

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  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    When your police show up here you know they will have to post their names and badge numbers of they will be memed off.
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  26. BlooAnon Member

    It's amazing how many people come on this board with American problems and don't realize that this is not an American forum.
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  27. It wil all be explained to them. I know that everyone on here would like to know they are cops. I never said it was confirmed yet but I did put the request in so we should know by tomorrow.
  28. You laugh because I know you don't have to watch anything. However, then don't have the nerve to ridicule me over something that you know nothing about because you can't be bothered.
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  29. Oh but this is might not be just an American problem. People from other countries, your countries, have been arrested in these stings too. The interesting thing is that most of those cases were dropped. Some weren't but most were. However, in any event I did not intend to spread this bs topic all over this site. We have other important things to discuss. I was just trying to find out what happened to it when it disappeared.
  30. laughingsock Member

    This isn't an American forum?
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  31. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  32. Ogsonofgroo Member

    And the Bulgravians danced...
    As for FS, sorry that after all the effort to do/write 'what you have been told to', it ends up being such a failure, and frankly, after your first efforts here Sunshine, I give even less of a fuck for your brand of faggort-tree than I did in the first place, its one thing to discuss a topic and get opinions, quite another to persist on a vein that 'there is something to be done' about it through this venue.
    Your version of 'we' does not include the Marcabian overlords or their minions, does not include this brand of anonymous, and frankly if you are so concerned then go to one of the thousands of sites that deal with civil rights issues and problems such of which you are concerned about. There's lots of crap going on down there in America, sure, I got your point first time, but its (mostly) not something I'd have to be an anon to speak out about .
    Stay on target, there's a vile cult to kick in the nuts, a demented scam to unravel, crimes to be exposed, a dwarfenfurher to mock, and cakes to bake.
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  33. incog712 Member

    There have always been cops. Most of them anonymous, a few not so much. Cops, lawyers, hair burners, dancers, unemployed basement dwellers, secretaries, CEO's, truck drivers, students. It makes no difference.
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  34. What do you mean it makes no difference?
  35. You know, you are a lot smarter than you let on to be. Yet I am still confused. Anonymous has been talking about loosing civil rights such as freedom of speech for years but because of the subject matter, we can't even get a meaningful response out of most of the poeple here. Anonymous is certainly involved with the protection of inalianable human rights but because we are talking about "suspected child predators", you guys act like retards and a lynch mob because the government has programmed you to. The government has fooled all of you because they know what you will think and when you will think it. The internet stings are the first step in national oppression as with the law passed by congress making American soil a battlefield against every citizen in it. I am not a religious freak but I believe that the book of revelation is right. The government will subtlely strip away our rights making us believe it is justified and then make us submit to giving up all of our rights for the appearance of protection.
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  36. Twinkle Member

    Dear God, let this thread continue for the lulz.
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  37. Random guy Member

    Could the difficulty you are facing possibly be because anti rape and anti paedo work are among those causes that have already gained some traction here, rather than government brainwashing?

    I was with you there for a moment, because the "the Land of the Free" fell into a rabbit hole when the Patriot Act was introduced, and as the Snowdon case has shown, it hasn't clawed it way out yet. But then, by bringing the Book of Revelation into it, you quite convincingly show you are a religious nut. There's enough shit going on to begin with, we don't need to ad fairytale causes to the list.
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  39. Twinkle Member

  40. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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