James Packer being lured back to $cientology? LMAO!

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    Tony Ortega's Scientology blog broke the news late on Friday: after years off the radar, the murky celebrity religion's former spokesman, Tommy Davis, has popped up again in Los Angeles in the employ of Australian billionaire James Packer.

    Packer's private investment vehicle, Consolidated Press Holdings, has hired Davis as its general manager, North America.
    Ortega's conspiracy theory goes that Davis has been planted to lure Packer back to the bosom of Scientology.
    1464510958751.jpg Old friends: James Packer in 2005 aboard Arctic P with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (right) and Tommy Davis (shirtless, far left). Wade Laube
    That's far-fetched to say the least, given Packer's residency in Israel and friendship with the country's Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. Last time we got a close look, JP was well on the way to being more Jewish than Fran Drescher.
    And by all accounts, Davis was cast out of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise's inner sanctum and exiled from the secretive church's Sea Org arm in 2011. Since then he's been working for (Catholic) real estate billionaire Thomas Barrack.
    Back in Sydney, CPH headquarters is a sea of boxes as the 50-strong operation prepares to leave its spiritual home, 54 Park Street (AKA the Tower of Power), once the office of James' grandfather Sir Frank, father Kerry and their publishing and broadcasting empire. The magazines remains in the building, under the ownership of German family publisher Bauer Media. The underground car park will shortly be subsumed by Mike Baird's new metro line. CPH sold the building to AMP in 2009 in the eye of the Global Financial Crisis.
    In three weeks, Packer Inc (including deputy chairman John Alexander) will move a block west to the 39th floor of the Grocon-built ANZ Tower, home to the bank's chairman (and executor of Kerry's estate) David Gonski on level 25, his former firm Herbert Smith Freehills (spread over 13 floors), and just four levels beneath developer John Boyd's penthouse – where an uneasy peace was brokered two Thursdays ago between Malcolm Turnbull and Alan Jones. The radio host is a "pick and stick" peer of James', while the PM used to lawyer for Kerry. Circles within circles.
    1464510958543.jpg ANZ Tower on Sydney's Castlereagh Street. supplied
  2. Random guy Member


    The chances of success is slim, that doesn't mean the cult isn't trying.
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  3. Malory Member

    Nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.
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  4. Seems more likely Tommy Davis working for Packer is a just another example of ex-members helping other ex-members get their life back.

    Between his lack of skills, limited job experience and the cloud of cult drama perpetually hanging over his head, all that baggage had to impact his performance at his first job since leaving the SO. Plus he got outed for nattering bad things about the cult, which would have jeopardized whatever blood money gag order he signed for securing his future in the wog world. Getting sucked into the Rathbun case would have surely caused some awkward explaining at his job, if not a wake up call that even though he is out he is a long way away from being free of his past. So there are lots of reasons for Tommy to want a shield or a safety net between his new life and what the cult might leak from his ethics folder if they felt threaten by what he he could be telling people privately.

    All things considered, working for Packer seems like a good way for eliminating unwanted questions that could get him into trouble, reducing leftover cult drama in his life and maintaining a buffer zone where he could safely go offlines and the cult wouldn't mess with him for fear of Packer saying more about his time in the cult. And if they do mess with him, Packer is far more likely to be understanding of the circumstances and supportive of what he is going through than a normal wog employer.
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    That all makes a lot of sense to me.

    *resumes creation of tell-all TD book date betting pool*
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    That seems to be all the cult can offer that is tangible: Gullible actors.

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