Jairus Godeka, shot four at Portland Scientology org in 1996, updates

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    Scientology gunman received University of Oregon degree this year, worked on campus

    By Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

    The man who shot four people 19 years ago at Portland's downtown Scientology center earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Oregon last spring, worked in the campus cafeteria part time while a student and now lives in a group home in Springfield.

    Jairus Chegero Godeka appeared Wednesday before the state's Psychiatric Security Review Board, arguing that he poses no danger to the community and should no longer be under the board's control.

    He asked to return to his native Kenya and offered to give up his right to come back to the United States. He even asked to be placed on the no-fly list to prevent it. He promised to find a reputable psychiatrist in his home country to continue with treatment.

    "He's been out among us in the community working with students and others pretty seamlessly,'' Godeka's lawyer, Harris Matarazzo, told the three-member board.

    Godeka, now 57 with slightly graying hair, was dressed in a brown suit, red-and-black tie and arrived with a briefcase. He sat silently beside his lawyer throughout the more-than-two-hour hearing.

    He's been in the custody of the state board since he was found "guilty except for insanity'' in March 1998 for the shooting two years earlier at the Scientology Celebrity Centre. He was sentenced to up to 120 years.

    But he's been out of the Oregon State Hospital since he was granted a conditional release in June 2005 to live in a secure residential treatment center in Lane County. In 2013, he was allowed to attend UO classes without supervision.

    By July 2014, the board further eased restrictions on Godeka, permitting him to live in a licensed unlocked residential group home and attend community events unsupervised. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor of arts in cinema studies in May.

    Helen Healy, the pregnant woman Godeka shot and paralyzed from the waist down, a state assistant attorney general, lawyers for the Church of Scientology and other church members vehemently opposed any further loosening of conditions.

    Healy, now 63 and still working for the church in Portland, said her view hasn't changed in the nearly two decades since the shooting.

    Releasing Godeka back into society, with no controls, puts people in peril, she argued. She teared up as she explained that her daughter died at age 2 because of the brain injuries the girl suffered that day.

    "I don't feel vindictive towards him. My concern is the well-being of my fellow citizens of this state,'' she said. "There's no way of knowing what his voices will tell him next.''

    In a written statement to the board, the Church of Scientology urged the board to consider the heinous nature of Godeka's crimes, evidence that he still harbors delusions about the church and documented violations of his current conditions of release.

    The shooting was one of the more spectacular crimes in Portland's history. During a busy downtown lunch hour on Sept. 26, 1996, Godeka went into the center's reception area at 709 S.W. Salmon St. with a red can of gasoline, a .45-caliber Ruger semiautomatic handgun and dozens of rounds of ammunition. He shot Healy – then known as Helen Burke, as she sat at the lobby desk.

    He then quickly shot and wounded two men who came to her aid. A third man discovered he'd been shot about an hour later. Godeka set fire to the lobby, took a fifth person hostage and tried to escape before police talked him into surrendering. Godeka's exact motives were unclear, but he claimed that Scientology drove him crazy, ruined his business and owed him $50,000.

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  3. Anonymous Member

    I hope Tony Ortega interviews Mr. Godeka.
  4. RightOn Member

    Clams are in the comments:
    "How anyone can turn a story like this into another attack on Scientology is beyond me. How much violence is enough? I'm frankly sick of getting his kind of intolerance leveled against my religion, which does nothing but help people."

    Did you read the whole article dear?
    "he claimed that Scientology drove him crazy, ruined his business and owed him $50,000."
    That MAY be the reason? ya think?

    If you are getting sick of the "intolerance", than honey you better sit tight and put the blinders back on, because it's only going to get worse the more your "religion" *cough* gets exposed.

    And this is yet another person claiming that Scientology drove him to this extreme.
    Tap. tap. tap.... hear that US Government?
    No? didn't think so.
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  5. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    so if someone attacks Scientology, THEN they should be on psych meds?
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  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    That's always a drag.
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    First person: Four Scientologists have been shot, and you’re being sent to audit the pain away

    By Tony Ortega, June 5, 2018


    Sunny Pereira’s experiences in Scientology continue to knock us out. Once again, she’s written up an incident that stunned us for what she’s been through. And we’ll say up front, we condemn in the strongest terms the despicable act carried out by the severely mentally ill man at the center of this tale. We don’t care what you think of Scientology, it is never OK to harm Scientologists or their facilities. But in the wake of this horrible crime, a young woman in Los Angeles was parachuted in to help, and we have her remarkable story.

    Continued at

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