I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by tamphex, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Mister Earl Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Quoted for truth. Their observational prowess is awesome.
  2. Lrononymous Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Thanks for the update Tamphex. If we keep doing this right (and it sure as hell looks like we are) they can't win and we can't lose.
  3. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    LULz and in my neighborhood, THEY ARE LEGEND...yeah another epic surviellance force turned to good.


  4. Lrononymous Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Ohhh the eternal battery powered hover chairs of doom! YEAH!
  5. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    I think you would be hard pressed to find right-thinking legal gun owners that could even comprehend this trigger happy thing, that very thought is insane. I am more afraid of an unbalanced $cientologist coming to our protest infiltrating then going all postal. THAT though terrifies me because if someone were told to do something like that they would have to do it. I am NOT concerned about trained, legal weapons owners (unless I am robbing and attacking them :mrgreen: ).

    No right thinking person would ever consider pulling a weapon unless his or her life or (in some states you have an obligation and a right to protect the life of a stranger if you are able) were in dire danger.

    Even considering shooting at a CO$ on the street or filming on a sidewalk is ludicrous (and I did not see such a suggestion here) that is a job for Law Enforcement, however if they break into your home and you are defenseless, by the time 911 gets there, you're dead. All people need to do is obey the laws in their states regarding castle doctrine and there will be no issues. Face it, have you even HEARD of a case of the CO$ doing that shit in Texas? HUMMM wonder why not? :mrgreen:

    But I get your confusion. People hear the word GUN and Texas and their sphincters automatically retract. :mrgreen:
  6. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    I support these statements.

    A lot of the Blue Hairs I've met have been really interesting people -- ex French Resistance and such. Anything you can do to get the Blue Haired Brigade mobilized and on your side is ultimately beneficial and full of knowledge.

    As well as really cool stories you can get (even if you don't want to...) about history.
  7. brvandal Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    I agree full heartedly. all this talk about people being followed and stuff, not only does it not scare me, but I want some proof. someone post some damn pics!
  8. I Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    he explained why there were no pics from the start.

    the reason there are no pics now is that they haven't come back yet.

    although that's a slightly disappointing thing in that we can't prove anything, it is still a good thing, because it means tamphex isn't being harassed.
  9. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Good for you, tamphex. You have my best wishes for all that you do and what you are about to do.
  10. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Exactly. But if you are in Texas, and a scifag unlawfully enters your house, protect yourself. Don't hesitate. I don't use guns. Hands are good enough for close range. When the fear response hits (145bpm), you can't hit the broad side of a barn anyway. Neither can the intruder. Sidestep, slap at the gun (no fancy karate moves, gross movements, and pummel him above the collarbone, below the neck, hands coming from above him. this drives him back and gives you control over his balance.

    But check your local laws. It used to be in texas you were required to retreat from a lethal threat. Many places are like that.
  11. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    And that's the way we like it ;-)
  12. Anonyneko Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    I have the same reaction when someone mentions "Tom Cruise", "Maverick" or "be my wingman anytime".
  13. Anon21 Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    please don't misunderstand... not calling Tamphex into question... only that anyone who is harrassed, stalked , or followed needs to be prepared to document and disemenate.

    Proof is needed for lawenforcement, Proof is needed to educate the General Public.

    as well as publicly outing OSA operatives at everychance not unlike SexOffender registry websites (legal? *shrug*)...expose them like a bad ice truck.

    and Scaryanonymous , grats for better explaining what was intended by earlier post regarding the Castle Doctrine.

    Violence is NOT acceptable to the Anon21 cluster EXCEPT in Self Defense.
  14. Dropd4s Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Texas just recently passed a "stand your ground" law, so anyone entering your home illegally can be dispatched with whatever force you deem necessary.
    Most home intruders won't have a firearm, so, keep a baseball bat, a maglite or like me, a nice sword collection handy and accessable (No I don't weigh 350lbs and do not have a homemade ninja outfit, but that sounds like a funny idea)
    The advantage you have, and an intruder does not, is that you know your home better than they do, so use your environment to your advantage. Pick up something hefty and aim for the head or crotch, slow them down enough so you can get something to make you "more equal" in a physical confrontation. Beat them silly, then call the police. I am lucky to have a good dog, who would likely keep someone at bay until I could pummel the shit out of them and wrap them up for a nice stay in one of the more infamous jails in central TX.
  15. Anonyneko Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
  16. Anon101z Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    I have contacted the BBC who made the documentary involving Shawn Lonsdale.

    I have sent links to this site and quotes from what you wrote about what is happening to you and others on this site.

    Have the safty that the largest News broadcasters in the UK have your story.

    I woud recommend also contacting local media with your story, the more public you make it, the harder it is for them.

    Stay Anonymous!

    "We stand in legion"
  17. Operator Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Stay safe and be vigilant.
  18. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    and that is what MOST resposible gun owners firmly believe! (that and that just the mere sound of a shot gun being charged in a dark room will make most bad guys retreat and wet their pants.)

    ON the matter of what lenghts people will do to suppress a protest I guide you to these three videos. Cops/silons, either or, you must be aware of the techniques and how to counter them.

    Please pay close attention to how coagiators infiltrate a crowd

    Media reports on the police coagitators

    Witness cops lying about being coagitators
  19. tamphex Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Hi again - been reading through a few of the responses and just want to make a few points very clear. Firstly, violence is not the answer, ever. Same goes with using firearms etc. The individual was not on my private property, therefore was not personally a threat. Yes filming someone sitting inside their home is intrusive & does bring up questions of invasion of privacy; however how are we to know he was actually recording footage and not simply doing so in hope that I would eventually take notice (hence, the noisy investigation) & put myself into a situation where I felt under threat?

    Nothing else has taken place since and I'm fully convinced that it was purely done to let me know that I'm being observed or rather, have been in anycase.

    It's just my concern that currently people could be jumping to wild conclusions over what happened while I'd prefer if people just remained calm & level headed. Whats happened has happened. I posted the thread to make people aware, and to have a public record of it should in case it escalate any further. Which it hasn't and I'd imagine it won't do so anytime soon. I'm fine, my security is good & I have friends around me.

    All the support & concern is very appreciated however. Thanks again.
  20. Collateral Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Hey man i posted about this somewhere else..

    the night before the LA protests i watched the BBC documentary. There's a part in there where the reporter comes to LA to investigate and notices he is being followed at several different places by the same older black man. Keep this in mind.

    At the protest i left about 2-3 in. I was getting hot and needed to go back home. I turned the corner where my car was parked and started to take off my mask. Out of the corner of my eye i caught the reflection of somebody in this van lifting up a video camera to take my picture, before he could i immediately turned my back to him and pulled out MY VIDEO CAMERA. I also blocked the driveway so he couldnt leave. Thing is IT WAS THE SAME GUY T SALKING THE BBC REPORTER FROM THE DOCUMENTARY!! I got a real good shot of him, his van and his liscense plate. Unfortunately im not very computer literate and am having trouble uploading the video due to it being some odd filetype that youtube doesnt support. Anyways Just thought i'd share my experience...
  21. photoshop4321 Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    That scary looking dude? :lol: You should make a thread. Someone could help you on how to convert files.
  22. Collateral Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Yup same dude. I'm working on the video when i have time off from work and other things. Im thinking of combining it with footage i'll tape at the Mar 15th protest and making one big one.
  23. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Bell, Washington, or Travis County? On second thought, maybe not a good idea to say...
  24. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Are you being filmed right now? If so, give them the finger on my behalf. :anon:
  25. Dropd4s Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    No worries. I live in Williamson CO. If that doesn't make them worry about screwing around here, not much else will.
    A little background: Williamson county is as gawd fearin'(read evangelical) and as Republican as one place can be, and they are very, very tough on any crime here. Added bonus for me, is I live in a neighborhood that is 98% "blue hair" and they are very trigger happy when it comes to calling the police.

    Also, my area is not really travelled by people out of the city, so anyone not living here sticks out like a sore szeb.
  26. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    It's so conservative, it is a dry county. I got to talk to the county sheriff occult specialist a couple years back... nice guy.
  27. Cambridge Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Tamphex you will be alright. if you suddenly disappear we know who to go after. :flame: wrath of the internets indeed
  28. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home


    If you think they don't know your name yet - do not call the police. If you do they will push for you to file a report and if you do you have to give them your name, these documents become public records and scifags will troll the records until they find the report and your real name.

    Any idea how they got your information? Also - they might not know your tamp, so unless your 100% sure they do it's probably not best to share the details of what's going on right now. They might just think they have a little fish from the protests or something - rather than a big fish critic.

    You mentioned you live in Sydney, my uncle happens to be involved in politics up there (he is an elected rep - not going to say if it's for council/state/federal parliament) and he is looking into Scientology at the moment. If you can get some documented evidence of fair gaming, he'll be extremely interested in hearing/seeing it and has the ability to get press coverage and lots of it.

    Stay safe and remember - they are just trying to mind fuck you, be alert but not alarmed. (lulz)
  29. xenubarb Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Posted elsewhere on this site, but can't hurt to repeat it:

    Security Precautions

    1. Let your friends and family know that they might be
    contacted by a Scientology PI seeking information on you.
    They may pose as police officers or potential employers.
    Establish a safety perimeter by warning people close to
    you not to give out any information, no matter what the

    2. Password protect all your accounts, including utilities.
    Scientology representatives will try to acquire personal
    information, including bank and phone records. If possible,
    arrange to be notified when a request for information comes

    3. Notify your neighbors to be on the lookout for strange
    vehicles in your neighborhood. Scientology operatives will
    often 'stake out' a target, as well as canvass the neighborhood
    asking questions about you.

    4. Never leave anything in your vehicle! Don't leave mail lying
    about in your car where addresses are visible. Make sure your
    vehicle registration isn't visible from the outside.

    5. Cross-cut shredder. Buy it, use it! Shred everything that
    might have information Scientology can use. There have been
    numerous reports of people having their trash gone through
    or even stolen. Dump kitty litter on top of the shredded
    documents to make it more attractive.

    6. Home and phone security. Practice basic security. Keep
    your doors locked and your pets inside when you're not home.
    Make sure your kids know not to give out any information to
    callers. Again, callers may pose as police or other officials.
    Make sure everyone is aware of that.

    7. Be alert for anything "strange." Keep a log of any and
    all unusual occurances, time and date. It is important to
    maintain a timeline of these. If possible, write down the
    license plate of any mysterious cars following you or parked
    in your neighborhood.

    You can expect to be followed. False police reports may be
    filed against you. Your neighborhood may be fliered with
    libellous accusations against you. Get copies!
    Most importantly, be sure to publicize any and all threats,
    stalkers, information seekers, or intimidation. Communication,
    in cases like this, is of utmost importance. This type of
    intimidation only works if people keep silent about it.
    When people realize that they're not the only ones targetted,
    it becomes less intimidating.
  30. Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    I agree with everyone here however i maintain my legal right to use self defense in the event of a home invasion/threat to my life as allowed by law. The crackheadz will take care of the spies and stalkers. You will be asked to back away from my door so I can see you before answering it, since I have no peephole. If not, no answer for you. :arrow: Too many murderz in my hood xenu cries :xenu:
  31. Sweeney Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Ok everyone, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think most of the people in this topic are overreacting.

    This is not in any way meant to belittle what's happening to Tamp. Dude, you know everyone's got your back no matter what happens. Don't let them freak you out

    However, as I read through the topic I couldn't get past the fact that everyone's gearing up for war. The Scinos are known for their tactics of passive stalking, harassment and smear tactics, this much has been documented and we're sure about. However, I don't believe (again correct me if I'm wrong) that the actual physical well being of known critics has been threatened much, or even at all. I know that some critics have died in mysterious circumstances but this was usually when they were near a legak breakthrough and about to get a ton of cash from them (I'm thinking of the suspicious car crash described in []). I really don't think Tamp needs to worry about getting abducted, assaulted or murdered. He's a thorn in Co$'s side for sure, but I doubt they'll go to that extreme. Even if this is more than a simple one and off scare tactic, the most they'll do is try to get into your apartment while you're away to try and dig up dirt on you. More likely they'll just paper your halls, send mail to your neighbors and perhaps picket you ala Wise Beard Man.

    One of the posters (the forum I grew up on didn't have a quote feature, so I don't use them out of habit) suggested a baseball bat or maglite to keep in the house. This is perfect. That way, if you do encounter a robbery, you'll be able to defend yourself without worrying about going too extreme. No jury will convict you for knocking an intruder senseless in your own home, no matter what the local self defense laws are in your neck of the woods.

    Don't freak out Tamp, keep fighting the good fight, we're all right behind you!
  32. Manomynous Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Hell you can be law-abiding and walking through a fully lit Wal-Mart when the sporting goods guy decides to open the action on a 12 gauge for a customer and still feel a sense of "Oh... FUCK" at the sound. It's rather iconic. I'd recommend anyone who doesn't own a gun, try to get a high fidelity recording of that sound, prepped to play the moment something ain't right in the neighborhood. *nod*
  33. photoshop4321 Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    It would funny if CoS was so incompetent that they stalked you not knowing who you were. Like they got your picture from 2/10 and decided to go after you and some others by random selection. And now they know who they're following because you posted the details.

    Could they be that stupid and lucky at the same time? Originally I jumped right to the online tracking theory because its the obvious choice but they're just so god damn clueless I don't know.
  34. shdkjfbehbf Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    who cares if they film you or not, don't act like you even notice, or wave and shit, they are trying to intimidate you
  35. Plups Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    This is another difference in our situations. Police reports are not made public in Australia. The police won't disclose tamphex's identity unless they investigate and it is necessary for the purposes of the investigation.
  36. Bruce Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    Good sensible stuff this. I've had the car at the bottom of the drive, the very odd telephone calls, the bin rummaging but apart from it being very scary indeed, it happens when you have been in the $cienos faces and it is their form of 'retaliation'. As hubbard basically said; If you leave us alone then they will leave you alone. Whilst it was scary and a real pain in the arris it did go away which is why I keep my head down a bit - BUT I will NEVER forget what this cult did to my Family.

    Bye the way here in the UK if we get an uninvited intruder in our house we are required to give them a cup of tea, a piece of cake, counselling if requested and respectfully ask them to leave having first supplied them with a party bag, that is of course always assuming we have not first been beaten up, or worse! A Mans home it seems, in the pathetically PC correct UK (my personal view), is no longer his castle.

    Tamp, keep up the good work and take great heart, for the first time in nearly 10 years of opposing $cn, this time, just maybe they have a REAL problem and this comes from sheer volume of numbers and determination. And as for the proposed April campaign, this is truly awsome and I believe will have a huge impact on the public. It will also be a massive media story. Come on Mr Murdoch, lead the way.

  37. perf_ekt Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    I've already posted in this thread as to exactly how/why/who you could very well be a legitimate target but while you may be convinced that you were observed, all things considered, were you ever ?

    It's very much 'the-paranoia-du-jour' to scream 'The scilons are after me, aargh !!', and thus to generate a thread of mostly utterly imbecilic contributions including 'blowing people away'.

    Nice one. That'll fuck-em for sure :roll: :roll: :roll:

    How about at least unsticky-ing this crap, boldy venturing back into reality, and maybe 'sticky-ing' in its place - 'Okay, nothing ACTUALLY happened'.

    I assume Anonymous want people to turn up for raids, but they see this thread, and think, 'Mmm, maybe not..'

    Check out Tory/Magoo's and Arnie's comments in this thread, okay ? They have actually been followed, harassed, fair-gamed, officially declared as an SP, etc, etc..

    A quick quote from Tory/Magoo - 'Scientology WANTS you to be in FEAR, that's all they can do...'
  38. thehunter Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    If they already know where he lives, then they know his name too. File the report if you see the same person filming you again.
  39. tigger Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home

    This is going to be a royal pain, because we should all be free to be ourselves in our private lives, and how you feel is how you feel. However, once you are being filmed by CoS, "private" life is only for behind closed doors.

    Someone here suggested flipping off the camera, but I would recommend against it. All of US know that the flipping off would be directed at the audience filming. But a strange thing happens when we view things on film. When viewed by someone ignorant of all this, the viewer BECOMES the cameraperson, and it comes across as someone being hostile and flipping them off. From a PR perspective, I suggest a friendly wave, and some innocent sounding questions like, "Hi. Why are you guys filming me? Oh, I know..." and explain the situation. Look your best, speak like a reasonable person. I care, and you care, but we have to act as if we don't care, or are at most slightly irritated. As we all know, even a trained professional like Sweeney of BBC can be provoked into a reaction that, while perfectly appropriate to the situation, can then be taken out of context and used to make him look like an angry, raging person.

    Protect your image. Note how Magoo/Tory and WBM behave themselves at all times. They keep their cool, and seem friendly. That's what makes them so credible, so easy to listen to, and their arguments so convincing -- they are said factually, calmly, and directly, even with a sense of humor. Stay neutral when at all possible.
  40. baked_toast Member

    Re: I've just been filmed by somebody outside my home


    I am not going to assume that I have information relevant to your specific situation, but I do have some experience in this particular arena. The suggestions that xenubarb made earlier about shredders, not leaving mail in your car, and so forth are all quite valid. There are a couple of others that I would suggest, thinking about this from the perspective of someone who would conduct this attack.

    1. Ditch your cordless telephone.
    These things broadcast on a fixed set of frequencies and a good wideband receiver is capable of picking any of these up. Effectively, say nothing over a cordless phone that you would not want them recording. Please note, the security provided by all of these 2.4-3.0GHz spread spectrum phones is a myth. Spread spectrum means the thing may or may not hop frequencies, and although it is bandied about as a "security" feature anyone who knows how these things operate will get past it with a quickness.

    2. Shred the front page of any magazine or subscriptions (including delivered newspapers) that have a subscriber ID number.
    Actually, anything with your name on it needs to go into a shredder before it goes in the bin. Furthermore, if you have a cat, start mixing the used cat litter in with the shreddings. Cat crap is a shockingly good deterrent to anyone trying to reconstruct your mail. Same thing for dogs. If you do not have the best shredder in the universe or have no pets, all is not lost. Get a small bucket and mix the shredded paper with water to produce a pulp before depositing in the dustbin. (Works for the military and the American NSA, ought to work for you.)

    3. Plug your computer back into the router, turn off the wireless.
    See the above on cordless telephones. Software available online allows for attackers to pick out the password from the weak encryption provided by commonly available wireless routers. Anything of particular importance needs to be sent via old-school wires and not floating over the waves.

    4. Lock your "Bell Can."
    I am not sure how the telephone system in your area works, but typically there are two interfaces with the larger system that are vulnerable in an urban (American) area. One of those is the can (a green box near your current residence, probably on the same block) and the other the network interface point (grey/white box attached to the outside of the residence). Put locks on both of these. Yes, you are going to annoy the phone company, but this is why they have bolt cutters in the truck. Speak with your landlord about getting the interface point locked. You can purchase tamper seals (put in an obscure location on both items) to ensure that the lock is not messed with. These seals should have a light coat of super glue applied over them to prevent someone from coming along and monkeying with them.

    5. Drive throughs and driving.
    Scientologist love fast food. If they are dumb enough to follow you to a drive through restaurant, order them some food as they are likely famished from following you about and dealing with whatever else (Thetans, etc.) This also works spectacularly well for members of law enforcement. Car washes, drive in movies (if they still exist in your area), long slow drives down the freeway. Also, if you think someone is following you, slow down to ten to fifteen miles below the speed limit. Set cruise control, turn up the radio and enjoy. The key here is DO NOT DRIVE FAST, DO NOT SPEED, DO NOT PULL A 'FAST AND THE FURIOUS,' as you will get in an accident and they will drive away.

    6. Remain objective.
    There is a significant amount of FUD and guns and blammo in this thread. Calm down, think rationally, and ask for help when you need it. Any one of us would gladly welcome you, should you need to flee in a hasty manner.

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