It's not allowed to talk about Katie Holmes in Scientology... Proof!

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I doubt HPROs salute David Miscavige.
  2. Ron B DED Member

    Posted by Chuck Beatty on ars a while ago!topic/alt.religion.scientology/JriYz30h2M8

    > On Mar 26, 8:44 am, Farewell to Sicily <> wrote:

    > Why don't they just open up the RPF to the pubic Scilons.

    On Mar 27, 4:40 pm, "chuckbeatty77" <> wrote:

    funny you would say this, when I was at ASI, and the richer
    Scientology public from the LA region came to ASI to listen to the
    monthly "L. Ron Hubbard Classic Fiction" readings, those
    Scientologists, one even a celeb, more than once, said they'd even
    requested to DO the RPF, because they thought, probably rightly, that
    it was a way to get all their "FPRD Forms" and all their evil purposes
    run out.

    That whole delusion of the gain they'd get, by doing the extensive
    amount of RPF therapy evil purpose Truth Rundown (known as a secret
    Sea Org only rundown, and to this day, no one has written up just how
    BIG of an irony it is, that the St. Pete Times titled their article
    "The Truth Rundown"), the hype for LRH's gains from FPRD and from the
    Truth Rundown, is I think only because they haven't had enough of that
    crap to see how worthless it is. It's hope in the things one cannot
    have, that spurs them to even dream of being allowed to do the RPF.

    One celeb, Jeff Pomerantz, CSWed and got okayed, and DID the EPF
    (Estates Project Force), since he was an "Honorary Sea Org Member",
    he reasoned that he should do the EPF, and I watched him as he did it.

    Someone else wrote that he didn't stay in the EPF dorms, but slept in
    his Hollywood digs at night, but at least he came and cleaned
    dumpsters, with the EPF and did their other mindless cleaning tasks
    running around the complex.


    "chuckbeatty77" <> wrote

    Jeff's also one of those early allowed "Honorary Sea Org members",
    I saw Jeff in 1983 doing the PAC EPF, I saw him running with the PAC
    EPFers, and I asked his then wife who was a Sea Org member, she worked
    in OSA Int, I think Jeff's motive at that time was dual, he wanted to
    show his dedication and support by doing the EPF, which he did
    alongside of EPFers, though I think he went home to his celebrity
    house digs at night, though he might have suffered living the EPF
    dorms, I don't know those details, but he at least put up with the EPF
    dirty manual work, as a dedicated new Sea Org recruit, and
    he graduated, I believe and gained his Honorary Sea Org status, and
    carried on as a dedicated Honorary Sea Org member per that Flag Order,
    which is no longer carried out, since I believe it was NOT LRH

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    Sorry if I offend you, but doesn't the catholic church have a BIG problem with child abuse. And when a priest is being accused they need talk to a bishop or something first?

    To me that's very similar. Every religion is or started as a cult. I'm not fond of people saying Christians are (so much) better. They are just as bad, they just had a couple of thousand years to develop ways to hide their disgusting problems. Same goes for most 'old' religions btw.

    Religion, new and old, cause problems if you want it or not. If you don't want problem causing discussions don't bring up religion, or politics :p .
  4. Clusterdux Member

    And this is why the Scientology belief system and the CoS organization should be evaluated separately.
    The belief system falls under freedom of speech/religion and shouldn't be used to attack people (just make fun of them, don't insult)
    The CoS organization on the other hand is a criminal enterprise that should be taken down. Anyone arguing against this is either ignorant, delusional or a shill.
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  6. RightOn Member

    doesn't matter if he doesn't know
    DM knows da rules and he is bending them BIG time!
  7. PeeTeaEssence Member

    He forgot to include:

    Decluge - Sort/get rid of stuff

    Cluge - accumulation of stuff/junk in a given area

    Cycle - being in a row/ administrative process with a superior

    CSW - interoffice request

    Monies - money

    Datum - information

    ... Infinite Stupid - COS.

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