It Starts With A Name- when Democracy Isn't Democracy

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    It all starts with a name, now by this the state can only threaten you if they have a person to contact.
    Now Democracy is the right to choose and if your not breaking a contract you agreed to or injuring anyone by non performance- you should have the right to say NO THANKS

    Unfortunately we are left in a situation where the state expects performance from individual- but the individual has little chance of equity if state fails on promises.
    The Occupy movement has show mass feeling towards situations that it is felt do not represent the majorities interests.
    The situation is simple if you can live without credit- disappear off the radar- a postal address doesn't mean you live there.
    If you rent just move, don't sign up for electoral roll and keep door closed to uninvited callers, postal stuff name and care of address.
    Without a name the state flounders as they resort to "The occupier", "The home owner" or similar and will not smash the door down to get a name.
    Removal to a freeconomy is the aim

    Be honest in your actions and do as you agree to
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  2. Anonymous Member

    ITT: Ted Kozinski
  3. Anonymous Member

    When I turn a water tap to ON, I expect water molecules to pour forth.

    When I turn on a light switch, I expect electrons to move into my light fixture.

    The link for the blog in the OP depends on those very electrons.

    I think the OP is indulging in massive faggotry here.

    Stay On Target, WWP Anons!

  4. Durga Member

    This is the FoI general Think Tank, not the Chanology one.
  5. Religious or Civil Hijacking of all types, Recognized by the "Powers that BE" is nickednamed . ________'The JesusCrist Effect'________, (Hijacking a Religion or Civil person is to Keep the Mass subdued and supressed from Verbal expressions and Beliefs)
  6. Looking for the causes of the causes... Why is everything going wrong, why do the system hides behind its polished and emotionless mask an awful and twisted face!
    Because, as it was said very well at the beginning of this discussion, everything lie begins with a word.
    Etienne Chouard is one of the grat beholders of this denounciation bannier, so if you want to hear about the subject, I can't do otherwise than sending you in its trail :
  7. Anonymous Member

    OP: Learn to write comprehensibly and come back with something less nonsensical.

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