Israeli tanks have moved into Gaza

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anonisophy, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. BDS

    @The Internet
    I know a former israeli lawyer, who left the country because of it's system of non-justice. It can be shown that in important parts, Israel is not a true democratic state with a working jurisdiction. The laws are constructed in a way to prefer one group of the population over another and to suppress the other group.

    Just a few points, not intended to be such a proof, but to start to think about and research.
    1. There is dfferent jurisdiction applied to different groups of people in Israel and the occupied land.
    See, just one example: Land is leased only to jews.
    2. Laws are used as they fit for the zionist goal to get control of all the land. Example: Wall / fence is used to separate palestinian farmers from their land, so they are not able to cultivate it (israeli "modern" law). "Old arabic" law is used to confiscate the land (if you do not cultivate your land for a certain time, it can be taken from you).
    Btw: If the "fence" is used to give protection from palestinian attacks, why is it in many places extra long? This was more difficult to establish and protect, totally against the mathematical principle of shortest connection between 2 points being a straight line. Could it be this was not about protection but about strangulation of palestinian life and taking land piece by piece?
    3. To get an idea what is really behind the actions of Israel, I recommend searching for citations of Mr. Ben Gurion, esp. of August 7th 1937, October 5th 1937, June 12 1938. Together with statements from the zionist congresses starting in 1897, this is very telling.
    The problem for Israeli people with brain and heart is they cannot really choose to not live in and somehow support their Apartheid state. They need help from outside to force their government to stop illegal occupation to fullfil the zionist goal of big "Eretz Israel".
    IMHO there will be only a chance for Israel surviving if one state for all is established where religion and weapon industry is prohibited to control political decisions. Currently, Israel is as laizistic as Iran, i.e.: Not.
  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ceasefire ends as Gaza militants resume firing rockets into Israel | Reuters

    Militants resumed firings rockets into Israel from Gaza on Saturday, rejecting an extension to a ceasefire in a conflict in which more than 1,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died.

    Israel had agreed to extend an initial 12-hour pause in the fighting by a further four hours but this was rejected by Islamist group Hamas, which dominates Gaza.

    Continued at
  3. cuedude Member

    crap are they ever gonna stop there ain't a real reason for all the shit over there all at fault
  4. cuedude Member

    isreal is basically a terrorist state with boat loads of free weapons supplied by our tax dollars thank you federal gov. for pissing money away to promote violence
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  5. The Internet Member

    Of course the people in the Palestinian territories are legally different from the people in Israel. Because practically separate countries. I was talking about the way non-Jewish Israeli citizens are treated as compared to Jewish Israelis, within Israeli cities.
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  6. The Internet Member

    Obviously some Palestinians do go to college. They have hospitals and civil engineers and nurses and stock brokers and such just like other places. Problem is not enough of them go that route. Too many have heads full of “kill the Jews.” That is not a good thing.

    The wars over the land happened in my grandparents time and I do not give a fuck because back then the lines between nations changed a lot. You had to keep buying new maps every couple of years. Maybe it’s still that way in some places. Anyway, people in their 20s were not even alive when those wars happened so it is dumb for them to take the winning or losing personally.
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  7. Dearest friends,

    The last night was extreme. The "ground invasion" of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying - all sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.

    The heroes in the ambulances and in all of Gaza's hospitals are working 12-24 hour shifts, grey from fatigue and inhuman workloads (without payment all in Shifa for the last 4 months), they care, triage, try to understand the incomprehensible chaos of bodies, sizes, limbs, walking, not walking, breathing, not breathing, bleeding, not bleeding humans. HUMANS!

    Now, once more treated like animals by "the most moral army in the world" (sic!).

    My respect for the wounded is endless, in their contained determination in the midst of pain, agony and shock; my admiration for the staff and volunteers is endless, my closeness to the Palestinian "sumud" gives me strength, although in glimpses I just want to scream, hold someone tight, cry, smell the skin and hair of the warm child, covered in blood, protect ourselves in an endless embrace - but we cannot afford that, nor can they.

    Ashy grey faces - Oh NO! Not one more load of tens of maimed and bleeding, we still have lakes of blood on the floor in the ER, piles of dripping, blood-soaked bandages to clear out - oh - the cleaners, everywhere, swiftly shovelling the blood and discarded tissues, hair, clothes,cannulas - the leftovers from death - all taken away ... to be prepared again, to be repeated all over. More then 100 cases came to Shifa in the last 24 hrs. Enough for a large well trained hospital with everything, but here - almost nothing: no electricity, water, disposables, drugs, OR-tables, instruments, monitors - all rusted and as if taken from museums of yesterday's hospitals. But they do not complain, these heroes. They get on with it, like warriors, head on, enormously resolute.

    And as I write these words to you, alone, on a bed, my tears flow, the warm but useless tears of pain and grief, of anger and fear. This is not happening!

    An then, just now, the orchestra of the Israeli war-machine starts its gruesome symphony again, just now: salvos of artillery from the navy boats just down on the shores, the roaring F16, the sickening drones (Arabic 'Zennanis', the hummers), and the cluttering Apaches. So much made in and paid by the US.

    Mr. Obama - do you have a heart?

    I invite you - spend one night - just one night - with us in Shifa. Disguised as a cleaner, maybe.

    I am convinced, 100%, it would change history.

    Nobody with a heart AND power could ever walk away from a night in Shifa without being determined to end the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

    But the heartless and merciless have done their calculations and planned another "dahyia" onslaught on Gaza.

    The rivers of blood will keep running the coming night. I can hear they have tuned their instruments of death.

    Please. Do what you can. This, THIS cannot continue.

    Mads Gilbert MD PhD
    Professor and Clinical Head
    Clinic of Emergency Medicine
    University Hospital of North Norway

  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Israel extends Gaza ceasefire for 24 hours, Hamas rejects terms | Reuters

    Israel extended a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for another 24 hours, but Hamas, which dominates the coastal enclave, said it would only accept the truce if Israeli troops left the territory.

    Israeli ministers had signaled that a comprehensive deal to end the 20-day conflict with Hamas and its allies, in which at least 1,050 Gazans - mostly civilians - have been killed, and 42 soldiers and three civilians in Israel have died, was remote.

    "At the request of the United Nations, the cabinet has approved a humanitarian hiatus until tomorrow at 2400 (midnight local time, 1700 EST Sunday)," the official, who was not named, said in a statement after the cabinet session held in Tel Aviv had ended. "The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) will act against any breach of the ceasefire."

    On Saturday, Gazans took advantage of the lull in fighting to recover their dead and stock up on food supplies, flooding into the streets after the ceasefire began at 8 a.m. (0100 EST) to discover scenes of massive destruction in some areas.

    The positions of both Israel and Hamas regarding a long-lasting halt to hostilities have remained far apart.

    Hamas wants an end to an Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza before agreeing to halt hostilities. Israeli officials said any ceasefire must allow the military to carry on hunting down the Hamas tunnel network that crisscrosses the Gaza border.

    Israel says some of the tunnels reach into Israeli territory and are meant to carry out attacks on its citizens. Other underground passages serve as weapons caches and Hamas bunkers. The IDF said it had uncovered four such tunnel shafts inside Gaza during the truce on Saturday.

    The Israeli official added that troops would continue to act against any breaches of the ceasefire, adding that the military would continue to act against the tunnels during the entire 24-hour period.

    He said the cabinet would reconvene on Sunday to consider a continuation of the operation "until calm is restored to Israeli citizens for an extended period."

    Continued at
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  9. The Internet Member

    This is manipulative propaganda. You know how I know? Because no mention of the hundreds of rockets launched from hidden sites in Gaza. Also no mention of the tunnels that defeat Israel's efforts to maintain a border.

    Also the Israelis are depicted as heartless, cruel, evil, inhuman people. Odds are they are the same as me. I think Hamas are the same as me also, if I lived inside a crazy cult grooming me to martyr myself for The Cause.

    Here in the US the nutters have recently upped their game. Mike Adams is calling on people to murder anyone speaking in favor of GMOs, for example. So we could one day find ourselves in the same boat as Israel, attacked by terrorists within our borders --attacked by people with brains filled with nonsense and ideas of a demonized enemy.

    So I vote for helping the people who do a better job getting their children into college. That idea gives me hope. If everyone promoted education as the measure of a nation, parents would think twice about raising noble sacrificial lambs.
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  10. [IMG]

    You want peace. That will mean, voting all of them out. Nothing less will do it.

  11. The Internet Member

    ^Kinda beside the point. Makes you seem cray cray.

    Every time you post without mentioning all those hundreds of Hamas rockets you lose IQ points.
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  12. RolandRB Member

    Why is it that God chose to give Palestinian children those sweet brown eyes that make them look so cute so we feel bad when they get blown to bits with Israeli bombs? Fucking God - what a Cunt!

    Dear Israel, God GAVE you all that land. Follow God's Command and take it all and keep it all and kill all those who stand in your way. God expects it of you!
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  13. BDS

    Hey, did the Israeli government know from the beginning that the three boys were dead or not? THIS started the situation we have now. They did it on purpose.
    The rockets are a joke compared to what the IDF does today and every day to humiliate Palestinians.
    I think sending these rockets is wrong and dumb, but currently they seem to be legitimate because Israel is occupying Palestinians - and not the other way round!
  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hamas accepts 24-hour Gaza humanitarian truce, Israel considers move | Reuters

    Hamas Islamist militants have agreed to a 24-hour humanitarian truce in their conflict with Israel in the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for the group said on Sunday, hours after fighting between the sides resumed.

    "It has been agreed among resistance factions to endorse a 24-hour humanitarian calm," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told Reuters, saying the calm should start at 2.00 p.m. (7.00 a.m. EDT).

    An Israeli official said the truce was being reviewed.

    However, as 2.00 p.m. came and went, the sound of heavy Israeli shelling could be heard within Gaza and sirens sounded in Israeli communities near the border area, suggesting Palestinian militants had fired missiles at them.

    Israel had called off its own 24-hour truce earlier in the day after Hamas launched rockets into southern and central Israel, and Palestinian medics said at least 10 people had died in the wave of subsequent strikes that swept Gaza.

    Continued at
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  15. The Internet Member

    Fire rockets then an hour later call for a truce. Good strategy!

    You realize any faggot can say they are “Anonymous” right?

    Do you remember What Is the Plan? That was somebody’s effort to rally an “Anonymous” personal army using vague language (e.g., no plan actually).

    So how does one distinguish a legit “Anonymous” effort versus some manipulative bastard’s attempt to look like a big deal by posing in front of “Anonymous”?

    Answer: Evidence of meaningful discussion and debate leading toward a consensus view amongst a number of people.

    BTW, Facebook memes are not examples of discussion and debate.
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Fighting in Gaza abates, but truce hopes look fragile | Reuters

    Fighting subsided in Gaza on Sunday after Hamas Islamist militants said they backed a 24-hour humanitarian truce, but there was no sign of any comprehensive deal to end their conflict with Israel.

    Hamas said it had endorsed a call by the United Nations for a pause in the fighting in light of the upcoming Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, expected to start in the next couple of days.

    Some firing of rockets continued after the time that Hamas had announced it would put its guns aside and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu questioned the validity of the truce.

    Israeli artillery guns also fired barrages into the Gaza Strip, Israeli media reported, although the object of the fire was initially unclear.

    "Hamas doesn't even accept its own ceasefire, it's continuing to fire at us as we speak," Netanyahu said in an interview with CNN, adding that Israel would "take whatever action is necessary to protect our people".

    Nonetheless, Gaza Strip residents and Reuters witnesses said Israeli shelling and Hamas missile launches had slowly subsided through the afternoon, suggesting a de facto truce might be taking shape as international efforts to broker a permanent ceasefire appeared to flounder.

    Continued at
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  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Humanize Palestine

    Humanize Palestine attempts to restore the humanity that is often stripped away when Palestinians are reduced to calculative deaths, forgettable names, and burned and mutilated bodies, rather than people who shared loved ones, stories, dreams and aspirations.
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  19. laughingsock Member

  20. The Internet Member

    You mean the Israelis treat Palestinians like they are not even human? Wow those Israelis must be monsters.

    Or maybe the Muslim Brotherhood are batshit insane and have hella social control over the Palestinian territories now, such that sensible people dare not criticize “Jews did 9/11” and “US is Satan” type stuffs.

    Hamas are total fuckers. Way worse than Scientology. With international ambitions. No wants.

    If good people do not stick up for Israel, they are doomed. Know why? Because they do not have any fucking oil. So serious people in the US and Russia will compete with each other for Arab love and shit will get ugly. That is my gut feeling anyway.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I think that we're well past that stage.

    Shit has become extremely ugly for the love of Arab Oil and the agenda of the muslim brotherhood.

    I'd add Hezbollah in with Hamas. Both are front groups for the muslim brotherhood and their "... exterminate all the jews..." agenda.
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  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. RolandRB Member

    Being a Christian, I support Israel, because the God of the Old Testament is the Christian God and the God of the Old Testament GAVE all that land to His chosen people. And he helped them kill the people who lived there like the town of Jericho where God brought down the walls so that the Israelis could get in and kill every man, woman, child and baby in the place. When I read that as a child I understood how a God of Love thinks and I would have wanked myself off to the imagery of all those people getting murdered, except I was too young to get any pleasure from it. So the more killing of Palestinian children that I see on the news, the more pleasure I get out of it and the more I pray to and worship my God of Love.
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  24. The Internet Member

    If this is a, “Religion sucks,” troll, boring. If more, “lol neocons turned Christians into cultish supporters of Israel,” yes and those guys are not actually helping, due to living in a comic book world.
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  25. The Internet Member
    This bit should have been a red flag:
    So Hamas got its foot in the door in the 1980s when the Palestinian Authority was pretty much a mess and struggling to meet the basic needs of its citizens. They had a good fundraising structure and used their donations to set up medical clinics, schools, etc. People became reliant upon them. Then Hamas leveraged that dependency to take hold of political power.

    This strategy reminds me of Scientology’s strategy: establish social betterment programs as safe points within communities, then leverage those safe points to gain political power.

    Israel and Fatah overlooked the batshit insane Muslim Brotherhood ideology within Hamas until it was too late. Now both Israel and the Palestinian territories are paying for that mistake. Us also.

    I bet Scientology is jelus of Hamas, as they represent what might have been if the whole Narconon, Applied Scholastics, VMs, etc., thing had gained more traction.
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  26. anon8109 Member

  27. RolandRB Member

    Please, Israel, kick out those sand monkeys from the Gaza strip and inhabit it yourselves and stop this nightmare.
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  28. The Internet Member

    Roland, Hamas killed a bunch of Fatah people to take control of Gaza. A lot of Palestinians are suffering under Hamas but we are not going to hear from them because they do not wish to be tortured and murdered by Hamas thugs.

    It is a very messed up situation and what drives it, in my opinion, is the continual re-frame of “Israel is mean and just wants to steal land.” So I wish you would not do that.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The video fails for me, even on YouTube.
  30. anon8109 Member

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