Israeli tanks have moved into Gaza

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anonisophy, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Israel is planning on stealing land,on which there are 5 Palestinian villages.

    Israel really is stealing and murdering it's way through Palestine ...

    Oh how fucking predictable.
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  2. RolandRB Member

    It's not stealing land if God gave them the land!
  3. The Internet Member

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  4. The Internet Member

    I know what you mean about too much infos. Just ignore me for now because I got nethin’ but associations and ideas.

    At 15 min in, I was listening to the guy talk about Muslims suing a Catholic school for open displays of the cross, saying that violated their human rights.

    Then I remembered the partnership between the Moonies and Farrakhan, back when that Million Man March was happening. And I remember Moon’s effort to get the cross off the churches. He said it offended Jesus, lol probably not though. But it does offend Muslims as per the OIC.

    Does Alfreddie has an actual church? Does it have a Christian cross?
  5. RolandRB Member

    If it offends Muslims then, yes, we should take the cross down in Britain at least. Maybe it is not only offensive to Muslims when they see it but it stirs them to justifiable violence as well. In other words, if you are sporting a Christian Cross then you are trying to hurt Muslims and they should be able to respond to this threat by slitting that person's throat or throwing acid in their faces. Having freedon in Britain is all very well, but such freedom should not be abused to the extent where other people, especially Muslims, object. I hope the British police respond to this by arresting anyone sporting a Christian cross or any place of religious worship using one.
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  6. RolandRB Member

    Naah, bless!

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  7. RolandRB Member
  8. RolandRB Member

  9. Fuck you, you Zionist asshole, go and find it yourself, it's all over the net. But you won't will you. Because you just couldn't bear it, to find out Israel is nothing more than a country run by fucking scumbag Jew thieves. They won't be happy until they've stolen all of the land.
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  10. RolandRB Member

    God gave them the land. They are just accepting God's gift. A little late, it is true, but better late than never.
  11. The fourth Prime Minister of Israel was a woman named Golda Meir.
  12. BDS

    I do not agree with "Jew thieves". Taking the land by whatever means was the idea of Zionists, misusing Judaism. There are more and more Jews not ok with that, also IDF members.
    With the rest of your words, I agree in principle. It's sad even at wwp people are not willing to look up the dox and if one presents dox concerning a point, they are ignored. - Hasbara is active and seems to help Israel - on the short run. Folks, keep this in mind: True friends give warning when you make a mistake, to prevent a catastrophy. I consider myself a true friend of Israel but since all warnings did not help, sanctions have to do the job.

    Then again, wwp can't care for all problems in the world, so the reaction here should not be disappointing. I'm sure many Anons do their homework and draw the conclusions for their attitude towards Israel and a boycot of its new form of Apartheid.
  13. The Internet Member

    The onus is always upon the person making a claim to back that claim up with evidence.

    This onus rule is necessary because black PR people can spam the planet with false claims and tie everybody up in homework assignments researching those claims. So everybody needs to understand the onus rule and apply it all the time. That is how we can fight back against misinformation.
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  14. The Internet Member

    I want the Palestinians to give up. The sooner, the better. Economic prosperity to follow.

    To that end, I will buy one of those Soda Stream machines I’ve heard about. Seems handy and it is made in Israel.
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  15. anon8109 Member

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  17. fr.
  18. fr.

  19. The Internet Member

    Whoa, scary escalation of conflict is scary. Maybe they’ve decided to go for all out war and seizure of the West Bank? If so I hope they do not want our help because we is broke.

    Seems a really dumb move because the Fatah government was not entirely insane like Hamas. Now Hamas will get the West Bank as well as Gaza and everything will be worse.

    From the Yahoo article, looks like the decision to take the land happened weeks ago:
    So my guess is, not a clever strategy but more the retardation of reactive government decisions that do not get re-evaluated as they should. Because A thinks B has it under control and B thinks A has it, then the point of no return and nobody wants to be the one to back step.

    Well it was nice knowing you, Israel. Are those SodaStream flavors manufactured by any companies outside Israel? Just curious.
  20. Au contraire. It is not an "escalation of conflict" at all. Not at all.
    The parcel of land is vacant. It's public land.
    Saw it on google maps in another part of the interwebs.
    It is also legal.
  21. BDS

    Dox you want? Dox you get.

    Israel to appropriate 400 hectares in West Bank for ‘state use’
    Let's see ... of course, Israel determines, it does not apply law here. Or maybe law in a more acceptable form? THANK YOU Israel for bringing up again and again important examples showing your perversion of laws (in this case Ottoman law of 1858).
    Any one who does not believe it is all about taking the land by any means, please read the following article. Then go on and look up more stuff. It is the same game with water. With citizen rights. With everything you can make life a hell to somebody you want to kick out.

    Under the Guise of Legality: Declarations of state land in the West Bank
  22. BDS

    Thank you, this is an excellent example of how Israel uses parts of different laws of several epochs as it fits best to take the land.
    O rly?
    Israeli soldiers cut down 100 olive trees at night in occupied village– in name of security
  23. The Internet Member

    The reference you cite concludes that the arguments for legality are “not convincing.” Lots of word plays regarding the meaning of “occupation.” Bad look for Israel. And really bad timing to raise problems in the West Bank while Gaza is waging a war. WTF Israel, are you suicidal? The one card you held in your hand was the Hamas v Fatah hatred. Now both teams become Hamas.
    Seems like land ownership in the West Bank is weird. I thought the Palestinian Authority had a border and administered the land within that border. Now I are confoosed.
  24. BDS

    found here: Disturbing Quotes From Leading Zionists

    And btw, the "defence" wall or fence or whatever euphemism you use for it was used in the past to separate farmers from their land. They just could not work on their land and get out the garbage for a loooong time. And guess what happened to that land ...
    More dox anyone?
  25. BDS

    Just thinking is like having no dox. Thinking alone does not help here and it kills people by doing nothing.
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  26. Do you also boycott Islamic / Arab countries which finance ISIS / Hamas / Hezbollah , etc. and the brutal implementation of Sharia law and Jihad terrorism?
  27. Random guy Member

    That is indeed true. The Israeli baby should not have to live in fear that someday the Hamas rocket will break through because of something earlier generation did, nor should the Palestinian baby have to grow up in poverty and squalor with no hope of a decent future because of something the earlier generations did.

    The problem with saying let's bygone be bygone is that those bygones very much dictates daily life in the Palestinian territories today.

    Hamas is a catastrophe for the Gaza people. No people in their right mind would elect such a bunch of crooks into power. Only desperate people would do anything like that. Oh wait...
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  28. RolandRB Member

    Not if they have oil that we need, no.
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  29. BDS

    Not personally, since my country does it already for me. I often requested from my government to also boycot Israel but it won't. So this is left to me.

    Furthermore, those terrorist supporting countries don't pretend to be democratic and to be part of the western world. Just as Israel's behaviour undermines the positive elements of Judaism, I hope nobody in the world thinks Israel's Apartheid "democracy" is also behind what I have the honor to take part in elections.
    Israel is as laizistic as Iran or every other country where religion defines politics. Very not western style ...
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  30. meep meep Member

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  31. The Internet Member

    You must be a hit down at the local pub.

    Protip: Being ignorant is no shame. Pretending to have dox when you do not is shameful.
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  32. BDS



    *A 003 HASBARA



  33. Anonymous Member

    Please, do go on.jpg
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  34. BDS

    whoot? mese being dlunk. ifa you needa dox, check outa dis:
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  35. RolandRB Member

    I have been doing some religious study ...

    ...and it appears that Allah killed the prophet Muhammad because he was a false prophet. That being the case then why don't the Palestinians just give up being Muslims and then they can live in peace with the Israelis like normal, non-violent, civlized, tolerant people and go back to their houses in Israel and the West Bank?
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  36. BDS

    Israel Cited Hamas Rocket Fire as Excuse

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  37. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hi BDS, what about the rocket fired from the grounds of a hospital in Gaza as reported by that female journo, who then backtracked not wanting her words used to bolster IDF arguements?

    I believe the report is linked further up in this thread.
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  38. good quote I enjoyed the video
    who killed bambi ?
  39. amaX Member

    I don't know why Hamas supporters are so bitter. Hamas won the war! They declared it themselves.

    I love the article BDS posted mainly because of the comments section where everyone is bashing Joan Rivers. It seems all the wrongs in the world were caused by Joan Rivers.

    Was the Israeli-Hamas war Joan Rivers' fault?

    Let's see if she's done anything good...

    Joan Rivers philanthropic efforts:

    The above listed charities are found at this link:

    Ms. Rivers had been a board member and volunteer for 20 years to a charity called God's Love We Deliver. Every four weeks she delivered meals to the seriously ill in NYC and New Jersey. She also spent every Thanksgiving and Christmas delivering meals---many times with her daughter Melissa and grandson Cooper.

    Per the link below we also find out that Joan supported Guide Dogs for the Blind and a charity called Our House. Our House is a charity that counsels children and families of suicides. She became active in that charity after her husband Edgar committed suicide.

    al-Jazeera America website does a blistering report on the true character of Joan Rivers. It's a must read for every Hamas supporter with a penchant for Joan Rivers' bashing!

    Thanks to BDS for showing us the article that proves once and for all that Joan Rivers is the meanest bitch in the world and she single-handedly caused the Israeli-Hamas war.
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