Israel, May 2009

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by isralolcat, May 31, 2009.

  1. isralolcat Member

    Israel, May 2009

    Hey everyone, sorry for the delay.

    On Friday, May 22nd, Israeli Anonymous raided the city of Tel Aviv.
    We were 12 anons, including a guy who walked nearby, saw us and spontaneously decided to join the protest (not everyone pictured on photo below). There were many newfags as well, about half of us! I love newfags!

    We were raiding in front of the Rotschild center. They took some photos of us, up from the second floor of their building.

    After having our bags, fliers and posters unpacked on the lawn, the sprinklers got activated, which was quite amusing. Is that the best they could do in order to scare us off?

    Yeah, that was such a bad attempt at scaring us off. So we just put our stuff on the other side of the road, which is possibly about 2 meters away.

    At some point, a group of filer/commercial [not clear] dudes from Mercantile Discount Bank appeared. We saw them approaching, so we started filing up on the pavement and blocking their path. They slowed down and eyed us down. We stared back. Then they started snapping their fingers, and then they CHARGED and it turned into a hug fest. They also took lots of pics which we wish they shared.

    We had some lulz with our Anonymous flag and the longcats we had prepared; bouncing paper longcats on Anon-flag trampoline. We actually kept doing it for quite a few minutes and found it hilarious.

    Overall, the raid was very amusing. We had music, dances, jokes, talks and basically just fun tiem.
    You are welcome to check my whole GALLERY of the May raid. 100 pictures inside!

    Our next raid will most probably be the Sea Arrrgh, on some Tel Aviv beach! Please stay tuned.
    Much love from Israel! ♥
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    rock on Israel

    cool report <3
  3. Re: Israel, May 2009

    u r doin it rite!
  4. anon0004 Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    See you in London guise ;-)
  5. xenubarb Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    LOL! Nice...sprinkler tech FTW!
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    it would appear that sprinkler tech has spread from california, to the world.
  7. anony.max Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    the newfags were upgraiding our awsomness in over 9000%!

    one lady came to me and said : "I don't want anything to do with you! go away!!"
    and I was like "we are against C0$! we're not them!!"
    "oh! agains.... good job!!!"

    it was lulzy.

    see you in loldon.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    Whenever I talk about chanology w/friends, everyone expresses surprise at scientology being active in Israel. Howzit that they find any traction in a Jewish State?
  9. Olrik Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    It seems to me that sprinklers are on public property aren't they?

    Great raid is great anyway! :)
  10. Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    Easy - "self help courses" are big here. CoS managed to take root by presenting themselves as such. The only ones who know they're a cult are the ultra religious and nobody ever takes those guys seriously except when its time for elections.

    The fact that there's also so very little to no legistation against cult groups have helped many fringe cults spring up and grow here - Scientology is NOT alone. We may have more cults per square meter then the US. Ironically, few people are even aware that they're here - most of them are smart enough to keep quiet in stronghold of the of the big 3 religions.

    We just have that religious psycho appeal going.
  11. anony.max Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    they don't call themselves a religion. they'll say "technic", "system" or whatever....
    they have bad name in Israel though,and the ortodox religion people really hates them, that's why the're hiding behind other names. big part of what we're doing os to oncover those fake organisations...

    see you in loldon!!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    Thx 4 clarification. I didn't think the BlackHats would take too kindly to them. What about the Arab Israelis?(great pics too).
  13. anony.max Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    as our exscielons told - there was unly one arab scilon in isreal and they send him to egypt and no one knows what happened to him...

    they trying to get to the isra-arabs, promissed them a system that'll bring peace to the midddle east and help them be happy and stuff...

    but the scilons have a problem to get to not westerns ocietys, not only in isreal - all over the world. they don't have respect for newage bullshit, they usualy have very srong religion Faiths, and of course - they don't have enough mony.

    the scilons in isreal couldn't reach not only to the israeli arabs but to all of the low classess. I think they can only exist were mony exist....

    but we don't know much about that scielon school in haifa (it's in the north, and we going to raid in that city next weak for the first time) so maybe there's some isra-arabs-scielons there....

    I wish one day we'll have some arabsanons and we will bring peace to israel with the power of lulz!
  14. V for Anon Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    Kewl, will add that to my "where in the world is Scientology" list later.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    RPF, Middle East style!

    ^^^THIS is why.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Israel, May 2009

    ...because WE are the ONLY ones that can help.
  17. SeenTheLight Member

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