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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by WMAnon, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. WMAnon Member

    Share and enjoy!

    If you want to pitch in, please stick with high quality images for the best results in other people's projects!

    pz76.png jaks.png jwwu.png uv6.png
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  6. th?id=H.4517525144472588&pid=15.1.jpg
    Protesters demonstrate outside the Church of Scientology in London

    (Oops, sorry, WMAnon, apparently i errr missed the memo on high quality photos and work with extremely limited internetz and copypasta skills.)
  7. WMAnon Member

    That's not an isolated anon.
  8. I thought all anons were isolated / together, lol..............Clearly I goofed in more ways than 1, hence the apology and moving on (and out of thread). Nice isolated anon pics, btw......
  9. Softkitty Member

    This photography is beautiful. Great work, I too love photography and I plan on taking plenty at our next event. I would love to share them with you

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