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  1. So the Khamenei endorsed code word for rape is apparently: Fath-ol-Mobin

    For a democratic secular Iran. For peace and prosperity in the Middle East.: Fath-ol-mobin, Codename for Rape Operations in Iran's Prisons

    Saturday, August 15, 2009
    Fath-ol-mobin, Codename for Rape Operations in Iran's Prisons

    Following the courageous letter by Mehdi Karroubi, exposing the horrors of systematic rape of post-election detainees in Iran, there have been several calls by the 'representatives of God on earth' to put Karrubi on trial.

    Babak Daad, is an Iranian journalist and blogger who is now on the run and in hiding. Here is what he says in his shocking interview about what is going on in Iran's prisons and how the lackeys of the coup d'etat are ordered to break down the youth of Iran.

    'Its one thing hearing about a news and another thing when you see it first hand for yourself and realise the full horror of what has taken place. You can hear about an accident on the news but unless you witness the accident close by you do not appreciate the reality of blood. The case of rapes in Iran's prisons for those who read or hear about is a news item, but I saw an 18 year old boy, whose father described him as a piece of flesh with no soul, his name is Mehdi and I hope soon the perpetrators who inflicted this crime on this young boy will be tried in an international court and of course those who ordered these crimes to be carried out should be tried too, those who gave the orders to uproot the spirit and the hopes of Iran's justice seeking young generation.

    Mr Karroubi courageously investigated these reports and 15 days ago he wrote a letter about what was taking place and handed it to Hashemi Rafsanjani. He waited 10 days for Hashemi Rafsanjani to show some reaction, and as he had said if within 10 days there was no reply from Rafsanjani he would make it public. So both Mr. Karroubi and Rafsanjani have known about what was taking place for a while now.


    These reports are not few now and yet there are still more that are not coming out because of fear and the cultural stigma that these people face, yet the young people who have suffered these abuses, these victims should hold their heads up high and proudly consider themselves as the victims of the path of freedom for this country and those who have suffered this tragedy bear the same honour as the martyrs of this epic green movement.

    What they were doing at Kahrizak, was they would choose the spirited detainees who were resisting them and by raping them they wanted to break them from pursuing justice and freedom, they wanted to break them so bad that these youngsters would become depressed and even hate themselves.

    The code name for these rapes was Fath-ol-Mobin [Illuminating Conquest - also code name for an offensive against Iraq in 1982], look how far they are prepared go with staining the faith and the sanctities of our people and how they use religion as a tool for the repression of people in order to maintain their illegitimate hold on power... A young 18 year old boy purely because he took part in the peaceful silent march on 15th June and wore a green wrist band is attacked, arrested and suffers two weeks of ongoing sexual rape in Kahrizak and is then taken to another prison where he is allowed to slightly recover before he is handed back to his father, I am sorry I have to mention these things but its no longer appropriate to remain silent, he suffers severe rectal and colon laceration, his infection was so bad that they couldn't keep him any longer, this 18 year old was also forced to witness other detainees being raped, he could hear a law enforcement officer, [whom we can identify and hopefully one day bring him to trial] shout 'take these lot and make them pregnant, so they know whats what'

    Tens of detainees have reported many Arab prison guards with Lebanese accents were amongst the rapists. And I am sorry to have to say this but I want the families to hear this so their resolve and not their fear increases, Mehdi in the first instance could not believe a stocky foul mouthed guard is getting ready to rape him, when they beat him and forced him naked, he pleaded with them 'for the sake of Imam Mehdi, I am the same name sake as our hidden Imam, please don't do this with me', the interrogator even insults Imam Mehdi as he holds down the trembling 18 year old Mehdi and tells the stocky guard, 'He had come to take back his vote, now give him his vote back so that he never forgets'

    In two weeks, this teenager is raped 20 times, he suffers rectal and colon infection and after taking him to another prison for a week, what they give back to his father is a live corpse with a soul less look, he is released only under the condition that he must say he was treated well while he was detained and he has no right to complain. Now they say the allegations have to be proven. The very same people who completely rigged the election and ignored all the evidence presented to them expect people who have been raped to present their evidence to them, but I have picture and film evidence of one case and I am sure even this one case is enough to prove what has been going on with these detainees.

    So there you have it, Ahmadinejad's lackeys rape Iran's detainees, boys and girls, to break their spirit. The evidence is now piling up from all directions. How will the European democracies ever justify recognising a regime that systematically rapes boys and girls arrested during peaceful demonstrations? Why are the European useful idiots not marching in the streets in the same way they did for Gunatanamo and Abu Ghoreib?

    And what are the Galloways, Yvone Ridleys and the SWP oinks going to say now? That the rapists were justified becasue they were working class kids who were raping 'rich North Tehran kids'?
  2. This is outrageous, I cannot press it enough!

    I am not a supporter of violence, but these perpetrators would really deserve what they own legal system dictates for sexual offenses: execution.

    After all, it was the islamist code of laws, that demanded death of adulterers (and don't forget: homosexuality is also punishable by death by many interpretations of the sharia). I think they should eat what they cooked for themselves, and should be sentenced to death using their own bloody laws! (American or European laws are much more forgiving, but let them taste their own - they will get a feeling of what they have done t their own citizens)
  3. This is reassuring. Thank you for this.

    Good idea. My vet-helper friend has also worked to create peer groups for traumatized vets. Often a survivor will open up to someone who has been-there seen-that where he/she will not open up to family and friends.

    Oh yes! You are preaching to the choir! :D I think the American health care system is about big insurance and big law firms. But let me say this: in Canada we have had much difficulty -- until recently -- getting our traumatized vets into treatment. It's darn tough to get into the army in the first place. Once you are there, the training is hard. The Canadian military play their cards very close to the chest and do not talk to outsiders about military things. So there has been a lot of secrecy about ptsd. And a lot of casualties. And a lot of coverup. I think this is changing, but I still bother officials about it from time to time.

    Just wondering: do you think it is worth the time/energy to get the World Health Organization to investigate the prison rapes from the perspective of AIDS?

    Again, please let me emphasize: I do not want to scare or stigmatize people about AIDS. I raise the subject for two reasons and I hope you will be patient enough to hear me out.

    1) Institutionalized rapes are not a new thing. They have been reported as going on in Iran for a long time and in numbers which stagger the imagination, squeezing the breath from the body and soul. It is wise to assume that, with these numbers, there has been a risk of AIDS. Not only for the survivors but for the blighted, bloodstained perps and their wives and probably the unfortunate prostitutes who have to 'service' what passes for human but what is twisted and cold.

    2) Advances have been made in AIDS research since the 80s. In many cases now, AIDS is not fatal. There are drugs which can give life to survivors for many many years. The more people talk about it, the more survivors can get help. Please choose life.
  4. Larijani's investigation of alleged rapes

    A comical interpretation about how the investigation of the parliament truely looked like:

    L: -Khami, I ask you, what do you think: should we admit some of the rapes, or should we deny them altogether?

    K: -Lari, you pumpkin! I guess you don't want to spend your life cleaning dirty toilet bowls! Deny all charges, of course.

    L: -But what if they find out?

    K: -No one will know about this matter, just you, me, and Allah. And I will make sure Allah won't tell anyone, that's my job!

    L: -You're the boss. I guess you're right.

    K: -Of course I am always right, since I am the Leader, I have paper for it. Now go, and do what must be done! The journalists and reporters are waiting for you.

    L: -All right!
  5. I know the look. I have seen it. But I have also seen those who at first seemed lost to loved ones, lost to life itself -- find their own souls again and take up their lives again. Please believe that it is possible for Mehdi to heal. God has built into our bodies and minds remarkable powers of survival and healing. And, if you don't believe in God, those powers are still there. Mehdi has a soul.
  6. Twister, I hug you from here. :) Hearing stories from survivors gives those being abused courage. You are courageous to speak out. Are you safe now?
  7. Thank you for speaking out. Your courage will give courage to those who are currently being tortured/raped. Healing is possible. I am also a survivor.

    I saw an earlier post saying how a survivor had forgotten the physical pain of torture but still remembered the emotional pain of her rape.

    A source once told me something that chilled me to the bone at the time and which I have never forgotten. He said: People who do physical torture are stupid. Physical torture bottoms out. The body shuts down when the limits of physical pain are exceeded. Psychological pain has no bottom.

    Perhaps he exaggerated, particularly in ignoring the possibility of psychotic break, but I do believe the general principle holds up. Please also let me emphasize that, by bringing this up, I do not want to scare or stigmatize anyone. The more this is out in the open, the more survivors will believe that they can be healed.

    The reason I raise this is that I have listened to many survivors of torture and have noticed something which predictably happens. Survivors assume -- often with good reason -- that listeners only want to hear about the physical trauma; that listeners will only believe if they see bruises.

    But the moment you mention 'friend' who was called certain names, who was forcibly confined, who was subjected to mock execution, whose family was threatened, who was humiliated publicly, who was held incommunicado, who was robbed of his/her money/property, who was sleep-deprived, who was starved, whose children were kidnapped, and so on -- the dam bursts and the stories flood out.

    I agree with jad that it is important for helpers to listen, to believe what we are hearing. And critical to be supportive in finding professional help for survivors. But it is also important for us to keep in mind that torture goes deeper than the skin. It goes into the mind and into the soul. Do not prompt, do not push, do not ask leading questions, but be attentive to clues about psychological torture.

    Again, please bear with me when I repeat what jad has advised: that professional help is what is needed for recovery; it is wise for us to avoid home remedies.
  8. Providing hope

    You were wise to point out in your post that there is hope and recovery is very much possible. Many of you may remember this high-profile case. I am so impressed w/ this woman's courage, and how she turned a highly negative experience into a positive:

    Pakistani gang-rape victim gets married - Pakistan -
  9. jadt65 Member

    Moving from survival to recovery to living

    I posted this originally in the "A Letter to Fayah" thread

    I have altered the stories a bit to preserve confidentiality, but the facts of the abuse & the outcomes are true.

    I repost this to emphasize:

    Recovery & healing are possible. There is hope for a meaningful and happy life after an abuse experience

    Justice for the perpetrator greatly facilitates healing

    Although these stories are about children (the treatment of children is where I started), the psychological dynamics and the experiences of these individuals parallel those who have been tortured and imprisoned in Iran. These stories illustrate what is possible in the long-term with both professional treatment and the support of loved ones.

    Hope heals.
  10. goes to show that rape is not just about sex, it is about power and domination.
  11. jadt65 Member

    From Bugs Bunny

    It is often difficult for survivors to talk to family members and loved ones about what has happened. They do not want their loved to be subjected to the trauma/abuse. (along with not having the words, shame, and reactions from family members which are "not helpful.")

    I am going to step into a controversial area here....please feel free to disagree, but hear me out first.
    I agree peer support groups led by a trained facilitator are an invaluable tool in the recovery process. On the other hand, groups which are formed with just survivors can be harmful.....often there are very strong emotions (anger, anxiety, despondency) which arise in these groups & these can lead to both self-harm & a risk of harm to others if they are not addressed constructively. Often discussions in these groups can triggers flashbacks & disassociation which both need "on the spot" intervention to prevent injury (physically and emotionally) to the survivor & others. The interpersonal interactions/dynamics of these groups can be destructive if not "shaped" by a facilitator.The dynamic is called a "drama triangle" where individuals in a group take on the roles- "victim" "persecutor" & "rescuer" and play out the abuse....this gets emotionally and physically dangerous quickly. In other words, do not try this at home.

    A therapeutic intervention I use with some clients is Animal Assisted Therapy ( I have a certified therapy dachshund). Many times it is easier to "talk" to an animal than a person. Why? The animal "listens" without judging, accepts the survivor without conditions, and engages socially with the survivor (this takes training for both the therapist person & the therapy animal). It helps the survivor to learn trust and how to nurture. Once again, this needs to be done professionally because it is not a good "fit" for all survivors.

    When I worked with juvenile sex offenders, I used Equine (Horse) Assisted Therapy to work through power & control issues (try bullying a therapy'll be put in your place quickly ;)). Horses are also good for survivors to help regain a sense of control. Once again both the professionals and animals are trained in the use of these techniques.

    In south Florida (US), people use therapy porpoises (dolphins). It is truly amazing how these marine mammals sense "where it hurts" and try to get the person to "feel better." I wish some people had the empathy the porpoises demonstrate.

    (Excuse the soapbox...animal assisted therapy with survivors is one of my research interests)

    from Bugs:
    Good idea....the WHO does more on the public health front (think setting the pandemic risk level for H1N1). The "response teams" I spoke of earlier have medical professionals who address health issues. There are also NGO's who address medical issues and promote public awareness. Doctors without Borders does amazing work both providing treatment & public education. Bill & Melinda Gates have a foundation which addresses AIDS issues internationally & I think Bill Clinton's group does also.

    I think the rape, torture & imprisonment issues need to be investigated as war crimes/crimes against humanity and then the perpetrators need to be prosecuted through the World Court at the Hague. One of the benefits of the way the Sea of Green has been using social media and the internet is the abundance of evidence and witness accounts in the public domain. There are organizations verifying and assembling this information in a manner so it can be used in court.

    The role of citizen advocates across the world is to continue to pressure their governments to hold the regime accountable for their crime and to seek legal action in the World Court.

    Bugs-Thanks for the questions and keeping this discussion alive. I by no means have all the answers but I am willing to find people who do. ;)
  12. jadt65 Member is about power, control and dominance expressed at the most primal level. Think about how males & some alpha female animals will "hump" lower ranking animals in the group to gain or demonstrate dominance.

    **Attention -snide remark ahead:rolleyes:***

    The perps needs to stop acting like Neanderthals and use the cerebral cortex modern homo sapiens have evolved.:D
  13. Can somebody translate this please, or at least give me a general feeling for what they are talking about.

  14. WantFreedom Member

  15. going by how paranoid and dangerous the regime is, i'm kinda worried about the safety of the witnesses, reporters, and health professionals who know about these crimes.
  16. [ame=]YouTube - Holy Crime جنایت مقدس[/ame]

    They don't even keep it to their country, but they have waaay too many people to track down and get them all right now. And every one they get makes ten more against them.

    They should just give up, before they all have to start dying themselves to get them removed. They will turn on themselves. Evil always eats itself.
  17. I agree with this. That is why I mentioned that my vet friend tries to link his buddies up with professional caregivers.

    I have had experience with unsupervised self-help groups. I left them very soon after my first visit. They are often led by politicized, bitter, vengeful people who do more harm than good. The goal of therapy should be the healing of the patient -- not some political agenda, not vengeance.

    Yes, something that someone else says can 'trigger' a person, sending him/her back to the traumatic experience. I'll leave it at that, except to say that I have learned to be aware of when I am being triggered and this happens very rarely now: I have an irresistable urge to take my watch off and run cold water over my arms. Other people, of course, will have other signs.

    Yes, do not try this at home. We are social animals. There is no need for us to be alone with these memories. But find people who are trained to help.

    I am fascinated with your animal therapy. Animals sometimes have remarkable gifts.

    Is there a way, then, for you to add a letter to the WHO on your blog?


    Good to hear.
  18. Yes, I am too. I raised this in a previous thread. Someone said that the Red Crescent is in a special position to provide humanitarian aid. But I dunno. Even they will need protection. That presents really serious problems to countries who wish to provide aid. If they send in security to protect the aid workers then they will fuel the regime's xenophobia.

    But notwithstanding the rapes, AIDS, and other health issues, hyperinflation will create a humanitarian crisis in Iran before Winter. Preparations to provide aid have to be made -- and quickly.
  19. Oh jad, I noticed on the blog that you say "While respecting the individual's space, be there for them....sit in silence with them... "

    What I have learned is that sometimes the pain is so overwhelming that the survivor has developed all sorts of ways to avoid talking about it. We have already discussed that. But sometimes the person will avoid talking about seemingly unrelated things. Or the person may appear to speak 'illogically' about unrelated things. There is an internal logic to what the person says but that is for a trained professional to interpret.

    What I want to say about that, however, is that a helper should not feel helpless because he/she cannot 'talk' to the survivor. Actions always speak louder than words. Simply being there silently can help a survivor to heal. Being there is important.
  20. Nedjarsan Member

    Post traumatic stress syndrom...

    I partly agree on that Bugs. Sadly is is strongly dependent on the psycho-hygienical capability of the inflicted person.
    I know about peoples having the bomb-shell-syndrom (same thing) shaking all over the body for the rest of their live, without any medication.
    Basecally it is a total breakdown in the psychic region of "feeling" secure.
    Beeing there for a PTSS inflicted person is very, very exhausting, but You are right it would be the first step in the healing process.
  21. I don't think I said that being there is the first step. Just that it is helpful to the person. I really think it is important to understand the usefulness of professional intervention in cases of ptsd.
  22. Nedjarsan Member

  23. with english subtitles.

  24. [ame=]YouTube - ‫وضعیت جوانی که در زندان به او تجاوز شده، گریه مجری‬‎[/ame]

    Translation (from the comments):
    she is calling to Voice of America telling that her brother used to be very sportive and was studying for his Master degree in Tehran while he was living with her as their family is from another city. The brother has been arrested in the recent turmoil, he has been raped and since his release she has to feed him. He lost may kilos and he has not spoken a word since then. He just sit in a corner and apparently lost his mental equilibrium.
  25. Twister Member

    Thanks Bugs :) Just saw this, sorry for late reply.

    Yes, thank you.. I am now safe. I was silent about the rape for 10 years and then was inspired when someone else told me of her experience. It gave me the courage to admit mine. Telling someone somehow freed me.

    I developed PTSD after other events later in life.

    I think all points being made here (from the perspective of having dealt with rape, and still with the PTSD triggers from time to time) are excellent.

    Apologies, I will not further detract from this excellent conversation.
  26. Nothing to apologize for, Twister. :)
  27. Akhbar Azadi Member

  28. This is why I could never go into politics because if I were in charge, I'd say nuke'm. And I was born in Tehran.
  29. Twister Member

    This *has* to stop. Pedophiles, twisted monsters. All in the name of Allah... yeah right...
  30. Towards the end, amnesty international clearly states that all the cases pertain to males being raped. So what about the females? Are they presumably being murdered/martyred (like Taraneh) after they are raped?

  31. Rohypnol administered to rape victims.

    Radio Free Europe 25 Aug 2009: 'I Was Shocked To My Very Insides'

  32. Twister Member

    Tajari rejects detainees raped in prison... wtf

    yeah and as predicted...

    Iran MP rejects post-vote detainees raped in jail | Special Coverage | Reuters

    Now what? My eyes are on Karroubi. Hope he has lots of bodguards and security so he can keep publishing and so much truth is circulated that they no longer can deny these atrocities.
  33. Nedjarsan Member

    Yer see, he told that if this reaction would come he will present more evidence.
    The more denial comes the more evidence he will give...
    ... we will see

    And if you look at the report you posted, my dear friend, they said. " ...we do not belive that anyone was raped"
    Yer here we go ! blelief against hard evidence.
  34. I'm not sure I quite comprehend why these fanatic animals are giving boys roofies before raping them. I thought the whole point of this was to humiliate the victims... but in order to humiliate them, they would have to remember what the hell happened.
  35. perhaps their drugged bodies are being used as "props" in another's humiliation? who knows what sick shit the torturers are into.
  36. jadt65 Member

    As a parent of a 19 year old son, I know anyone who tried to rape him would be in for some serious pain:cool:. The perps are trying to get their lulz without getting hurt themselves....jerks:mad:
  37. Twister Member

    Just bc I felt this personal experience relates to the discussion of the use of Rohypnol, I want to share this:

    When I was drugged and raped... I couldn't physically coordinate myself to move, but I was fully aware of what was going on for a good hour or more, and then I blacked out for at least another 2 hours.

    The drug given me was indeed Rohypnol.

    They *will* remember some of it. And to me, the scariest part was being 'trapped' in my mind and not being able to move, to fight. That amplified the power and domination being forced on me.

    Just my experience... fwiw.

    Bless all their souls, may they heal with the help and love of others.

    These animals *will* get their day... and it seems closer with every passing hour.

    Note: my reason for posting this is in relation to the use of Rohypnol and its effects as it relates to the subject at hand. In no way do I intend or desire any personal attention for this.
  38. thanks, twister. i did not know that was possible with rohypnol.
    i guess most of us are only familiar with the blackout effect of the drug.

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