Isabella Cruise (Tom Cruise's Daughter) Lives on LA's Skid Row

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by failboat, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. failboat Member

    More at the link.

    Article's source is the current In Touch print magazine.
  2. Anonymous Member

    So she's slumming. Big Deal.
  3. failboat Member

    Moving out is a 'risky business' for Tom Cruise's daughter Isabella

    Tom Cruise's adopted daughter Isabella has shipped out of the family mansion to set up a life in LA gangland.

    Why is it a Big Deal? Her adopted mother lives in Australia. Her boyfriend and her adopted father are Scientologists. How many more paternal figures are there for her at this time? If not her parent in America or her boyfriend, then who?

    The two Scientologist males in her life are content to let her live in LA's Skid Row.

    Her adopted father and her boyfriend share a religion.

    Her adopted father is practically a billionaire.

    You would think, in the interest of their safety, and since they get along so well on the religious front, that the father and the boyfriend would work together to make sure the couple doesn't have to live in LA's Skid Row.
  4. failboat Member

    Tom Cruise's daughter moves out

  5. bAnon Member

    Can someone call the Co$ Volunteer Ministers? I'm totally serious. PLEASE POON THE VOLUNTEER MINISTERS. They are the only one's who can halp.
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  6. grebe Member

    I think this is one of those exaggerated man bites dog articles about nothing. Person x might be treating person y poorly. Click to learn moar.

    Wealthy families will at some point realize that they don't need the best of everything all the time.
  7. I've known craptons of rich kids with trust funds who have followed the Dead on the road, squatted with punks, lived in skeezy dives and vans, and generally rubbed shoulders with the hoi polloi. Some are real people and some became rich wankers who'd have nothing to do with their old mates after they got their paws on the whole tamale.

    I certainly have more respect for the girl if she can live on her own outside the hothouse of a mansion in an exclusive community. She'll meet real people out there plus enturbulation and entheta. Better for her to be in a slum than in Cruise's well babysat playground.
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  8. Lulzanne Member

    Props to her if there were much truth to the story.

    brb, fortified wine.
  9. anon walker Moderator

    Pfft! Nobody needs that shit these days. Not when Trader Joes is selling Two Buck Chuck at reasonable prices!
  10. This is too funny to ignore. Do it.
  11. Tourniquet Member

    Ah, so they're willful downstats. No wonder they're on Skid Row.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Surprised the church would allow this.
  13. RightOn Member

    scilon celebutards are a whole different breed with special allowances
  14. PresidentShaw Member

    Yes, celebritydirtylaundry sounds like a very reliable source.

    Also can anyone point me out why we're stalking tom cruise's children again?
  15. Tourniquet Member

    No doubt, it's due to the combination of moonbattery and celebutardiness-ness.

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