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Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Aug 20, 2013.

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    When Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise, she also left Scientology. And now, Tom is suffering another blow because his daughter, Isabella, reportedly has left Scientology, too! According to the “Globe,” Isabella and her boyfriend have completely severed ties with the religion, and because of the alleged rules of Scientology, Tom now has to sever ties with his daughter. When Nicole Kidman divorced Tom and left the church, he insisted their two kids live with them and shun their mother. Now the “Globe” is reporting that Isabella has reached out to Nicole and has been spending time with her and Keith Urban.
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    We can always hope.
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    i'll spoil the pattern and just post in this awesome thread not anonymously :D
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    I think you can't technically "blow" unless you are in the Sea Org. At least in the Scientology sense.
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    well if ever true, she is one person who won't be speaking out since her Dad is King of the Nerds
    unless he leaves too. what am I saying?
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    any staff, not just SO, are considered blown if they do not arrive for scheduled post. If a public on course were to stop showing up, he'd be considered blown from course
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    has wwp missed the whole drama of this ?

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    EXCLUSIVE - 'Connor Cruise is the worst person for my daughter to be around': Father of 'close friend' of Tom Cruise's son who was exiled from Scientology hits out

    • Former Australian rugby league player Joe Reaiche was ex-communicated by the church in 2005 - and has not seen his children ever since
    • Claims his daughter Alanna is too close to Connor Cruise, son of A list star Tom, because ' the more she's around him - the deeper in she gets'
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  17. SCORE !

    View attachment 66413-attention-viperormiata-nerd-alert-1912-so-mu
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    I call bullshit.
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    My mistake.
  20. Just not attending ( quitting Scientology quietly ), not going on course, not showing up for events and so on is one thing, so long as she does not make a public announcement she will probably be able to maintain relationships. And while Tom would not be happy about that he could live with it and so would the C of $. Even Isabella spending time with Nicole would not be too much drama for Tom or the church, they could deal with that.

    Nicole has kept relatively quiet about Scientology, I doubt divorcing Tom earned her an SP declare . Publicly criticizing Scientology would.

    Don't get me wrong Isabella and her actions will be raising a red flag but at this stage I guess it would be only half mast.

    However, should Frencher get himself declared and she maintains a relationship with him then the game will change. Tom Cruise being the zealot he is would apply the 'tech' and seek to handle Isabella.Failing a successful handling he would do the next thing demanded of him 'tech wise', disconnect.
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  21. Incorrect. Even public (non-staff) students who sign on for a course, then depart at some point are considered blown Scientologists. If said students do not become amenable to returning to the cult, they (have been and) maybe be declared suppressive persons.
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    rex fowler
  23. What about him?
    Thanks op good thread.
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    If anyone looked into this, they'd see that she is hanging out with scilons full time in UK and that she is on course at Saint Hill.
    One look at her Facebook friends will show a lot of new folks that just happen to be on staff and course with her.
    She and Frencher have been broken up and he is connected to Scilons all over the place anyway.

    What I suspect is that she was not doing any scilon courses in LA and she got an ultimatum from Tommy Girl.
    She has to do so much scilon stuff in order to get her monthly cash and she was offered to do so in UK.

    Her brother might be heading the same route as well. He was out on Hollywood Blvd until 3AM last night and not many Scilon courses get done with that sort of schedule. If anyone is a "dilettante" in the scientology world, it's Conner. He is certainly does not have the problem of worrying about going on vacation like his dad does. Conner is living it up and I am certain if one of these two is in for a reckoning from Tommy Girl, it will be Conner.

    Bella could be playing Tommy Girl and working out her own deal. If that is the case, right now she just happens to be doing that in the Scilon course room several times a week.
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    Good work Sir

    Is this her Twitter ?

    And conners ?

  26. suckin' cox?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Nobody wanted Isabella anyways.

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