Isabella Cruise and SO Eddie tight is scientology's grip?

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The Daily Crabbie: Isabella Cruise Has A Scientologist Boyfriend Named Eddie Frencher. He Just Quit Sea Org.

    We don't get into Isabella Cruise gossip much. Mostly because she is not interesting. And for some reason she has always been sheltered from the public eye. Unlike poor Suri who is thrust out there time-and-time again or at least was before Katie rescued her. Isabella is certainly not as ubiquitous or entertaining as Suri. But for once Isabella is getting the attention. And it doesn't have much to do with Isabella. It has more to do with Isabella's boyfriend Eddie Frencher, a fellow Scientologist. Eddie, a Scientologist from birth (poor bastard), recently made the decision to enter Scientology's fabled elite unit Sea Org. Those crazy fuckers who dress in naval uniforms and salute each other and evidently enslave children and possibly bugger each other all the live-long day? Eddie went in with that. How proud Tom must've been to learn of his likely future son-in-law's devotion to the cult. And how pissed off Tom must be now that Eddie has fled Sea Org.

    What does it mean for a Scientologist to join Sea Org and then leave? I have no actual idea. But I can imagine what happens. It probably involves being whipped with a belt. Possibly sodomized by a giant faceless white alien. Or is that what happens when someone leaves Mormonism? I know there's some religion where you get butt-raped if you try to quit. I would try to quit that religion EVERY FUCKING DAY. "Melvin, what is your problem? Why do you keep quitting when you know it will only get you butt-raped?" How can you ask such a stupid question? What are you a stupid fucking Mormon? Anyway, it appears Eddie's jones for Isabella overcame his devotion to stupid Scientology. Sea Org would've been great for his advancement in the fake church, but pussy is better. Did I mention Eddie is a musician? Well that explains it. Those musicians. Can't turn down snatch. Ever.
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  2. RightOn Member

    dont like the daily crabbie for the most part, they write the stupidest shit sometimes. Well most of the time.
    "bugger each other all the live-long day?"
    "whipped by a belt"
    "Possibly sodomized by a giant faceless white alien."

    not even funny, just plain stupid. I know they are supposed to be a lulzy website, but a lot of their articles are just too plain stupid. They can be inserting some good info with a comic spin, but they just suck. IMO
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Was he given a free pass by DM, for the greater good, at Toms request, so Bella wouldn't have to join?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps he's on special assignment to keep Isabella happy.
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  5. RightOn Member

    he left because of the food.
    that is all
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  6. Puppetmama Member

    This reads like a pre-dome late night thread at WWP.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Actually, aside from the tasteless rice and beans, the food was usually quite good during my time. Don't know how it is now.
  8. RightOn Member

    regardless, by the looks of him, I doubt it would have been nearly enough
  9. RightOn Member

    hey thanks for weighing in Mark.
    Can't wait to hear this mystery!

    am I way off by assuming that the father of Suri is Chris Klein?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Isabella Cruise's Boyfriend Quits Sea Org After He's Told It's Either Her or Scientology

    Isabella Cruise and boyfriend Eddie Frencher have proved that true love is even stronger than the iron-clad ties of the Church Of Scientology.

    Last August, Frencher joined the controversial church’s elite clerical order, Sea Org, which requires a billion year contract. However, Scientology expert and former Village Voice Editor in Chief Tony Ortega is reporting that a “billion years” turned out to be just five months as the Los Angeles-based musician has already left.

    Tom Cruise’s 20-year-old daughter began dating Eddie a year ago, but when he joined the strict sect, officials reportedly told Ortega that Isabella had been ordered to either join herself or end the relationship.

    There was speculation initially that Isabella would follow in Eddie’s footsteps and sign up herself, but her father’s reps released a statement, saying: “Isabella is not a public figure and deserves privacy. However, she is not joining the church’s religious order.”
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  11. amaX Member

    Guesses. All guesses.
    Isabella is David Miscavige's child. I can't figure out if she is DM and Shelley's child or if her biological mother is someone else.
    Connor Cruise's father is one of the Masterson boys---I lean more toward Danny. Sea Org mother?
    Suri Cruise's dad is Tommy Davis. I dare you to compare their eyes. I have no idea what to say about who the mother might be. Katie Holmes supposedly carried her, but I have my doubts.
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  12. Pique Member

    Adding this cross post to the new thread, since it is related.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Can you estimate for us the ratio of beans/rice days to days of actual real food? I have no doubt some in scn eat very well.
  14. Missfit Member

    My ex left the S/O before I met him for reasons I never found out. All he ever said was that he never got to see his family. He was never on course or doing any kind of work up the bridge when I was dating him. At the time, we were both 18 and I'm not sure how when he got out compared to when we met. All I know is that he was still on decent standings with his friends but when his dentist died, his mom had to specifically ask if he could go to the service held at CC on Franklin. I asked him why that would be a problem and he said "Well when you leave (meaning the S/O although he didn't call it that, i forget what he referred to it as) people aren't very happy with you." He obviously routed out and has remained in the cult, in fact he started up the bridge again maybe a year after we split.

    And that is all I know about what happens when you leave the S/O but remain a clam.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Missfit Member

    You know, I wonder, Isabelle and Conner have obviously always know they are adopted, is there some kind of tech on adoption? Have they manipulated these kids in some way that they never want to even look into their birth families at all? Would that all be doctored? Reason I ask is I'm adopted and even though I never really cared about where I came from, I was always interested in seeing a picture and knowing the answer to some simple questions, no further relationship past that. I wonder if these kids ever wondered...
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  17. Enturbulette Member

    I'm glad you said this. As someone interested in food, delight, diet and nutrition, this is one thing I've wondered about. Here are my questions:

    1. How can the food be "quite good", yet the rice and beans tasteless? Rice and beans are easy to flavor. What kind of beans? Pintos every day? Black beans or canned kidneys? Dreaded navy beans? Or pretty palatable green specific!
    2. So how much rice and beans does one typically eat in 10 years in the Sea Org? Is it rice and beans 9 out of 10 years? Or more like half and half.
    3. I understand that in a cult, food isn't important. So how can any of the cult food be "quite good"? What does this mean? What did you actually eat? Does this mean "quite good" salmon and cous cous or "quite good" macaroni and cheese a la kraft, just not burnt?...peanut butter and jelly with wheat bread?
    4. I've heard that there were salad please explain this in detail if this is what you saw...
    if so, was it canned fruit or fresh? canned veges or fresh? Did they go like Sizzler and try to serve spaghetti? bad tacos?
    5. What is a quite good meal even today in your opinion?

    Thanks - I've just heard so much of this "rice and beans" stuff it is like a resounding cliche. How do serious Scinos stay around each other with that many funny noises going off all the time - no way His Midgesty would stand for it.

    We are busy pinning down what was seen in high flying auditing sessions such as visions of other planets, alien blonde bombshells and crazy dashboards...I think anthropologically it is also important to pin down whether the average cultie made do with canned fruit salad and hash browns daily or truly, an unending diet of unsalted beans. Twinkies anyone?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Amy Scobee said the same. So out of curiosity- what did they feed you?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Oh blah! Suri looks exactly like Katie. They have the same eyes. No idea who the father is though.
    It is known that Isabella's parents are Australian Sea Orgers.
    No idea about Connor. At some point there were quite strong rumors about the identity of his parents, but these were proven wrong or at least impossible to confirm.
  20. amaX Member

    Mine are just guesses. I have no insight other than being someone who sketches and paints so I notice shapes of facial features because I do some portraits.

    tommydavis4_zpsfc6cf5d6.png tommydavis3_zps93adb357.png
    They both have the same droopy eyelid that only drops more as you grow older. Holmes and Cruise don't have a pronounced droopy eyelid. Look at their mouths. They both smile with the left side of their mouths open more.

    tommydavis2_zps065862e6.png tommydavis_zps775672eb.png
    A bit of a side view. Still with the droopy eyelids. Their left eyes both seem to be open more than their right eyes, too.

    katieholmes1_zpsafa0a29a.png katieholmes2_zps38d66f05.png

    I don't think Katie and Suri have the same eyes at all, but that's just my opinion.

    You can go find pix of Isabella and Connor and compare them to Miscavige and the Masterson brothers if you want. Or don't. It's just my opinion because they look so much alike.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    There is also a photo of each of them doing the epic frown which I think would make an interesting side by side comparison.
  22. tippytoe Member

    TC's cousin, actor William Mapother, has the droopy eyes. This trait could have been passed on through TC to Suri:
    LINK: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The Divorce
  23. suri cruise Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    OK, this is job well done. However, I still see Katie in Suri, but I don't see Tom Cruise in her. So your theory might be right. Though I don't would be way too crazy for Katie to get pregnant so fast, right after the relationship started through being artificially inseminated with Tommy Davis' sperm? Doesn't it sound insane? It wouldn't sound insane if she were somebody Tom Cruise is just paying to have his kid; but she is a celebrity of her own standing. Why would she go along with something like that?
    Having said that- I did hear that Cruise shoots blanks and that it was his fault that Kidman never had biological kids with him. I also heard that her alleged miscarriage when Cruise left her was in fact an abortion, presumably because the baby was not Cruise's. But again - it's just rumors. Who knows who's right?
    Everybody says Cruise is gay, while I know it's just not true. [Same can't be said about Travolta].
  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cruise Looks So Bella! Tom’s Daughter Showcases Dramatic New Look, Is Pretty As A Picture! | Radar Online


    Bella Isabella!

    Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s oldest daughter, Isabella, is pulling a Kelly Osbourne with her stylish lilac colored hair and has a photo of her flattering new look.

    A smiling Isabella showed off her new, dramatic, super cute pixie crop and daring dye job by posting a photo on Twitter, and she looks pretty as a picture!

    The 20-year old and her brother Connor Cruise spent their childhood shrouded in mystery as their famous parents kept them out of the public eye, but now they are grown they have chosen to become much more open with their lives.

    As previously reported, Isabella, a devout Scientologist, was estranged from her actress mother for several years following Kidman’s divorce from her father, but said in a recent interview that they are now back in touch.

    “I love my mom. She’s my mom,” Isabella said. “She’s great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her.”

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  26. Missfit Member

    Suri looks like doubt in my mind. Masterson boys are far too young to fathered connor...unless they were what, 16 or younger?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Hooray for Isabella.
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  28. RightOn Member

    "devout Scientologist"

    welp. let me see. She has been sleeping with Eddie = against COS beliefs
    communicating with her SP mum - that's a big no no
    Same for Frencher on the " shacking up with Bella"

    And Frencher went into the Sea Org and never routed out and just up and left and I serioulsy doubt he got freeloader debt.
    Ahh the Scilon Scientologists, a hell of a lot easier to be in the COS than your normal garden variety public.
    Not to mention how VASTLY different it is for staff and the Sea Org.
    Other COS members must LOVE the special treatment the scilon celebs get.

    And I am not suggesting that I wish it was worse for them or that they had less freedom. I was just commenting on Radar Online's comment about them being "devout" scientologists.
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cruise to quit Church of Scientology

    The Daily Telegraph

    April 15, 2013

    The adopted daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise is reportedly on the verge of leaving the Church of Scientology after her boyfriend's recent defection from the controversial religion.

    Isabella Cruise - who continued practising Scientology after Kidman and Cruise split in 2000 (which is long believed to have driven a wedge between her and her mother) - is said to be following the path of boyfriend Eddie Frencher, who has left the organisation's highest order, known as Sea Org, and was supposedly shunned by members for doing so. According to US site Celeb Dirty Laundry, Isabella hopes to marry Frencher.
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  30. Missfit Member

    please let this be true. I have chills....please let this be true. It would be such a beautiful reminder that love can defeat evil.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Isabella Cruise Splits From Eddie Frencher? - Holidays In Italy Without Boyfriend | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    A few weeks ago, it was reported that Isabella Cruise’s boyfriend, Eddie Frencher, quit Scientology’s Sea Organization. This allegedly caused tension between Frencher and Bella’s father, Tom Cruise. But during Bella’s recent trip to Italy, the fallout from this Scientology no-no was apparent when French was nowhere to be seen.

    Flying on RyanAir (as if she can’t afford anything else…), Bella stopped over in London before heading to Florence, Italy for her quick, summer vacation. According to Radar Online, “Bella and friends splashed in the pool, played tennis on traditional grass courts, and enjoyed an al fresco dinner with wine aplenty during their stay.”

    Bella appeared to be completely oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend wasn’t present.

    Cruise’s divorce from Katie Holmes placed Scientology in the spotlight like never before. There were rumors of corruption, intimidation, and blackmailing of ex-Scientologists. The cult-like church was ridiculed for its bizarre belief system, which prompted several notable Scientologists to not only leave the church, but to also reveal the truth behind Scientology’s preposterous dogma. During this time, it was widely reported by ex-Scientologists that there is no “escape” from the religion’s organizations. One such example is The Sea Organization (Sea Org) – a separate unit for the church’s most dedicated members – which forces followers to sign a “one-billion-year” contract with the church in exchange for free boarding and a weekly allowance.

    The Cruise bunch managed to steer clear of the gossip rags over the past few months, but they were once again placed under the media microscope following Frencher’s departure from the church. His absence from Bella’s vacation only further solidified the alleged, underlying tension.

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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Bella Cruise Out of Scientology? Not According to Our Sources


    Some news organizations for some reason would love to report that Bella has rebelled against her father and left Scientology, but none of our sources tell us that’s true. In fact, some things we’ve heard about Bella attending school in London convince us that she’s not only in the church but that the church is making a concerted effort to keep her in the fold.

    We think Woman’s Day is correct in breaking the news that Bella and Eddie are over, but we don’t think she’s left the church. That’s just our two cents.

    More and open comments at
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  33. Anonymous Member


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