Is David Miscavige Sterile ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Ah thank you Masca :)
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  2. Masca Member

    It's a crime against humanity if he isn't sterile.
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  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Indeed. May this debate never be resolved.
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  4. David Miscavige's is a MV Agusta not a Ducati.
  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    I highly suspect that anything that dribbles out of his wee 'Speshul Purpose' (ala The Jerk), might contain a drunk-n-confused sperm or two, but it doesn't matter because I'm perty sure Laurisse doesn't have ovaries in her throat, and the Tommy's wipe once and haz no ovaries.
    He doesn't need children, all the sheeples are his little (paying)childs, and he will lead them to their ruins like the good little conning dwarfenfurhor con-cult leaderp he is.

    Really now, could you even imagine being one of his offspring? Or even worse, having his kid?
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  7. AnonKat Member

    Cardone: "He slipped up to me at the oiliness scam, he is this big"

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  8. muldrake Member

    The oiliness table probably has a few things to learn from this creep, rather than the other way around.
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  9. 1248203060968.jpg
  10. This one is for David: "from me to you"

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  11. bAnon Member

    That is hilarious KKS

    3min mark

    "Well, 10 beers, 20 minutes, and 30 dollars later, I'm parking the beef bus in tuna town, if you know what I mean."
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  12. *smiles* immensely
  13. Masca Member

    KKS your #210 I enjoyed very much, thanks. So much I listened twice.
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  14. Masca Member

    "Really now, could you even imagine being one of his offspring? Or even worse, having his kid?[/quote]

    The stuff of which nightmares are made.
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  15. Anonylemmi Member

    This thread puts me off my feed. Unbearable to contemplate.
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  16. Nice avatar so you like venetian mask very much wich is very obvious of course liooks ab it like AnonKat's

    It is just to trolll and anger somebody
  17. Masca Member


    This was the one I used until Friday, you might remember seeing it. On a few occasions I've been to the Venice Carnival which is why I love the masks so much.
    It was not meant as an attempt to copy AnonKat.
    Now I think about this choice it was probably lazyness that stopped me from choosing something else.
  18. No I liked it and I was not accusing you of anything

    I enjoy the rotation of pretty masks,
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  19. Masca Member

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