Is David Miscavige Sterile ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Aug 12, 2013.

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    A Conversation with David Miscavige - ABC News with Ted Koppel

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  5. anonamus Member

    David Miscavige, are you still reacting this way everytime this thread is BUMP'ed?

    'Coz then I'll BUMP it at least twice a day :cool:
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  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    That must be why he beats up other people. He's jealous because when they have intercourse, little thems sometimes pop out later. But no little(r) Daveys ever pop out later.

    The cult is already dying. When Wee Davey's gone, all he'll leave behind will be bruises and broken families -- and then the healing will come and gradually erase even those traces of his tiny presence. His very existence is only a small, temporary deviance from reality. He may as well have never been here at all.

    No wonder he is so frustrated. Poor COB.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    You meanies leave me alone !

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  8. Anonymous Member

    I dont know, he sure does like to beat things, maybe he beat his little thingy sooo hard, that it broke off, so now he is forced to beat other people and tom cruise, off.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    \ 22116wh9-png.14121.png
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    "I shoot blanks that's why I wear this pretty uniform"

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  17. Anonymous Member

    It is confirmed: he can't have kids of his own
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  18. Anonymous Member

    no swimmers whatsoever
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  19. Cassie Member

    Can't say I am sorry about it, the idea of more mini Miscavige's around fills me with horror.

    This planet is polluted enough.
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  20. Cola through my nose actually
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  21. Cassie Member

    Sorry that happened to you, but think how much worse it could be. I could have said I was his lovechild.

    'Scuse me ...I feel sick
  22. Nah where would be the love ?????? You are a funny girl ?

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  23. Cassie Member

    Exactly! Oh the shame of it I would be his bast**d offspring.

  24. What shame ? every person is her or himself, with admitted some issues to get through, nobody is a bastard offspring, just a child of somebody

    everybody that tells you otherwise can something something something
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  25. Cassie Member

    Don't get me wrong KKS I'm not sitting in judgement there, more poking fun at myself really.
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  26. "Smiles the widest smile he can muster"

    Good now I can party a treu Satanist now I know you are okay Cassie(grin) ;) wink wink notch notch
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  27. DeathHamster Member

    Looking at the Hubbard death announcement video, I notice Miscavige is wearing a jacket without his rank on the sleeves. Would there be anything else that he's wearing that would indicate his rank at that time?

    I just want to know if "Captain" Miscavige gave himself a post-mortem promotion.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I bet someone at the Bunker would know that. I do know that Pat Broeker was also a Captain... no wonder Captain Cabbage had to get rid of him ASAP!
  29. Anonymous Member

    I have a problem /b/ can you help ?

  30. muldrake Member

    Has anyone even confirmed the midget has even so much as a tiny little piggly-wiggly micropenis?
  31. Anonymous Member

    The onley one who got close enough was Tom
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  32. Anonymous Member

    or Laurisse
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  33. Anonymous Member

    or LRH
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Would you do me ?

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  37. muldrake Member

    Those are Ducatis, so I think it would be measured in cubic centimeters. Especially since some of the measurements would be internally, if yanno what I'm saying.
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  38. If he ain't sterile, get outta my way an' I'll make him a jaffa quicktime
  39. Anonymous Member

    What is this jaffa of which you speak?
  40. Masca Member

    Jaffa/Shamouti oranges are seedless I think.

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