Is Boston Childrens Hospital getting fairgamed?

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    Some background about the other hospital that got black PR'd into oblivion:

    The Sydney Morning Herald
    March 9th, 1989

    March 11th, 1989

    March 15th, 1989

    March 18th, 1989

    May 27th, 1989

    May 31st, 1989

    June 2nd 1989

    June 9th, 1989

    June 24th, 1989

    August 4th, 1989

    September 19th, 1989
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    This story about a BCH pediatrician buying child porn on line broke just a few weeks ago. He is probably guilty because they found stuff at his place. But I do wonder about selective enforcement of internet kiddie porn laws because the busts don't seem to happen that often and I suspect there are guys looking at some nasty stuff pretty often. I don't think it would be too hard to set someone up by selling some legit porn for a while then hinting that you've got something harder, then OMG FBI.

    So again, retarded speculation on my part. I should probably die in a fire for wondering if this was an entrapment op due to the timing of the bust.

    tl;dr: Three black PRs close together: whistleblower story, porn story, PANDAS story. And something else I haven't started reading yet about "Le Roy."
    Children’s Hospital doc arrested on child porn charge

    By Herald Staff
    Thursday, September 13, 2012 - Updated 1 month ago
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    A pediatric endocrinologist was charged today in federal court with receipt of child pornography, the U.S. Attorney’s office is reporting.

    Dr. Richard J. Keller, 56, of Andover, was arrested and charged today with receipt of child pornography.

    Prosecutors said Keller bought or ordered more than 50 DVDs of child pornography online. An ongoing search of his home in Andover has turned up more than 500 high-gloss photographs and between 60 and 100 DVDs of child pornography, authorities said.

    Keller is a pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and a pediatrics instructor at Harvard Medical School, according to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s office. He was also medical director at Phillips Academy for 19 years before he stepped down last year.

    According to a postal inspector’s affidavit, the case began with an investigation two years ago of an unidentified overseas movie production company that offered streaming video and DVDs of films featuring nude young boys engaged in food fights, showering, wrestling in bed and playing Twister. A review of records of sales in the company’s database led to Keller, the affidavit stated. The inspector said films were delivered to his home, a post office box and to a medical office at Phillips Academy. Some of those DVDs were recovered in the search of his home today, the postal inspector said.

    In federal court today, Judge Jennifer Boal ordered Keller, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, held until a Monday detention hearing.

    Prosecutor Michael Yoon said the government plans to show that Keller“appeared to have a dedicated sexual interest in children, going back several decades. Based on those factors, we do believe the defendant is a danger to the community.”

    Keller appeared in court in a green tee-shirt and khaki. He kept his head down as the judge, then the prosecutor detailed the charges against him, but as he was leaving court, he mouthed the words “I love you” to a woman sitting in the court.

    The women refused to identify herself and said she had no comment for the press. Keller’s court-appointed attorney Page Kelley declined to comment.

    A Children’s Hospital spokesman said in a statement: “Providing safe and appropriate care in a safe and protective environment is the absolute paramount priority for Boston Children’s Hospital. When the hospital learned of the allegations against Dr. Richard Keller earlier today, he was immediately put on administrative leave pending results of the investigation by the US Attorney’s Office. We will cooperate fully with the US Attorney’s Office and all other involved regulatory and legal authorities. No complaints or concerns have been expressed by any patients or family members about the care Dr. Keller provided while he was at Children’s.”

    A statement from Phillips Academy noted Keller is not a current employee and said: “The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority. We are fully assisting the U.S. Attorney’s Office to ensure that investigators have the information they need in order to perform their duties as it relates to this case. To this end, we are seeking all available information as it pertains to this matter, and will be regularly briefing the Andover community as we learn more in the hours and days to come.”

    A Harvard Medical School statement said only, “Richard Keller, MD, has held an appointment as a part-time faculty member at Children’s Hospital Boston in the Department of Pediatrics since 1992. He holds the part-time title of clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School.”

    If convicted, Keller faces a mandatory minimum of five years and up to 20 years in prison, lifetime parole and a $250,000 fine.

    The U.S. Attorney’s office encouraged people with information or concerns related to the case to call 617-748-3274, saying messages left at the number will be promptly returned.

    Developing ...
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    I wouldn't recommend going to a Chriopractor.
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    The medical version of "Religious Freedom Watch" might be:

    If you aren't up on the rather tiny effort to push back against health fraud in this country you won't get much out of browsing that site, just like people who don't know much about Scientology aren't going to get much out of RFW.

    But just for a taste of the unpleasantness: Bolen crows about making an attorney for the "quackbusters" suicidal:

    Bolen came on the scene years ago when the State of Illinois prosecuted a very crazy person named Hulda Clark for quackery. She fled to Mexico where she ran a clinic promising to cure cancer. Ironically, she herself died of cancer a few years ago. But I digress.

    Bolen is not a Scientologist. But there were a number of Scientologists involved with Hulda Clark. So OSA and Bolen are likely connected.

    A couple years ago the people at Age of Autism tried to get Dr. David Gorski fired by way of a letter writing campaign and an attempt to blacken his good name by claiming he failed to declare a conflict of interest.

    Getting people fired, associating their names with some unpleasant thing in the press repeatedly, and suckering people into long drawn out legal battles that ruin them financially --that is the quack playbook. Should sound familiar.
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    Looking at Bolen's web site, it seems he's branched out from the "quackbusters" and is now going after "skeptics."
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    As a doctor who occasionally speaks out against quackery, I have found that state governments and hospital leadership are not my friends. I stay silent mostly because I have everything to lose and very little to gain by painting a bullseye on my butt.

    There are about a dozen doctors in the US taking on quacks in a public way. The other team has Oprah, Dr. Oz, Jenny McCarthy, Scientology, chiropractors, Prince Charles, Bill and Penny George, Amway, the multi billion dollar supplement industry, and probably China and Russia.

    In the mid 1990s states changed their medical practice laws to protect "alternative" medicine, which used to be called simply "quackery."* So the NY doctors who told the Wrays their child has four or five rare diseases at the same time are safe. They need only demonstrate that a community of like-minded practitioners exist to justify their treatments. In other words, all they need is a cult. They do not need science.


    tl;dr: I wish you would help me, America.
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    who? What?
  10. bader 5: they are traumatizing. they lie. they gave me ptsd.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe they help some people though?
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  13. What's this all about, Disambiguation, have I offended you in some way, I don't even know you or why you've chosen to censor me.

    I can't understand why this thread concerning the connections with CCHR and Katie Thierney Higgins RN has been moved and all of my posts and alerts removed, am I being censored for some reason? I'm being denied permission to view or post on a WWP thread for the first time. Why?

    To be fair, I was not censored in any way by Disambiguation, original thread was domed for legal reasons, I believe and I completely took it the wrong way. I have never been censored here on WWP.

    I should have gotten more information before lashing out. I apologize, Disambiguation, thanks again for the work that you and all mods do here at WWP.

    It's a fantastic site that has helped expose as well as prevent many abuses in Scientology.
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    I can't see it either
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    It's been moved to the dome.
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  16. That explains it, thanks, there goes my conspriracy theory against me...........oops........

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