IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

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  1. DamOTclese Member

    IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Speaking of Scientology's tax exemption, a criminal investigation was performed and resulted in an IRS ROI which many people have attempted to request via FOIA.

    Here's some details I posted from another thread.

    IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg was allegedly photographed screwing a kid on his bed in his residence, photographed by Scientology who allegedly sent the kid to Goldberg in the first place, according to completely unfounded rumors. Some IRS employees have spoken a bit about what they observed of the Scientology criminals entering Goldberg's office, and the consequences to Mr. Goldberg's visible stability and health after the visit, and blackmail for something certainly sounds reasonable.

    Some taxing questions. (interview with Fred Goldberg of the Bipartisan Commission on Entitlements and Tax Reform) (Interview) | Financial Executive | Find Articles at BNET

    The IRS Commissioner fled the agency almost immediately after he was allegedly blackmailed in to granting exemption status, and a ROI -- Report of Investigation -- was created by the IRS and the U. S. Treasury which looked in to the racketeering blackmail that resulted in Goldberg granting exemption.

    All ROIs are always subject to the Freedom of Information Act requests however every attempt by ARSCC people as well as regular people of the United States has their FOIA request for the ROI denied. I filed a FOIA for the ROI and was informed that the document contained "matters of national security" and as such could not be released.

    When I filed a complaint about that ruling I was then told that the ROI contained "tax return information" and as such could not be released.

    Everyone who have tried to obtain the ROI have been denied full divulging of the 123 sheets of embarrassing, criminally damaging documentation. I was informed by the IRS FOIA fulfillment lady that I talked with that ROIs have never previously been denied and that the document I was after was the only one she had ever heard about being denied.


    My FOIA was for IRS ROI number 8-901-0002 which was mentioned in IRS Press Release 31 Dec 1997, IR 97-50

    The denials by the IRS to divulge the criminally damaging information have been mentioned elsewhere on the network, notably

    The investigation in to IRS Tax exemption: ROI 8-9801-0002 - alt.religion.scientology | Google Gruplar

    That is a report by the U. S. Treasury which probably wished they had talked with the IRS before admitting the document existed. The U. S. Treasury had the legal responsibility under the law to release the document and yet they passed the responsibility on to the IRS under the guise that one page more than half originated with the IRS.

    The IRS then denied the release of the document, claiming "contains matters of national security" and then, after I called the fuckers on it, later changed their story to claim the document "contains return information."

    When I informed the crooks -- politely, always polite and professionally -- that 501(c)3's like Scientology must divulge their return information and, besides, I knew what the document covered and that I knew it did not contain tax return information, the IRS suggested that I file a second appeal so that my request for the document could be held up in denial indefinitely and by law the IRS and U. S. Treasury could continue to deny the document.

    I did not file a second appeal. The IRS will not release the ROI because it contains their own investigation in to the racketeering crimes Scientology committed and evidence covering why and how the Scientology crime syndicate blackmailed Mr. Fred Goldberg, all of which would not only be massively embarrassing to the IRS but would continue to undermine America's trust in the IRS.

    At core, the ROI which explains how and why the Scientology crooks got tax exemption is not being released is because of money. How many people would continue to pay taxes knowing that the IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg did this?

    The 9th circuit court of appeals California heard Mr. Sklar's arguments pertaining to tax deductions for Jewish religious materials.

    Scientologist Tax Trial to Open Today

    The Jewish people lost

    Couple Lose Bid for Tax Refund Tied to Tuition - Los Angeles Times

    The reasoning was that such tax exemption is illegal and the fact that the Scientology crime syndicate was illegally granted exemption was stated by the tree Judges as not being grounds to allow legitimate religions to also violate the laws of the United States.

    In the denial opinion summary, one of the Judges specifically stated that the IRS needs to be sued to make full disclosure of the events which resulted in IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg committing the crime of granting the crime syndicate tax exemption.

    I looked in to what it would take to sue the IRS and one of the people I contacted was a surprise, the details of which I can't divulge in public but which has haunted me since then because I really want to get the person I found on camera for an interview, hopefully before he dies.

    But that's irrelevant, the guy I contacted said that suing the IRS for full disclosure of the ROI would take decades to get through the courts and lots and lots of money.

    And so it stands. The Scientology crime syndicate racketeered their tax exemption and the criminal investigation resulted in an ROI that the IRS and U. S. Treasury are too fucking afraid to release to the public.

    And the IRS / UST are right to be afraid because the racketeering and the tax exemption undermine the financial foundation of the tax system in this country. The act shits upon American's notions of what's right and we all hate taxes enough that the IRS and the UST fear massive unrest and uprising if the full details about Scientology's crime and then later Mr,. Goldberg's crime were to be made public.
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  2. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Yes, this TIGTA report is a prize we have wanted to get for years...

    It affected me and thousands of others harmfully by contributing to Scientology's undeserved tax-exempt status. With me, they used this fake religious status to circumvent the relevant and applicable law and also financed fair game against me and Graham Berry in the late 1990s. It needs to come out into the domain of public knowledge.

    It is also part of DM's covert operation (FORCING the IRS to give tax-exempt status to Scientology) that he called "Operation Eagle" when he boasted about it in an "OTs only" secret meeting on the Freewinds in 1993, which I attended as as part of the OT8 Maiden Voyage Anniversary celebration cruise. DM and his OSA cronies were infiltrating and intimidating US government officials in Operation Eagle. That much was clearly understood.
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  3. moose Member

  4. mrfyde Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    All of this to cover up for a KIDFUCKER !!!! ???

    ---Edit: Feb 16th 2009 (4 months later)

    The above was my initial reaction to new information. I don't know what the IRS did to stop the lawsuits against them. Or avoid dealing with another cult so soon after the Waco screw up a few months prior. What ever it was I doubt that it inspired what you will read in the next few pages from the "tin foil platoon".

    Believing in conspiracy theories and cloak and dagger ops can lead to the type of covert fear used to control people and lure them into a "cult like mindset".
  5. moose Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    pix or it didn't happen.

  6. Mutante Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Lots of people working for the government must have access to this document.

    Wikileaks is only a click away, my friends.
  7. Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg


    Aside from hoping Wikileaks adds another article of win to its collection, is there anything else Anons can do for this great justice?
  8. Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Of course the civil cervants could take a lesson from their British colleagues and simply loose an un-encrypted USB stick on the train :p

    But damn, that's one doc that'll stir up some shit.
  9. Anon-007 Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    So, the guy likes sex with young goats.

    Is that such a big issue?
  10. Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Yes, scilon goats are 9001 times more dangerous than tommygirl and miscabbage combined.
  11. incog712 Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

  12. DeathHamster Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    There would have to be more than that. They'd need something that would last 16 years after Fred Goldberg left and the IRS was run by people who didn't owe him any favors.

    Maybe the IRS has a special goat-farking party for each new employee (with a hidden Scilon camera crew attending)?
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    You know, I think "loose" is actually the right word for that.

    The draft version of the secret IRS agreement was leaked, and the IRS made noises about how they were going to conduct an investigation, and I'm sure that they'll get around to it any day now, in the fullness of time, at the proper juncture....

    Tax Agency Hints At Inquiry on Leak On Scientologists January 1, 1998, Douglas Frantz, New York Times

    The best part is that if they really do go after a leaker, then they'll probably have to expose even more dirty laundry in public.
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  14. DamOTclese Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    It's tax exempt child abuse, yep. The friggen law enforcement in the United States claims it doesn't have the funding or manpower to put Scientology away and yet corporate criminals are handed $700 billion free money.
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  15. Snake Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    I wonder if we made enough noise to the Obama camp, if they would possibly look into it.

    Just sending a letter with our signatures on it asking for the release of the forms couldn't hurt.
  16. DamOTclese Member

    There was an appeal made to employees of the IRS to leak the document, a half-assed email and paper mail campaign to people inside of the IRS to do what's right and leak the document, but the fact that hundreds of employees received emails and paper mails alerted the IRS management to clamp down on the document -- there was really no better way to make a mass appeal than to do it publicly.

    Probably not. Money is required to leverage the IRS in to releasing the full disclosure of the document, and Anonymous are average Joes who don't have the money needed foe the lawsuits and lawyers needed to force the IRS criminals to obey the law.

    Whether it was child raping or not, something criminal Fred Goldberg was doing was documented, it seems likely, and given Scientology's history of crimes and how they operate, the rumors that flew among IRS employees in the face of Goldberg's evacuation of his job and summary disappearance seems to me to be likely that Scientology provided a child.

    The criminal enterprise's abuse of children like this was well documented in the Snow White activities against the old Cult Awareness Network where the Scientology criminals provided a child (through various means) as bait for the racketeering destruction of CAN.

    Maybe it wasn't child rape. Maybe Goldberg was skimming tax payer money from the billions of dollars that he oversaw by virtue of being Commissioner. I completely expect that the ROI specifically divulges the crimes that Goldberg was blackmailed about.

    Ah yeah, I forgot about that document, the "closing agreement" which was leaked by an IRS employee whose identity was allegedly uncovered by the IRS's own internal CID. The Wall Street Urinal was repeatedly threatened not only by the IRS but by the Scientology crime syndicate's ringleaders.

    Obama has been claiming that he wants to start cleaning up the fascism and criminal activities of the Bush Regime but I don't recall ever reading about or hearing him suggest that reforming the IRS would be considered -- and the release of the ROI would motivate massive public outrage which would demand revamping the IRS and putting IRS officials in prison.

    I would expect that the Obama regime would have enough problems on its hands trying to recover from theofascism and would not want more internal uprising involving the IRS, more so with the current recession.
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  17. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    There has to be a way for us to get our hands on those docs. Someone mentioned a leaked draft copy, wouldn't that be good enough? If not why? Could there be a possibility that they were destroyed and that is why the IRS will not cough them up? Perhaps they are unwilling to admit that they have disappeared and hence their refusal to allow them to be released. If there is information contained that they don't want public then why would they hold on to them, in my experience with American bureaucracy I have found that they tend to release sensitive documents albeit (heavily) redacted. The fact they will not release anything makes me wonder whats up.

    Also if Miscabbage was the mastermind as insinuated (it escapes me how, he isn't smart enough) would it be possible that he could have documentation relevant to this? If blackmail was indeed involved then it would stand to reason that he would need to possess something damaging to the reputation to the IRS to hold over their heads.

    Finally the operation Snow White debacle, I understand there was many documents seized from Scientology by the authorities, would it be possible that there could be something relevant to this among those documents?

    the tl;dr summery:
    Maybe there is still a way to get what you want, maybe you just need to look in other places.
  18. TinyDancer Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    NY Times articles about the alleged meeting by Miscavige and Rathbun with Goldberg.

    The Response:

    Scientology Denies an Account Of an Impromptu I.R.S. Meeting - New York Times
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  19. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    This is a very relevant and fascinating Niagara of text...

  20. DeathHamster Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Fred Goldberg...

    $12.5 Million Deal With I.R.S. Lifted Cloud Over Scientologists December 31, 1997, Douglas Frantz, New York Times
    A church accounting November 12, 2007, Editorial, St. Petersburg Times
    Critics Say IRS Ethics Problems Reduced July 29, 1991, AP, Seattle Times
    Neither Side Blinks in a Lengthy Feud June 29, 1990, Robert W. Welkos, Los Angeles Times
    No questions for the IRS? March 21, 1997, Editorial, St. Petersburg Times
    Scientology's Crushing Defeat June 30, 2008, Tony Ortega, Village Voice
    Scientology's Puzzling Journey From Tax Rebel to Tax Exempt March 9, 1997, Douglas Frantz, New York Times
    Scientology: Religion or racket? September 2003, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Marburg Journal of Religion
    The Man Behind Scientology October 25, 1998, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times
    Who Can Stand Up? March 16, 1997, Frank Rich, New York Times

    CoS is very touchy about the "impromptu meeting" story and always attempts to weasel-word Davey's own speech to the troops, followed by official vetted publications repeating it:
    Scientology Denies an Account Of an Impromptu I.R.S. Meeting March 19, 1997, Douglas Frantz, New York Times
  21. TomVorm Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    From an older post on "ARS" (dated Jan 16, 2007):

    The timeline of IRS correspondence in
    their handling of the initial 1983 application
    by CST for tax-exemption, appears to support
    the charge that David Miscavige had means,
    motive, and opportunity, to conspire to murder
    L. Ron Hubbard.

    Chronologically, this would not be the first
    murder alleged to be connected to Miscavige.

    September 8, 1985: Miscavige's mother-in-law,
    Flo Barnett, was found with 3 gunshots
    following her "suicide" shortly after she
    allegedly threatened Miscavige.

    Also in 1985: Bud Fields, broker of "La Boheme,"
    a boat Miscavige wanted to purchase, had
    his home infiltrated by Scientologist
    Yvonne Shirley Mott, and was later found murdered.
    The boat was purchased a week later by Scientology,
    and is in use as the "Freewinds."

    (1) January 7, 1986: The initial CST
    application for tax exemption, was rejected
    by the IRS in a letter with this date
    (as were concurrent applications by Scientology
    entities CSI and RTC). One of the reasons stated
    by the IRS for its rejection, was that CST
    didn't prove LRH didn't "personally benefit"
    from CST's proposed tax-exempt status.

    (2) About January 7th, 1986: At that time,
    David Miscavige felt he was the target of an
    IRS criminal division investigation, and was
    quoted at the time as saying "the only way to
    stop it now is if the old man [Hubbard] dies."
    This is according to a court declaration later
    filed by former Scientology executive
    Vicki Aznaran (dated 3/7/1994)

    (3) About January 10, 1986, ("about 2 weeks
    prior") to LRH's death, David Miscavige took
    LRH's physician Dr. Denk on a gambling trip
    to Reno, Nevada, and also withdrew medical
    assistance to LRH.

    (4) January 17, 1986: LRH suffered a stroke,
    according to his death certificate.

    (5) January 23, 1986: In spite of the effects
    of this stroke, and the effects of recent
    multiple injections of the psychiatric
    tranquilizing drug "Vistaril," LRH reportedly
    signed an updated will naming Norman Starkey
    as his estate's executor.

    (6) January 24, 1986: LRH died about 10PM.

    (7) January 25, 1986: A 4AM meeting was held
    at the Creston ranch where LRH died,
    to "handle" the disposition of LRH's remains,
    including Church Attorney Earle Cooley's request
    of an immediate cremation, and attempts to avoid
    an investigation by the San Luis Obispo County Coroner.
    Dr. Denk. LRH's attending phisician, who signed
    LRH's death certificate, then cannot be located
    for the next year.

    (8) January 27, 1986: David Miscavige appears
    on stage at a hastily assembled presentation
    at the Hollywood Palladium, to explain how LRH had
    "about 2 weeks ago" determined that he had completed
    all the research he could do on Earth,
    and that LRH "dropped his body" as a means
    of continuing his research in a spiritual realm.
    This was according to a later accounts by former
    Scientology PR executive Robert Vaughn Young
    (who also concluded ("LRH was killed").

    (9) February 18, 1986: LRH's signed last will
    of January 23, 1986, submitted as part of probate
    case #20085 of San Luis Obisbo County, California.
    The claimed value of the LRH estate is $25 million,
    which is contradicted by later 1986-1987 CST
    international bank statements detailing about
    $500 million being transferred from CST accounts
    (held in "Banque Indo Suez" of Luxembourg),
    to funds used in accounting and for construction
    of the CST vaults.

    (10) July 3, 1986: In a letter of this date,
    CST countered the "personal benefit" objection
    by the IRS, by stating that that consideration
    had expired with LRH's death.

    (11) Later 1980's: David Miscavige "purged"
    LRH's loyalists, including Pat and Annie Broeker,
    from positions of power within Scientology.

    (12) May 1997 filing by Attorney Graham Berry and
    FACTNET directors, challenged the disposition of
    LRH's estate (San Luis Obispo County Probate Case #20885)
    on the ground of fraud. However, this filing was
    dismissed, due to a lack of standing in the case
    by the parties who filed.

    Operation Clambake presents: The death of L Ron Hubbard
    Death of LRH - FACTnet Probate Brief
    Dear Scientologist - an open letter to all members of Scientology
    Court files (various)

    Consider: Means, motive, and opportunity, regarding
    the death of LRH.

    The IRS rejected the tax-exempt applications, on the grounds
    that LRH could not be shown to not be personally benefitting
    (financially) from the CST, RTC and CSI corporations, in a
    letter dated January 7, 1986.

    DM, believing he's about to be criminally indicted by the
    IRS CID of Los Angeles, and remarking to others that he
    was afraid of prison (due to his diminuitive stature, he'd
    be the target of a 'booty bandit' in prison almost immediately),
    states that 'the only way out is if the old man dies" in the
    presence of Vickie Aznarian. This would have occurred about
    January 7th to January 9th, 1986. This constitutes motive.

    Almost the very next day, January 10, 1986, LRH's medical oversight
    is withdrawn. This constitutes means, as DM has the ability to order
    others who have access to LRH.

    Later, on his deathbed, a drugged and probably incoherent
    stroke-victim LRH signs and thumbprints a will, changing the
    disposition of his estate (it will go to CST, but only once CST
    has gained an IRS tax exemption). This constitutes opportunity.
    After a high-level legal case, an appeal to the US Supreme Court, and
    completion of a "war" with the IRS, CST does achieve exemption in
    1993 (and in 1995 receives the bulk of the LRH estate).

    Can anyone see this as a coincidence?

    David Miscavige, has since lived with extreme wealth. Newspaper
    articles describe how the Church of Scientology provides DM with
    the finest available foods, clothes, furnishings, social contacts,
    and travel arrangements.
    (This is while his Sea Org followers work 14 hour days, live in bunk
    beds raised to the ceiling, use communal plumbing, eat rice and beans,
    and earn maybe $50 per week).

    Again, the basic paradigm of a criminal prosecution, is:
    Means, motive, and opportunity.

    In the death of LRH, David Miscavige had all 3 of these.
    (In California, there is no statute of limitation, on murder)
  22. TinyDancer Member

  23. Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    if Marty has by now spilled all to the feds I take back the following comment:

    any anons who are inclined to treat Marty with fuzzy-huggy-bunny open arms given his alleged, ahh, change in sci-status ought to be made to write tinydancer's tl;DIDr (above) over 9000 times on the blackboard

    Marty has a lot to answer for...hope he's getting good advice

    hope he recognizes how risky his current situation is
  24. TinyDancer Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    the first one to talk gets the indemnity from prosecution, marty!
  25. LRonAnon Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg


  26. Vir Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    What's this? Marty Rathbun admitted that David Miscavige and Scientology lied about how they got the meeting? Or did Marty Rathbun lie to the New York Times?
  27. TinyDancer Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Has anyone got the vid of Miscavige reporting the win over the IRS?
  28. OTBT Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    At the event where Miscavige declared their victory over the IRS (the biggest 4th Dynamic win EVER) he specifically related how he made a suprise, unannounced visit to IRS headquarters, spoke to IRS chief, and caved him in, resulting in the tax exemption for Scilons Inc.

    Video of the LRH "Death Event" used to be online, maybe video of this event is online as well.

    Edit/ I was at this 'victory over IRS' event. A video of the event was made, and copies of the video were distributed to all Orgs, so scilon public who were not able to attend the "mandatory" event could watch it at their local Org.

    There should still be copies of the video floating around somewhere at Orgs.

    Miscavige was very specific in his speech at the event. He claimed full responsibility for "persuading" the head of the IRS (at this unscheduled meeting) to grant tax-exempt status to scilon organisations.
  29. DeathHamster Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    A transcript has been posted (probably to ARS, and maybe up on some sites) at some time, and as I recall, there wasn't much weasel-wiggle in Davey's words, claiming that they just popped into the IRS asking to see the commissioner, and seeing him that day, not two months later. So either Davey lied then, or had Marty lie later to the NYT.
  30. indeedindeed Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    What were their names?
    How did they die?
    Why are the circumstances described as suspicious?
    DOX please.
  31. MrNiceNice Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Long read. Worth the effort if you're going to court with the cult.
    Clams got $. Clams are running out of batshit insanely dedicated
    cult attourneys. Private firms will not go to the great, [strike]barratristic[/strike]
    (is that even a word?? ) barratrous lengths that Moxon, et al do.

    "In 1994, I delivered two boxes of incriminating racketeering testimony to
    the United States Attorney's office in Los Angeles and was later told that
    the Federal government did not have the resources to fight crime on the
    scale that the Church of Scientology engages in."

    Doubt that they could prevail if they had to handle 4 or 5 good ones like
    the Hedley suit.

    Clam legal is a mile wide & 1 micron thick.
  32. MrNiceNice Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    I read 'it' recently...:( can't find it.
    Tip 0 teh iceberg...dated/

    Scientology & Suicide
  33. azonymous Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Old stuff I hadn't seen before

    Scientology versus the IRS

  34. muldrake Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    It's seriously worth a shot to re-do any Freedom of Information Act requests that were submitted in the Bush years. Bush had explicit policies that the default position of any federal agency upon receiving a FOIA request was to deny it. Obama has claimed to have reversed that position, i.e. FOIA filers are now to be treated as having a presumption of entitlement to the information in question. I suspect that this particular record is still going to be difficult to get, but it's worth trying for.

    If nothing else, you might get a more intelligible basis for denial.

    Any such request should identify to as great an extent as possible any known documents or documents likely to exist, and request that any document refused be identified with particularity as to what it is and why it is being denied. At the same time, documents not specifically identified should also be requested, if they are related to the identified documents.

    Maybe next time I have spare time, in the next decade or so, I'll get around to it.
  35. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    So let's see - Scientology got the infomation it needed to pwn the IRS with "Operation Snow White".

    They used this info to get to the head of the IRS, and get a secret agreement.

    IRS still has copies. The cult still has copies. Some high ranking sci's or ex-sci's have copies. I suppose even their legal team has copies.

    Maybe it's time for "Operation Seven Dwarves", in which the gold comes out of the mine.

    Anon is everywhere. Copies are everywhere. We know who and where to hit. Start digging!
  36. francie Member


    This post was poorly constructed and quotes a transcript of Graham Berry's speech in Hamburg. But it wasn't Graham Berry who posted it.

    Hey Nico! Next time, use the "quotes" function of the message board (like I did above).
  37. Budd Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    Where is former IRS Commissioner Goldberg today, what is he doing?
  38. parvent Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    ABC news has it. They used it in one of their programs.
  39. parvent Member

  40. parvent Member

    Re: IRS Tax Exemption Racketeered IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg

    I wanted to get this information on the record:

    It was February ~13, 1989. I had been sharing information with S.A. Brett Pruitt (sp?) of the Los Angeles FBI concerning possible real estate and bank fraud in the Los Angeles area via various transactions conducted by some OT8's, among others, including, but not limited to, church properties.

    Pruitt informed me that a group of IRS officials wanted to talk to me, looking for a general lay of the land, and the big picture. A meeting was arranged. It was on a Monday, I remember around Feb 13th.

    Five IRS agents arrived at my apartment in the LA area:

    Sandy C. Baker, Collections Division Revenue agent Wilshire division.

    She snooped around and was casing the joint for any valuables like paintings, etc.

    Mel Young, head of the Exempt Organizations division in downtown Los Angeles. Mel would later be sued individually by scientology, along with a few other agents, including Criminal Investigation Agents.

    Stephen R. Walsh, Jr. Inspector, IRS Internal Security.

    This was a younger kind of hip fellow--a top cop of the IRS happenings inside the agency. He would later, in subsequent telephone calls, get kind of rude to me. For instance I called him about the scientology group in Glendale that was trying to get the 23% sales tax to usurp the federal income tax. Walsh said, "It's a good idea isn't it?"

    Steven M. Roth, Senior Tax Attorney for the Western Region of the IRS, Thousand Oaks.

    His Executive Secretary, (don't have her name, she was a lawyer too).

    The meeting didn't make a lot of sense to me. They first wanted to know if I considered myself a victim of scientology. They didn't seem so interested in the real estate data that I had accumulated and shared with the FBI that I thought was the reason for their visit.

    I did copy a few floppy disks with the data and gave it to Mel Young. Later, they would accuse me of giving them a disk with a virus on it.

    What is the significance? It was something big. IRS inspectors of internal security, and senior tax attorneys don't drop by an informant's house.

    I think they had a heavy breach of security at the IRS, and I think it may have had something to do with the tax exemption that they would eventually give the cult.

    The timeline was such that Fred T. Goldberg, Jr. had just left Skadden law firm to become commissioner of the IRS.

    Perhaps we should be more accepting of the notion that this backroom deal had something to do with national security? I don't know.

    S.A. Brett Pruitt was the FBI agent who told various people at the time that there was a criminal RICO investigation going on concerning scientology. It was his statements that were relied upon in the TIME Magazine Richard Behar article, "Scientology: Cult of Greed and Power" which was later denied by the FBI heads in Washinton, D.C.

    Pruitt was later transferred, and I never heard from him again. He had told me that "Clean" Gene Ingram, scientology private Investigator, had visited his house and made some kind of threat to his wife, who was also in the FBI.

    Just for the archive, and populating the coral reef.

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