Ireland gets another one out!

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by pedrofcuk, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. pedrofcuk Member

    This is a copy of the email sent today to Dublin Mission. The name of the sender is withheld until a decision is made on whether or not to go public.

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  2. RightOn Member

    getting the list warmed up....
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  3. over9000OT Member

    I'll raise a pint to this.
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  4. pedrofcuk Member

    These ^ messages from the new ex! John Mc and myself have spent over a year working on this one and today we all share the reward! FUCKING YEAH!
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  5. amaX Member

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  6. xenubarb Member

    Dear newly departed,

    Welcome home to the real world! We are pleased to inform you that you are now free to wander about the cabin, go plant flowers, take a stroll, visit a beauty spot, have a steak, spend quiet moments with no demands on your time or attention.

    While it appears the world is going to hell in a handbasket, the turmoil means it's working. Global problems will be solved by millions of people sharing the same goal, not by postulation and copies of TWTH!

    Take some time to decompress if you wish. There is no pressure on you to speak out if you don't feel comfortable with it. We do love intel, it's true. But, it's important that you are well, both physically and mentally ready to handle the inevitable attention of Scientology, Inc.

    Remember, if you ever need to talk there are over 9000 of us here.
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  7. RightOn Member

    "I woke up thinking now i can do what i want when i want with who i want and ive just realised i couldnt do that all along . is that what its sposed to feel like ?"

    YES!!!!!! Congrats!
    And by the way Pedro and John Mc...
    thanks for proving persistance sometimes does pays off.
    And "something can be done about it" lol! sorry for the VM reference
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  8. AnonLover Member

    Oh how I love the smell of true freedom first thing in the morning!

    Best wishes to the newest "former" member, the world is yours to enjoy now.
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  9. Orson Member

    Congrats to the new Ex. Well done Ireland.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I hope the person decides to go public, because there are a number of details about their story that would provide a few insights into some of the difficulties people can have when making the decision to leave. It can be hard to explain these types of difficulties to people not familiar with membership in groups such as Scientology.

    All I can say to this person – about fucking time! You have know it was the right call for some time, and I suspect you will be feeling quite a bit of relief now that you have taken that important first step.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Freedom means having more choices. Now that you don't have to follow all of the Scientology corporation's rules, you will start to remember what it is to have choices again.
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  12. The power of ONE.......

    Congratulations on your well executed jump from the biggest oxymoron in existence: The LRH Bridge to Total Freedom.........

    Hope you're enjoying a taste of actual freedom.......

    All The Best..........
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Der Der Der Dermot's say's.....

    scientology works and it helps people.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Powerful. Fantastic and awful at the same time.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Also, THIS IS WHY.
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  16. CarterUSP Member

    My congratulations go to the freshly freed. Welcome back to the wog world. It takes time to get out of the scientology mindset, more time than one would think.
    Enjoy the sunshine, smell the flowers, and enjoy thinking thoughts about whatever you wish!
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  17. Anonymous Member

    That is harsh, mean and totally uncalled for. And this coming from someone Dermot has said "will get what's coming to him".
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  18. pedrofcuk Member

    It's actually Gerard who has the stammer, just saying, like.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Ooh, that's right. My bad. Dermot's the Asby, er... relatively speaking. It can be a trick keeping them straight.
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  20. BLiP Member


    Happy Dance time . . .

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  21. HOC Member

    I would say 'Pint on me at the next raid' but since you don't drink, 'Non alcoholic drink on me at the next raid'. :D

    Also lets please keep this thread on topic instead of about stammers please. It's a good day for an ex and they need all the encouragement they can get. Carry on folks! :)
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  22. pedrofcuk Member

    Yes, I like the way you mod.
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  23. devildoll Member

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  24. devildoll Member

    Thank you x
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  25. Robatl Member

    My family rejoices for you.
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  26. devildoll Member

    I wasn't sure a few weeks ago if i'm getting crazier or saner . now i think the crazy thing is to wake up and have a few seconds of panic about what i've done - and that i care so much what these people think of me . today is the next day . i'm not going to say sorry for what i think . and when i start to worry about what might happen next , i'm just gonna breathe :)
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  27. pedrofcuk Member

    Hi devildoll, this is just a guess but you are the ex that this thread is about, right?
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  28. Algorithm Member

    More in touch with real. I think that you always know what is right and yet get convinced on some other course of action. Some Human weakness. Breathe is the ticket. Take time out and away from anyone who has an opinion on your situation. That is what I did. Truth is what is. You will find that. Crazier or saner is something that will last a while. My experience... everything is false, and history is really the Missippi of lies, 911 planned by the state, etc, etc,

    And yet there are.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    This website has a clear concise explanation for what happened to you:

    and this video sums most of it up quite well:

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  30. devildoll Member

    Hi , Yea this is me :)
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to WWP. Glad to hear you have got yourself out of Scientology.

    We look forward to hearing your story when you are ready to tell it.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Whoever you are, whoever I am - a warm welcome to this strange community of good and bad thoughts. Welcome to real life and change!
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  33. Robatl Member

    Just for you...
  34. xenubarb Member

    1. wake up
    2. realize you don't HAVE to be somewhere or do something
    3. No panic
    4. Luxuriate in a few minutes of freedom to wallow in bed
    5. There isn't a line for the shower
    6. Bacon and eggs if you want them.

    Friends who will drop you because you disagree with RTC aren't real friends. Please note.
    You are now breathing manually. Enjoy!
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  35. SPRTT Member


    welcome to WWP. Xenubarb has given good advice but I would add one thing: enjoy the returned ability to laugh at the absurd. I find myself reading this site and laughing out loud almost every time I log on. My favorite is a thread devoted to the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel. If you are looking to laugh until you cry, laughing over something that objectively is hilarious, start on page one of that thread. So far, there are only 115 pages of it! It is glorious, or as Sponge would say, magical and tragical.

    Enjoy the laughter. And when you recognize you haven't really laughed in a long time, enjoy it some more. Much love, and congratulations.

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  36. Pique Member

    ^^ likes more than once
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  37. devildoll Member

    Thanks x
    I might watch Jeremy Kyle now and then without being told ' that's just people showing off their reactive minds and you should know that by now ! '
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  38. Anonymous Member

    We have this guy in the USA

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  39. SPRTT Member

    Don't forget the popcorn! Those shows are very life-choice reaffirming, if you let them be (I think that would be the point). And they also qualify as farces, so Shakespeare would approve. If that matters.

    You're very lucky...scads of good humor over there in the Emerald Isle! I never understood how the Way to Happiness had to appear so miserable. Personally, I'm jealous that you live in the High Holy Capital of Dark Humor.
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  40. Welcome Devildoll. I'm glad you're out and hope you are taking it easy. Best wishes and all that mushy stuff.
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