Iranians, where are you??

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Unregistered, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Are there actually any Iranians who got to read this site? It doesn't seem so. It's important that this information gets out to more people. Are you Anon guys in contact with the credible twitters? pass the link on so people can read this. Tell Austin Heap to send the link out to the twitters he provides proxys to. There are too many non-Iranians here, and I don't think that's the point, is it?
  2. There are many non-Iranians here. Yet, there are also many many Iranians from the outside world (such as myself) here, as well as people from the pan-iranian countries (Afghanistan, ect) and yes there are people from inside iran reading this site.

    There are also people like you, either board and dumb or government disinformation who feel the needs with idiot posts such as the one you just made.

    This site is HIGHLY IMPORTANT and is letting alot of information reach across all boarders. In that way, we aer all iranian and people from everywhere are helping more than words can say.
  3. Bravo!! I've been having fun identifing the Government disinformation people

    They are so easy to identify and point out.
  4. How is my post idiotic? I'm trying to get the word out, and I just didn't notice a lot of clearly Iranian posts. I was just trying to godamn help. I'm no disinformation agente, I'm goddamn brazilian, you nutjob.
  5. Ok, good point and I appologize. Still, there are many here.
  6. Apology accepted and no offense taken. Sorry for calling you a nutjob. I've also noticed a good deal of disinfo agents around the site, but frankly, they're so blatant that it takes little thinking to spot one. I don't know if those people know what they're up against.

    What worries me the most is that there is very valuable information on how to deal with streets in riot that must reach the protesting Iranians. You guys are doing great as far as the online resistance goes (and in the street as well) but I just think it's a shame if the resources and advice people are passing on here fall on deaf ears. We must ensure this site is doing it's work, do you understand what I mean? While not outing itself entirely, obviously.
  7. Lynx Member

    And thats from the Iran adress space. The ods of most using proxies / Tor by now is high.
  8. Please forgive me if I shouldn't post this information here but I know people want to know this. Yesterday, hackers took down a website but I don't want to post what was on the website to protect Iranians.

    The hackers announced they got it down but today I saw a Tweet that said it's back up. I clicked on it and my security program went nuts so I didn't download the page. It might be back up with a Trojan. I don't know but here's the link and be careful:
  9. maxoud Member

    I'm an Iranian from Tehran and I'm reading this forum everyday.

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