Iranian student caught between two worlds

Discussion in 'Videos' started by iraniam, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I see in his eyes he wants to say something else. I speculate it may have something to do with "if I go back to Iran, I will not be able to leave, except maybe if I die in a political prison. Also the regime would do worst things to my wife."

    I appreciate he is complimenting the U.S. for acceptance and opportunities. That is a comfort that he is having good experiences. And I am glad he brought up the massive turmoil he and other students (and most likely immigrants) of Irani origin are going through.
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  3. JohnDoe Moderator

    Very interesting video - thanks for posting.
  4. Whenever I hear a story about an individual and his/her relationship to Iran on the BBC, my skepticism meter goes off the charts and into serious tinfoil country. I want to believe, but the its the fucking British Broadcasting Service, its the old colonial state channel, and its sooooo hard to forget that sometimes....1953.
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