Iranian protests channel on youtube needs your help

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by CradleOfCiv, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. CradleOfCiv Member

    If you have been watching the treads where the videos are posted you may have noticed a lot of these videos appear on peive17's youtube channel. If you go visit her channel you may notice the following request:

    "Please, everyone who sees videos from Iran, be it on this page or other pages, please please please rate the videos 5 stars. The regim has a group of users who´s task is to try and bring the videos down by low rating them several time. We need your help to make sure taht the videos remain online so that people around the world can see what is going on in Iran."

    There are only 5-8 ratings on the videos I recently "reviewed." I think we can and should change that!
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  2. Stickied as requested. Good luck.
  3. are they striking any videos in particular, or are they doing this to all/randomly?
  4. No idea.. I posted when I saw the request there...

  5. jonitchr Member

    I will go in and rate them as five stars.
  6. templar93418 Member

  7. LauraKBurt Member

    I am very interested for this post.This site is so helpful. So i want some information for sharing this side with some of my friend. Thanks.
  8. Freedom for Iran

    The Free World is watching you and hoping!
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  9. Give em hell

    I will do whatever you guys need from me to help you win back your own counytry, I am very serious and you have my prayers and what ever else I can do for you all.
  10. AnonymouSnake Member

    Yeah! Five stars for the videos!!
  11. Meikelo7 Member

    Can i give more Stars?:D
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Thunderf00t, who has a highly popular channel, had a similar problem. He made videos about it and complained to YouTube.

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  14. Nice, thanks for the information about the Channel, i will see all videos and don't worry about the Rates, We should suggest her to put Famous Tags on her videos so she can be see by everyone. I will see the videos. Greetings, a Friend.

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